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Kenna To Release New Music This Summer ‘Endless EP’

Kenna revealed on his Instagram that he will release new music this summer with the ‘Endless EP’, in the meanwhile, he collaborated with André Allen Anjos aka RAC on the tune titled ‘Fever’, check it out below.


RAC – Fever feat. KNA (17’)

Kenna – Live Like This (Go Live) feat. Vic Mensa (16′)

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Kenna just released a new track by the moniker KNA with Vic Mensa titled ‘Live Like This (Go Live)’, not sure if he changed the name to KNA, but stay tuned for more information.

Kenna – Sleep When We Die (Chad Hugo Remix) (16′)

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Chad Hugo just posted his version of Kenna’s ‘Sleep When We Die’ tune on his Twitter from last year originally produced by Danjahandz, check it out below.

Kenna – Sleep When We Die (Chad Hugo Remix) (16′)

Kenna Is Going Back With Chad Hugo In The Studio (Update)

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And here it is, the first image from the studio session by Kenna with Chad Hugo #somethingspecialahead 🖖🏾


Posted: March 26th.
timthumbWhat the hell is happening! First off, we’ll get The Neptunes back in the studio with Justin Timberlake and Kenna just revealed on his Instagram that there is something special ahead while posting a bunch of Chad pictures which is safe to say that they’re going back in the studio! #songsforflight “okkennajust in case my people are looking for chad hugo – he’s @galaxygearva #somethingspecialahead 🖖🏾”

Kenna – Red Man (03′)



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Pharrell Imitates Kenna Back In 2008

A video posted by KENNA (@okkenna) on

Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love (Official Video) (2007)


Young Kenna

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Kenna – Words For Flight: DBlast In Tokyo (2015)

Kenna Discusses His ‘One For One’ Project That Makes His Fans Investors

Singer Kenna has announced he’ll release his new album Songs For Flight as not only an investment to his fans, but as part of a crowdfunding campaign that will also raise money and awareness for deserving causes around the world. With the project, which set a goal of $350,000 over the course of six weeks, Kenna becomes the first One-for-One artist. The campaign, which is led by his angel investor fans, will match every listen to Kenna’s music produced, every ticket to a show purchased, or anything related to his work, to create a conscious change.

“It’s an idea that I can partner with my fans and become and artist that actually gives back to the world by reinvesting,” Kenna told our Amrit Singh this week on REVOLT Live. “When they support the record, my contract with them is that I give up to 50 percent of what I make to causes that they care about.”



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