Chad Hugo is widely known as one half of the legendary production duo, The Neptunes, alongside Pharrell Williams. However, many people may not be aware that he is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes video, we get to see Chad Hugo showcase his skills on the trumpet in the studio.

As the video begins, Chad can be seen picking up his trumpet, taking a deep breath, and then effortlessly playing a smooth and soulful melody. His technique is impressive, as he skillfully navigates his way up and down the instrument’s range with ease. The camera also gives us a close-up view of the trumpet, highlighting the intricate valves and other features that help to produce its unique sound.

Watching Chad Hugo play the trumpet is a true treat for music lovers, as he brings his own unique style and flair to the instrument. This video gives us a glimpse into the creative process and shows us the level of skill and dedication required to master an instrument like the trumpet. For fans of Chad Hugo and The Neptunes, it is a must-see.