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October 2008

The Nivea Neptunes Tracks

What’s up y’all, we finally managed to get those Nivea Neptunes Tracks proper tagged from 2001/02 off the Run Away (CDM) including a Main Version Without Pusha T. and the Main Instrumental thanks to Tha G. I don’t know about you guyz, but i’ve allways been confused with the tags of those tracks that we had before. I’m glad we can clear this up now since we got the (CDM). So we had those 2 tracks of Nivea, “Run Away (You’re Not Around) feat Pusha T. (Remix)” & “You’re Not Around“, but they’re actually called “Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) feat. Pusha T. (Main Version)” & “Run Away (I Wanna Be With U)

Nivea – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (CDM) (2002)
01 – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) feat. Pusha T. (Main Version)
02 – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (Without Rap) (Main Version)
03 – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (Main Version) (Instrumental)
04 – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (Album Version)
05 – Don’t Mess With The Radio feat. Caddilac Tah (Irv Gotti Remix)

Nivea – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (Album Version)

Nivea – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) feat. Pusha T. (Main Version)

Nivea – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (Main Version) (Instrumental)

Added New To The Audio List

Nivea – Nivea (2001)
– Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (Album Version)

Nivea – Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (CDM) (2002)
– Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (Without Rap) (Main Version)
– Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) feat. Pusha T. (Main Version)

Jadakiss’ HipHopDX Interview

He’s come a mighty long way from the shiny suit era of waving the Bad Boy flag. Jadakiss has matured as a man and taken off the fatigue, from trading scathing verses with Beanie Seigel to surviving verbal warfare on mixtapes with G-Unit. Now he just wants the world to “Kiss My Ass,” as his latest fourth quarter offering promises. Jadakiss chops it up with HipHopDX about the streets, his new Roc-A-Fella venture and almost singing with Star Trak.

DX: Why are you going with Kiss My Ass for the album title?
: That’s how I’m feeling right now. At the third album, this is what it is. The game is all rearranged right now, it’s all digital, this and that, not selling. Not really to the fans, but whoever ain’t feeling my movement; kiss my ass. It’s always love with the fans, that’s why I keep giving you music. That’s why I do all the handshaking, picture taking and rent paying. But even you feel like telling your boss that, every couple of times a month. Everybody feels like that. Even kids feel like that without talking but with gestures and hand movements. There comes a time when you gotta tell somebody that. You get fed up and you say, “Kiss My Ass.” It’s almost legal. It ain’t like nigger. I ain’t gonna have the same problems as nigger, because even white people tell other people to kiss they ass.

DX: Explain the sit-down between bosses that led to the Roc-A-Fella deal.
Jadakiss: “Ayo, you wanna make some money? Let’s make it happen.” He already know where the skills is at ’cause we came in the game somewhat together. It’s not like a new artist where he don’t really know what it’s hittin’ for. Who wouldn’t be happy to have ‘Kiss down with ’em?

DX: Plus, you were a free agent.
: Yeah. I was flirting with Star Trak and Roc-A-Fella, back and forth.

DX: When can we expect the album to hit stores?
: Trying to get it out late November, early December. We just heatin’ up right now so when we get to a full sizzle and it feel right, we gon’ let it go. It’s right around the corner though. I only gotta do prolly two, three more songs, finish up some hooks, do some interludes and we gon’ be ready to rock.

DX: Who are some of the artists and producers you worked with for this project?
: I got Buckwild, Alchemist, this new kid Success. Eric Hudson, Pharrell, Baby Grande, Barrington Levy, Styles P. and Sheek Louch, Lil’ Wayne, Young Jeezy, Baby Storm. I’m a have Faith Evans on there. You know I’m trying to give you a nice voluptuous project.

