Here is a Re-Cap of all productions by Chad Hugo & Pharrell Williams of the year 2018.

Solo (November 9)
– Goals (Single) (November 9)
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Ariana Grande
Sweetener (August 17)
– Blazed feat. Pharrell
– Borderline feat. Missy Elliott
– Get Well Soon
– R.E.M.
– Successful
– Sweetener
– The Light Is Coming feat. Nicki Minaj (Single) (June 21)
(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

The Light Is Coming (Promo) (June 21)
– The Light Is Coming feat. Nicki Minaj (Single) (June 21)
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Arturo Sandoval
Ultimate Duets (May 18)
– Arturo Sandoval feat. Pharrell & Ariana Grande
(Produced By Pharrell Williams & Arturo Sandoval)

Bono & Pharrell Williams
Live At Jimmy Kimmel (November 20)
– Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gee’s Cover)
(Produced By Bee Gees, Albhy Galuten & Karl Richardson)

Chad Hugo
Splice (July 11)
– Splice
– Splice II
(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Coldplay (aka Los Unidades) & Pharrell
Global Citizen (EP) (November 27)
– E-Lo feat. Jozzy (Single) (November 27)
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Honest Boyz
Tokyo Dip (Promo) (November 3)
– Tokyo Dip feat. Pharrell (Single) (November 3)
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Janelle Monáe
Dirty Computer (April 27)
– I Got The Juice feat. Pharrell
(Produced By Nate ‘Rocket’ Wonder)

Justin Timberlake
Man Of The Woods (February 2)
– Breeze Off The Pond
– Flannel
– Higher Higher
– Livin’ Off The Land
– Man Of The Woods (Single) (February 1)
– Midnight Summer Jam
– Montana
– Supplies (Single) (January 18)
– Wave

Kelly Sheehan
1983 (Promo) (June 5)
– 1983 (June 5)
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Leah LaBelle
Love To The Moon (EP) (September 7)
– Sun feat. Pharrell
(Produced By Pharrell Williams, Original Version Of Koryn Hawthorne’s ‘Bright Fire’ Released In 2015)

Lemon (Promo) (March 17)
– Lemon feat. Drake & Rihanna (Remix)

Lemon (Promo) (March 18)
– Lemon feat. Rihanna (Chad Hugo Edit)
(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Mike WiLL Made-It
Creed II: The Album (November 16)
– The Mantra feat. Pharrell & Kendrick Lamar
(Produced By Mike WiLL Made-It)

Aries (YuGo) Part 2 (Promo) (March 31)
– Aries (YuGo) Part 2 feat. Pharrell, Big Sean, Quavo & Rae Sremmurd
(Produced By Mike WiLL Made-It)

5E (July 27)
– Uno Más feat. Pharrell (Single) (April 10)
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Pharrell Williams
A Cat Named Mouse (Promo) (October 16)
– A Cat Named Mouse
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Sangria Wine (Promo) (May 17)
– Sangria Wine feat. Camila Cabello (Single) (May 17)
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Rae Sremmurd
Chanel (Promo) (April 4)
– Chanel feat. Pharrell (Single) (April 4)
(Produced By Mike WiLL Made-It)

Sierra Swan
Caterwaul (EP) (December 13)
– Caterwaul
– Duel Of The FareWillMeNots
– Purple Forever
– Rusted Girl
– System Breaker
(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo)

The Carters
Everything Is Love (June 16)
– Apeshit (Single) (June 16)
– Nice
(Both Tracks Produced by Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé & Jay-Z)

Travis Scott
Astroworld (August 3)
– Skeletons feat. Pharrell & The Weeknd
(Produced By Tame Impala)

Quavo Huncho (October 12)
– Go All The Way
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)


– Everlasting Nothing (Live)
(Written By Pharrell Williams)

Culture II (Studio Session)
– Apeshit (Demo)
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Don’t Don’t Do It! (Promo)
– Don’t Don’t Do It! feat. Frank Ocean & Kendrick Lamar (Demo)

Zac Brown Band
Welcome Home
– Start Over
(Written By Pharrell Williams, Produced By Dave Cobb)


Studio Session
– Trap Nigga Hustle (Unreleased)
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)


Wake Up (Promo) (Unreleased)
– Wake Up feat. Blue Ivy
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Earl Sweatshirt
Feet (Studio Session) (Unreleased)
– Feet


Guess Who’s Single (Promo) (Unreleased)
– Guess Who’s Single feat. Pharrell & Lady Gaga
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Hard Candy (Studio Session)
– Beat Goes On (Pharrell Solo)
– Beat Goes On feat. Pharrell (No Rap)
– Give It 2 Me (Demo)
– Incredible feat. Pharrell & Shae Haley (Demo)
– The Beat Is So Crazy feat. Pharrell

Pharrell Williams
Moment (Studio Session) (Unreleased)
– Moment
(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

The Neptunes
Happy Holidays (Promo) (Unreleased)
– Happy Holidays


Kanye West & Pharrell Williams
Studio Session (Unreleased)
– Diamonds & Dollars


Harlem World
The Movement (Cassette)
– One Big Fiesta feat. Mase (Alternate)

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