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The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids Talk About How The Neptunes Gave Birth To New Generation

The Cool Kids (Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks) sit down and discuss their new album When Fish Ride Bicycles, and talk about their influences. “Pharrell gave birth to this whole generation and nobody wanna say this shit” at 05:20. Thanks to Rafael.

Buddy Reveals Album Name & Guest Apperances

I Am Other artist Buddy just released a video on youtube of his studio sessions for his debut album ‘This Is Life’ with guest apperances by Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, The Cool Kids, Stalley, DJ Quik, Maxine Ashley and Pharrell. Buddy also released a new snippet titled ‘Bang On Ya Drums’ produced by Rich Skillz which will probably be on Buddy’s mixtape Idle Time (Due later this year), check it out below, thanks to BlueSky2308.

Buddy – Bang On Ya Drums (Rich Skillz) (12′)

The Cool Kids – Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley (Official Video)

I know summer is almost over but enjoy it nonetheless 🙂

Miss Special Interviews The Cool Kids, Talks The Neptunes

Miss Special of KSFS San Francisco State University’s Special Sundays Radio Show recently had a great interview with Chuck and Mikey of The Cool Kids regarding their new album “When Fish Ride Bicycles“, working with The Neptunes, favorite Ghostface album as well as their current deal with Mountain Dew, thanks to DJGreen.


The Cool Kids – Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley (Video Shot)


The Cool Kids Talk ‘Get Right’

In the song ‘Get Right,’ we couldn’t help but hear ‘The Time of the Season,’ the psychedelic 1968 hit. Obviously that was intentional, but how did you both decide to use that rhythmic beat?
Chuck: That was Pharrell. He actually just came in, dropped his book bag down and was like “yo I got this joint” … It’s actually a really crazy story. He had these prototype Beat by Dr. Dre headphones with a microphone on it. So he started working, and I was watching him in the corner, I even got it on camera, just him with the drums just, *knock knock* “Ah!” *knock knock* “Ah!” He didn’t do nothing but “Ah!” baselines to that song …

I didn’t even put two and two together, I didn’t know what he was doing until the song was on the computer and he was like “alright” and then started coming up with the chorus … And then we started playing that song before we come out [on stage], the, what’s the name of the band? The Zombies. Chuck: Zombies, yeah. We start playing that song before we come out then do ‘Get Right.’ But yeah, that was a Pharrell brain child and I think that’s why we went down there and worked with him. I didn’t leave it all up to me. But where I go with stuff sometimes, I would have never thought of that. The ‘Get Right’ and ‘The Summer Jam,’ that’s what I would want but I hadn’t thought of that yet.


The Cool Kids – Get Right & Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley (Full)

The second Neptunes Track of The Cool Kids debut ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ ‘Get Right’ just leaked online on GreenLabelSound’s Facebook where you can stream the whole album entirety there. The Cool Kids debut album, “When Fish Ride Bicycles,” has been in the works for the past three years. Countless delays and label troubles have forced the duo, consisting of Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks, to continually postpone the record, leaving in their wake an EP, “The Bakesale” (2008) and two mixtapes,”Gone Fishing” (2009) and “Tacklebox” (2010). All worth of potential, but discarded, album cuts. But on July 12, “When Fish Ride Bicycles,” will finally see the light of day, released exclusively to iTunes by Mountain Dew’s imprint, Green Label Sound.

The Cool Kids recruited notable names for “When Fish Ride Bicycles.” The Chi-Town natives’ debut album features guest spots from Ghostface Killah to Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker. Chuck said he was really excited about “Gas Station,” which features Bun B; and raved about working with The Neptunes, who produced two album cuts. “When I walked in there,” Chuck said about collaborating with The Neptunes, “the first thing I said was, ‘Yo, I want [Clipse’s] “Doorman” and I want the beat from “Grindin’” together as a baby. And [Pharrell] was like, “That’s what you do, dog. I’m trying to do something else.” And I’m telling you, I didn’t want to hear that; but now when you listen to the record with those two songs the shit is like balanced.”

Even though “When Fish Ride Bicycles” is finally seeing its release, The Cool Kids have no plans to slow down. Chuck hopes the follow-up album, “Shark Week,” will be out by Christmas time, and perhaps even drop a third record next summer. An ambitious undertaking, but perhaps it’s the group’s way of making up for lost time. “I’m not really gonna stop. We’ve got so much stuff to do, so many songs we talked about, so many things to record,” Chuck said. “I want to be a band that people haven’t seen. I don’t want to be the next shit. Everybody wants to be like, ‘Oh it’s the next big thing.’ Fuck them. I don’t want to be them. I want to be us. And I don’t think what we’ve done has been done yet.”


The Cool Kids – Get Right (11′)

The Cool Kids – Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley (11′)

The Cool Kids – Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley (Full)

Here is the full version of Cool Kids’ Summer Jam‘ featuring Maxine Ashley produced by Pharrell, and according to, this will be their newest single !

The Cool Kids – Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley (11′)


The Cool Kids – Get Right & Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley (Preview)

After listening to the Preview to The Cool Kids’ debut ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ on iTunes (Due July 12) its safe to say that there is another Neptunes track on the album called Get Right confirmed by their official site with the tracklist. It’s good to see that they got back to the old school Neptunes synths and with Cool Kids’ amiable, good-natured and laid-back mellow flow it sounds like it’s a leftover from a N*E*R*D session. The second Neptunes Track ‘Summer Jam’ that features the new Star Trak Signee Maxine Ashley sounds very promising. The guys have always looked up to Pharrell and say that it was a dream come true to be able to work with him. I can’t wait to hear Maxine sing on her own Neptunes Track in the future.

The Cool Kids ended up knocking out a hot future summer anthem, ‘Summer Jam’ could easily be their next single. “The definitive summer anthem in an album full of tracks made for the current season. Pharrell Williams takes over production duties here, which is appropriate given how clear an influence The Neptunes’ production style has had on The Cool Kids. When Skateboard P drops everything but the vocal samples and percussion, the whole thing pops. An effective album closer” says Complex. Preorder the album now on iTunes.

The Cool Kids – Get Right (Snippet) (11′)

The Cool Kids – Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley (Snippet) (11′)


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