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Beck Talks Working With Pharrell Williams (October 10) (2019)

Beck has shared the cover for his forthcoming new album, ‘Hyperspace’, along with the cryptic phrase “electric life is in my brain”. As he told Zane Lowe back in April, the album was inspired by the 80s video game Asteroids: The Hyperspace cover reveal is the first new hint of Beck’s forthcoming album since he released ‘Saw Lightning’ on 15 April. That song was the first taste of Hyperspace, which is co-produced by Pharrell Williams, with whom Beck has sought to work with ever since the release of Midnite Vultures, in 1999.

Twenty years later, working with Pharrell was, Beck told Zane Lowe, “very different from any situation that I’ve ever made music in”. He continued: “There’s a very particular energy. Things happen very fast and it’s completely open, so anything goes. Anything’s possible… Everything’s on and inspiration strikes and then everything happens incredibly fast, and there’s not a lot of second-guessing, which is great. Hyperspace’s release date is yet to be revealed


Beck – Saw Lightning (Freestyle) (Video) (2019)

Saw Lightning (Freestyle)’ directed by Giovanni Ribisi produced by Pharrell Williams & Beck, make sure to get the Single on iTunes!

Beck – Saw Lightning feat. Pharrell (Audio) (19′)

Beck just released his new single titled ‘Saw Lightning’ featuring Pharrell Co-Produced By Pharrell and Beck from his upcoming album ‘Hyperspace’ following 2017’s ‘Colors’. Beck has linked up once again with Pharrell Williams since 2017 for the track that sounds like a leftover from ‘Little Big Town’, nonetheless, it’s pretty dope, check it out below.

Pharrell In The Studio With Beck


Beck – Everlasting Nothing (P. Williams) (17’)

Remember when Beck revealed that he worked with Pharrell for his 2017 album ‘Morning Phase’, well according to Pharrell’s publishing catalog at, the track that didn’t make it on the studio album is called ‘Everlasting Nothing’ which Beck already performed Live way before his album released, check it out below.

Beck Talks Pharrell Collaboration

Beck Talks Pharrell Williams (October 3)

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On October 13, Beck will finally release his long-awaited followup to 2014’s Grammy-winning Morning Phase. Colors, as we referred to it in our October issue’s cover story, is a “boisterous, chart-friendly pop record,” a far cry from the folksy yearning of his last record and his “most accessible work to date.” detailed the challenges Beck faced in making the album, but over the course of their interview, the L.A. native touched on myriad other subjects including Pharrell Williams.

Sometimes, different artists tune into the same frequencies without meaning to, as Pharrell Williams and Beck did five years ago.
“It’s funny, I was working with Pharrell about four or five years ago. I’d known him for years, but we never worked together. I went in on the first day, with my manager, and as I was walking in [my manager] was like, ‘Do you have songs? What are you going to do? What’s your plan?’ “I was like, ‘I don’t have a plan, I just want to walk in and do something completely new and fresh. I just want to make something that, when you hear it, it just makes you happy.’ So I walked into the studio and Pharrell’s like, ‘We just finished this song, you have to hear this. Before we start anything, I just want to play you this. This is what I’m doing.’ And he played the song ‘Happy.’ I don’t really know how to explain that; that’s the part of music that’s just… like, I was writing something like that!”


Beck Talks Failed Pharrell Collaboration

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Beck has set a release date for spring for his forthcoming new album. Following the release of recent singles ‘Wow‘, ‘Dreams‘ and his song for the FIFA soundtrack ‘Up All Night‘, fans have been eagerly awaiting news on his 10th album and the follow-up to the GRAMMY-winning ‘Morning Phase‘ for some time.

Originally pencilled for release in summer 2015, it was then pushed back to a November 2016 release which never materialised. Now, it has been revealed that the LP will be released this spring in a new interview with The New York Times’ T Magazine. The singer also revealed that he once nearly wrote a “happy song” for Pharrell Williams but he was beaten to it. “I remember having this strong feeling that I wanted to work with him,” Beck said. “Ten years before wouldn’t have been the right time.



Beck Reveals More Information About Working With Pharrell

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During an interview with FL, Beck revealed that although he meet with the Future Music-bound artist in 2012 he doubts they’re likely to work together anytime soon. News of a possible collaboration between the pair surfaced in a recent Billboard cover story, but Beck said that fresh from the success of ‘Get Lucky, ‘Happy’ and ‘Blurred Lines’ the resurgent Pharrell is now too busy to collaborate. “The success in the last year just happened, so I don’t know if that will happen now because he’ll probably be busy for the next decade or so. Maybe we’ll do something in 2024,” he joked.

Beck said that he has wanted to work with Pharrell since hearing The Neptunes productions around the time he was working on 1999’s Midnite Vultures. “I remember saying that the next record I wanted to work with The Neptunes and Timbaland,” he explaind. But although he and Timbaland collaborated on a cover of David Bowie’sDiamond Dogs’ for the sMoulin Rouge Soundtrack in 2001 nothing more came of the collaboration with Pharrell. “I’d planned to do a record with him but I think I needed to take some time off and then he did that album with Justin Timberlake [2002’s Justified and he went right off into the pop world. I felt like I’d missed my moment working with those people.”


Beck’s Pharrell Collaboration Didn’t Make The Final Cut On New Album

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The Pharrell tune didn’t make the final cut on Beck’s twelfth studio album ‘Morning Phase’, judging by the listening off his new album which is available for streaming online on NPRorg, nonetheless Beck revealed earlier this year that “he was already halfway complete with a follow-up record; there’s also the matter of the untitled, unreleased record that spawned a series of 12-inch singles and could be entirely released that way, so we still might get a chance to hear that collaboration”, stay tuned for more information.


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