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Pharrell Williams x Kenya Barris Interview, Talks About ‘A Fish Doesn’t Know It’s Wet’ (2018) (Video)


You can finally watch Pharrell’s 1-hour conversation with Kenya Barris about his book “A Fish Doesn’t Know it’s Wet” from November 2018 in Los Angeles, photo by B. Torchia, check it out below.

Bono Thanks Daft Punk & Pharrell Williams


On Bono’s 60th birthday ‘Songs That Changed My Life‘ playlist, he has chosen 60 offerings of songs by other musicians that have offered him food for musical thought. He thanks Daft Punk and Pharrell for their hit collaboration ‘Get Lucky‘. The accompanying thank you note is addressed to each of them separately, thanking them for pushing the envelope and saying, “a song like this shouldn’t be, but it is.” You can read the rest of Bono’s letters Here!



Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ Revealed As The Most-Played ‘Song Of The Decade’ (Video)


Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” has been revealed as the most-played song of the decade. The long-term list of broadcasts is published as cheer-up songs surge during coronavirus lockdown, such as another track featuring Williams, “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. The list, compiled by music listening company PPL, shows the songs played most on U.K. TV and radio of the last ten years. Music analysts said that many of the tracks are worldwide hits so they would appear on the lists for many other countries, especially “Happy.” Williams featured in the Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2o15, when he had $32 million earnings.


Pharrell Williams x Interview, Talks Converting Songs Into Architecture

Architect Masnoor Kazerouni, Pharrell Williams, Reserve Properties COO Shane Fenton and Reserve Properties CEO Shelley Fenton.

Pharrell Williams tells AD about collaborating on an upcoming residential development in Toronto. The multihyphenate Pharrell Williams is adding to his résumé. Already a celebrated musician, fashion designer, and entrepreneur, the 13-time Grammy winner’s latest endeavor is a dip into the world of architecture. The performer worked alongside Reserve Properties and Westdale Properties, as well as architects from IBI Group and designers from U31, to add his restrained aesthetic to a residential building that will soon be erected in Toronto.

The finished complex will encompass a two-tower development named Untitled, as well as a third, purpose-built rental tower. (Construction will begin later this year, though units are already for sale.) Williams’s involvement is a natural fit: Lead architect Mansoor Kazerouni of IBI Group was interested in incorporating the concept of a jugalbandi, a type of Indian music performance that features a duet with a pair of solo musicians. In Untitled, this will be manifested in the building’s balconies, which will follow the wave pattern of one of Williams’ songs, “Gust Of Wind,” from his 2014 album GIRL. Architectural Digest sat down with Williams to discuss his favorite elements of the project, as well as some personal discoveries he made during the design process.



Mariah Carey Talks Working With The Neptunes On ‘Say Somethin’ In 2005

Pharrell with Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey says working with Pharrell Williams was “a real collaborative moment”. The 50-year-old songstress teamed up with Pharrell for her 10th album, ‘The Emancipation Of Mimi‘, which celebrates its 15th Anniversary this month, and Mariah admitted she broke her own rules of doing her vocals alone to work closely with Pharrell on the track ‘Say Something‘. She explained to Billboard:

“Those writing sessions were great. Pharrell is just such a vibrant person and artist, so I really enjoyed making that record with him and collaborating with Snoop [Dogg] again on that song. It wasn’t my usual session, because I did the vocals there with [Pharrell] in the studio. Usually I go in by myself and just do whatever I’m feeling, but it was a real collaborative moment.


“[The label] wanted to actually go with ‘Say Somethin‘ as the lead single. [They] were like, ‘I love it, I love it. It’s so different for you. You should go with it.’ I felt like it was a really strong album cut, but I didn’t see it as the first single for me, because I thought it was too different. I think we really made the right choice artistically to work [with Pharrell]. It was such a perfect time in my life and my career for that.”

And 15 years later, Mariah is still hugely proud of the album. She said: “It really was a moment and it did feel special. When I think about all the different songs on [the album] and the different collaborators, the timing was just right. It was the first time I collaborated with The Neptunes [Pharrell and his producing partner Chad Hugo], and it was the first time I worked with [the late James] ‘Big Jim’ Wright as a producer with ‘Circles’ and with ‘Fly Like a Bird’.”



Pharrell Williams x David Leeds Photoshoot (New York) (2008)



Pharrell, David Beckham & Friends At Haig Club Party At Swan (Miami, March 10) (2020)



The Neptunes In Kingston, Jamaica (February 26) (2020)

Pharrell With Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden

Photos By Steven ‘Lenky Marsden‘ & Buju Banton.

Buju Banton With Pharrell


No Malice x DJ Vlad Interview, Talks Clipse (2020) (Video)

No Malice opened up about getting involved with drug dealing via his cousins, and he admitted that it didn’t make sense for him to be dealing because he had a stable family. He then explained that he and his brother, rapper Pusha T, liked to have money to buy the latest clothes and whatever they wanted. To hear more.


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