STEM, a new lineup of insecticides and repellents powered by plant-derived active ingredients, is kicking off a partnership with Pharrell Williams‘ educational organization, YELLOW, to encourage curiosity and inspire wonder through science and nature for the next generation. Launched during Pharrell’s highly anticipated SOMETHING IN THE WATER music festival, Nature’s Escape is an interactive, in-person learning experience that invites families across the country to explore their curiosity around science and nature for free this summer.

“As a dad, I love to give my kids fun ways to cultivate their curiosity, which is a trait that has fueled my life as a creator, artist and advocate,” explained Pharrell Williams. “Being a creator isn’t just about entertaining, but also about being a voice for the communities that are often underserved. We’re proud to be partnering with STEM to inspire learning and scientific discovery, and to fuel growth through equitable schooling and education. Knowing STEM shares this goal of encouraging both children and adults to build an affinity for science and nature, as well as providing kids with accessible learning opportunities, we found a way to deliver an immersive, educational experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family this summer.”