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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Releases Live Album ‘K Bye For Now’ With Pharrell Tracks (2019) (Audio)


Ariana Grande released her Live album ‘K Bye For Now’ featuring 32 songs from Sweetener, Thank U, Next, and others that she performed along the road, you can check out her Pharrell collaborations below.

Ariana Grande – R.E.M. (Live)

Ariana Grande – Sweetener (Live)

Ariana Grande – Get Well Soon (Live)

Ariana Grande – The Light Is Coming (Live)

Maxine Ashley Reveals Having ‘Blazed’ Before Ariana Grande

Since she signed to i am OTHER in 2011, Maxine Ashley had multiple Sessions with Pharrell and not to say with The Neptunes and barely some of the tracks released or leaked like ‘Guerilla’ from 2014 and how many times did we miss the potential of an artist that has signed to Pharrell’s label just struggling to get a release out and I don’t even talk about a proper album (don’t get me started with STAR TRAK ENTERTAINMENT), but I wish Maxine had the privilege to release an album through i am OTHER, it would have been amazing just judging of the snippets that released all these years and few days ago Maxine went to IG Live where she revealed having Ariana Grande’s ‘Blazed’ way before her. That got me thinking about how many other bangers Maxine had but have been recycled for a different artist because she couldn’t release it, nonetheless, Maxine’s version of ‘Blazed’ is pretty much the same, exept it’s Maxine on the track, check it out below.


Ariana Grande x Sweetener Instrumentals (2019)

folderThanks to for providing the stems of Ariana Grande’s Sweetener album, I’ve managed to make the Instrumentals out of it, exept Get Well Soon and Successful, you can check out the Instrumentals on the GrindinForum!

Ariana Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman Diaries’ Features Pharrell Williams & Co. (2018)

Ariana Grande is releasing Studio Footages à la JUSTIFIED from her ‘Sweetener’ album sessions with Pharrell Williams and Co, check out her first episode below!


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the part of gws before its sped up . i L0V studio bts ! my absolute fave

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Ariana Grande – R.E.M. (Live Lounge) (18′)

Ariana Grande was at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge where she promoted her new album ‘Sweetener’ and performed some of the songs from the album including ‘R.E.M.’, check it out below.

Ariana Grande – R.E.M. (Live Lounge) (18′)


Ariana Grande – R.E.M. (Official Video) (Teaser) (2018)

@ArianaGrande – R.E.M (🎹 @Pharrell) #arianagrande #pharrell #sweetener

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Pharrell Williams Talks Working With Ariana Grande Via Facetime on Beats 1

Ariana Grande – Borderline & Sweetener (Instrumentals) (18′)

Borderline’ & ‘Sweetener’, two official Instrumentals to Ariana Grande’s new album #sweetener produced by Pharrell Williams leaked last night, check them out below.

Ariana Grande – Borderline (Instrumental) (18′)

Ariana Grande – Sweetener (Instrumental) (18′)

Ariana Grande & Beyoncé – Wake Up x R.E.M. (DJ Freakiii Reawaken Remix) (18′)

Since the Demo to Ariana Grande’s ‘R.E.M.’ leaked, I’ve decided to Mix both versions together as a Duet, check it out below.

Ariana Grande & Beyoncé – Wake Up x R.E.M. (DJ Freakiii Reawaken Remix) (18′)

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