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Beck In The Studio With Pharrell (December 21) (2019)


Beck Releases New Album ‘Hyperspace’ With Seven Pharrell Tracks, Talks Pharrell (2019) (Video)

Beck’s anticipated fourteenth studio albumHyperspace’ finally arrived that contains 7 Pharrell produced tracks. At the conclusion of the supporting tour for 2017’s Colors, Beck headed into the studio with Pharrell Williams with the intention of contributing to a new N*E*R*D album, but they wound up hitting it off. The collaboration ballooned from a single into an EP and, ultimately, the core of Beck’s 14th album.
Beck worked with a few other collaborators on the record — Greg Kurstin, the producer of Colors, is credited on “See Through,” Sky Ferreira sings on “Die Waiting,” Coldplay’s Chris Martin is on “Stratosphere” — but the partnership with Williams is what defines Hyperspace, giving it its sleek retro futurism. And I’m pretty sure, ‘Chemical’ was that N*E*R*D record that was intented to be the only collaboration, with its layers of analog synths and drum machines, and the wonderful breakdown it’s hard to escape the new wave trappings of Hyperspace that I also made an Instrumental of the actual track. Check out the whole album below with the Instrumental and get it on iTunes.



Beck Shares New Pharrell Collaboration ‘Everlasting Nothing’, Talks Working With Pharrell In New Interview (November 15) (2019) (Audio)

Beck has shared another collaboration with Pharrell on track titled ‘Everlasting Nothing’ that will be on his next album ‘Hyperspace’ which arrives on November 22nd. In the meanwhile Beck sat down with The Sun to talk about the working process on the new album with Pharrell Williams. In what was meant to be a “year off” for Beck Hansen, he began to mess around with some songs he had started with Pharrell Williams. During downtime after an intense period of touring, Beck began to play around with ideas and sounds the two had come up with years earlier. Before he knew it, seven of Hyperspace’s 11 tracks with ­Pharrell were finished and Beck had made his 14th album — and one of his most collaborative.

“I thought maybe I’d come up with a single and release it next year, Then things accelerated. Within two months we pretty much had the whole thing together. And here I am.” Hyperspace is a minimalist album named after a video game Beck played as a youngster. He says: “It deals with anxiety and fears as well as the beauty and opportunities this age of ­technology brings us. I hadn’t really been making records for myself for years. So making this with Pharrell was something I needed to do. We’ve known each other for a long time. Then we ran into each other in elevators in hallways, at an awards show, and started hanging out.



Beck – Dark Places (Pharrell Williams) (19’) (Audio)

Beck just released his new single ‘Dark Places’ Co-Produced by Pharrell once again, check out the Lyric Video below. ‘Hyperspace’ is due November 22, Pre-Order HERE!

Beck – Uneventful Days (Official Video) (2019)

Beck is sharing another collaboration with Pharrell, “Uneventful Days” features a visual component directed by Dev Hynes. Beck’s forthcoming full-length album Hyperspace will see release on November 22 via Capitol Records.

Beck Has Seven Pharrell Tracks On New Album, Premiers Two New Singles

Beck has officially announced his 14th studio album, ‘Hyperspace’, which will be released next month, and shared the tracks ‘Uneventful Days’ and ‘Hyperlife’ produced with Pharrell Williams. Seven of the album’s 11 tracks, including the previously released ‘Saw Lightning’ and the new singleUneventful Days’, were co-written and co-produced by Pharrell. “I’d always wanted to make a record with him,” Beck told NME. “We had been friendly over the years and had got together and talked about making some music back in 2012, but around that time he ended up putting out a song with Daft Punk, then ‘Blurred Lines’ and ‘Happy’.”



Beck Talks Working With Pharrell Williams (October 10) (2019)

Beck has shared the cover for his forthcoming new album, ‘Hyperspace’, along with the cryptic phrase “electric life is in my brain”. As he told Zane Lowe back in April, the album was inspired by the 80s video game Asteroids: The Hyperspace cover reveal is the first new hint of Beck’s forthcoming album since he released ‘Saw Lightning’ on 15 April. That song was the first taste of Hyperspace, which is co-produced by Pharrell Williams, with whom Beck has sought to work with ever since the release of Midnite Vultures, in 1999.

Twenty years later, working with Pharrell was, Beck told Zane Lowe, “very different from any situation that I’ve ever made music in”. He continued: “There’s a very particular energy. Things happen very fast and it’s completely open, so anything goes. Anything’s possible… Everything’s on and inspiration strikes and then everything happens incredibly fast, and there’s not a lot of second-guessing, which is great. Hyperspace’s release date is yet to be revealed


Beck – Saw Lightning (Freestyle) (Video) (2019)

Saw Lightning (Freestyle)’ directed by Giovanni Ribisi produced by Pharrell Williams & Beck, make sure to get the Single on iTunes!

Beck – Saw Lightning feat. Pharrell (Audio) (19′)

Beck just released his new single titled ‘Saw Lightning’ featuring Pharrell Co-Produced By Pharrell and Beck from his upcoming album ‘Hyperspace’ following 2017’s ‘Colors’. Beck has linked up once again with Pharrell Williams since 2017 for the track that sounds like a leftover from ‘Little Big Town’, nonetheless, it’s pretty dope, check it out below.

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