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Pharrell To Feature On “Activate’ Documentary (2019)

Pharrell Williams will be featured on a six-part documentary series titled ‘Activate’ that highlights the work of Global Citizen to eradicate extreme poverty. It’s not product placement. It’s not sponsored content. It’s prestige television. Activate, series that premieres today (Sept 5) on National Geographic Channel, features celebrities such as music producer Pharrell Williams, rapper Common, and actors Darren Criss and Uzo Aduba, and highlights the work of grassroots activists ending cash bail, eradicating plastic pollution, and more. Pharrell is featured in the fifth episode focused on the plastic pollution crisis.

Tribute To Missy Elliott With Pharrell Williams & Co.

As part of receiving the annual Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award, Missy Elliott was honoured with a tribute to her from many of her friends, collaborators and admirers, including Pharrell Williams, Lizzo, Ciara, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, watch the tribute above.

Pharrell & Helen On A Bike Ride In Miami (August 23, 2019)





Pharrell With Johnny Cake


Ab Liva & Spade O – Glory (2019)

Ab Liva just released a new project with rapper Spade O titled ‘Glory’, check it out on iTunes!

Ab Liva & Spade O – Glory (2019)
01 – King Stay The King (Intro)
02 – Glory
03 – All On The Line feat. Pablo
04 – Glory (Skit)
05 – Pablo
06 – Infamous
07 – Red Leather feat. M Canty
08 – Glory (Skit) 2 feat. 85 Cutlass6
09 – Living Legends feat. City Rominiecki
10 – The Life feat. Julian King
11 – Fear feat. Big Ooh
12 – Glory (Skit) 3
13 – Silence Of The Lambs
14 – Promises feat. Shameka Marie
15 – Lights feat. Aaron Camper
16 – Dangerous feat. Lihtz

Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) (Instant Party! Redux) (19′)


Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) (Instant Party! Redux) (19′)

Rafito Releases N*E*R*D Cassete Tapes Concept Project (2019)

Forum member Rafael Da Cruz Souza just released his N*E*R*D Cassete Tapes Concept Project and its pretty Nostalgic! If he isn’t rocking the stage with N*E*R*D or traveling aroung the world with his girlfriend Juliana, then he probably is creating a new piece of Art, wether its true-color images combining them with natural color rendition or simply color photography of luminescence or creating his own Album Covers to various artist mostly influenced by Chad Hugo and Pharrell WilliamsStar Trak Entertainment Universe adding his own touch to it.

The Brasilian born Artist took a step back from the digital booklets and went back to the modern cassette music culture, the 80’s and created his own versions of N*E*R*D’s Cassete Tapes. Last year, National Audio sold about $5 millions worth of cassettes which pretty much means that the cassette tape is not dead yet. They’re interested in a format that most people had assumed was dead, whose revival was either a gimmick or symbolic of a hipster trend, but not the sign of a format with a future. Of course, the culture of the cassette is nostalgic and old school and people were into analog, touching things and take things to heart.

I started to think about why we stopped using them in the first place. We stopped using them because they were rendered obsolete in sound and function by CDs, which in turn were rendered obsolete in sound and function by digital music. Though, CDs and tapes shared this odd marriage, where often we’d find ourselves recording CDs to tapes so we could play them in the car before CD players entered automobile dashboards or in our Walkman players. Then I realized that if cassette tapes do make a full comeback, it’s not for my nostalgia — it’s for the false nostalgia of the generation that never had to suffer through them.

It’s because of all the romanticizing my generation gave cassette tapes that this current generation wants to bring them back. It’s the binary code and so much is lost in translation, frequencies and yet, cassette tapes are still selling and while most of the readers don’t remember using cassette tapes considering the very raw sound from it, some of us wish we could get some original N*E*R*D albums on cassette tapes. If you’re wondering how they would look like, then just check out Rafael’s N*E*R*D Cassete Tapes. The T-Shirts are also coming soon so stay tuned!





Justin Timberlake – Girlfriend (Solo Version) (01′) (AUDIO)

Someone on YouTube called Nick managed to get the original stems to NSYNC’s 2001 Neptunes produced track ‘Girlfriend’ and removed every member from the tune exept Justin Timberlake, the result is pretty dope, check it out below.

Pharrell Williams Interviews Billie Eilish

“I’m excited for the whole thing,” Billie Eilish told me the first time we spoke. She was 14 and had never done an interview before, already prefiguring the adventure that was to become her life. Now 17, she has over 30 million Instagram followers, a number one album, Calvin Klein campaigns, and the adoration of multiple generations. Having made backyard music videos since she was a toddler, she dreamt of becoming exactly what she has—the new pop archetype, arguably the Britney Spears of Generation Z. Thanks to her and her insatiable fans—including Julia Roberts, Kaia Gerber, and Katy Perry—“alt-pop” is no longer alt; it’s the future. As are Eilish’s idiosyncratic fashion and lifestyle choices. A sober vegan with post-male-gaze style, she embodies her generation’s mandate of self-love and empathy over personal gain. But, at least for now, she’s an individual entirely unto herself. Here, she and fellow maverick Pharrell Williams chat art, clairvoyance and sleep paralysis.

BILLIE EILISH Hi! How are you?

PHARRELL WILLIAMS I’m good man, how are you?

BE I’m alright, I just woke up. I am on the bus, somewhere. I don’t know where. Shit is so crazy right now, but I am good.

PW So much has happened since the last time I saw you. You were on your own vibe then, but it’s so cool to see you[‘ve] stuck with [it]. [You’re] inherently who you are; [you haven’t] changed or modified [that]. I think that’s such a beautiful thing; When you can just… be.

BE That’s kind of the goal; it’s just to not be really anything artificial because I think sometimes things can start out being real and then [that authenticity] fades away, into dirt. Hopefully I don’t ever do that. You’ve [avoided] that well—stayed just “Pharrell.” You are Pharrell, bro. That’s not just a name, that’s you.

Check out the whole Interview HERE!

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