Quincey Tones Hyped Remix Of Jigga’s “I Know”

London based producer Quincey Tones has had a pretty eventful year. His remix of Jay-Z’sI Know,” which was originally stamped with the Pharrell seal, has been dubbed better than the original. His creativity was approved with God’s Gangster, a mixtape that featured the vocal of, again, Jay-Z and the lyrically ornate Nasir Jones. Each project a great introduction to both Hip-Hop fans and the industry, with a DIY approach that helped 9th Wonder transition from North Carolina producer to superstar five years ago. “Funny you say that though as your version of Jay-Z’sI Know” is considered, by some, better than Pharrell’s, which is a pretty solid stamp. Quincey Tones: Hopefully a few big people got to hear that, including Jay-Z himself. With that track, I just did it and put it over the video and hoped for the best and hoped with the Internet how it is, it would get round and have people start talking and thankfully they did. I did get a lot of people hitting me up looking for beats after that and also the Nas project I did God’s Gangster. With that all I wanted to do was see how the dopest emcees would sound over my beats. It was a good idea.

Download It Here !

Jay-Z – I Know feat. Pharrell (Quincey Tones Remix)

Common Previews “Universal Mind Control” For

To control the minds of your listeners, you need not only superb lyrical abilities, but a musical backdrop that can take the listeners to a realm of symphonic bliss. Common is back with his 8th studio recording, entitled Universal Mind Control, a relatively short but adventurous and nostalgic journey through the many metamorphoses that brought hip hop from its origins to what it is today. DJ Booth was invited to preview the 10-track recording, and the experience was nothing short of a trip to a hip-hop version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Over production by The Neptunes, with three tracks coming from Mr. DJ of Dungeon Ratz Productions, Common channels flows reminiscent of Afrika Bambaataa, but goes a bit light on his usual socially-conscious subject matter.

Universal Mind Control’s eponymous first single finds Common playing with flows and venturing from his time-tested rhyme style. The album diverges considerably from his last two studio efforts, the Kanye-produced Be, and most recently Finding Forever. Radio-friendliness may have not been the intention for this album, but the up-tempo synths and thumping bass tracks may make it Common’s highest-charting release to date. Fans of Common’s Resurrection days shouldn’t be completely disappointed though; Common still has the skills to silence the skeptics, and he proves it on tracks like “Announcement”, “Gladiator”, and “Inhale.” There is a lot of rock influence on this disc, and tracks like “What A World” and “Everywhere” have a Gnarls Barkley-esque feel. Lonnie Lynn, however, is no biter; by pulling together a beautiful collage of hip hop that pays homage to the genre’s origins, Common shows his ability to create truly universal music.

Common – Universal Mind Control (2008) (December 9th)
Producers & Guests
: Cee-Lo, The Neptunes, Mr. DJ, Chester French, Santogold, Martina Topley-Bird, Kanye West…
Confirmed Tracklist:
– Universal Mind Control feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
– Make My Day feat. Cee-Lo
– Punch Drunk Love feat. Kanye West (Neptunes)
– What A World feat. Chester French (Neptunes)
– Changes
– Party Shit
– Dreaming
– Gladiator feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
– Runaway feat. Santogold
– Sex For Sugar (Neptunes)
– Announcement feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
– The Eye feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
– Inhale (Added New)
– Everywhere (Added New)

John Legend – It’s Over (Produced By Ghet-O-Vision)

According to the “Evolver” credits, “It’s Over” is written by Pharrell Williams and produced by Kawan “KP” Prather & Malay who are also known as Ghet-O-Vision of Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment and co-produced by Kanye West. KP is also the album’s Executive Producer & A&R of “Evolver. The Neptunes track “Aim High” didn’t make it on the album. Thanks To Neosoul

John Legend – Evolver (2008)
01 – Good Morning (Intro)
02 – Green Light feat. Andre 3000
03 – It’s Over feat. Pharrell, Jessyca Wilson & Kanye West
04 – Everybody Knows
05 – Quickly feat. Brandy (Midi Mafia)
06 – Cross The Line (Will.I.Am)
07 – No Other Love feat. Estelle
08 – This Time
09 – Satisfaction (Will.I.Am)
10 – Take Me Away
11 – Good Morning
12 – I Love, You Love
13 – If You’re Out There

John Legend – Evolver (Deluxe Edition) (2008)
14 – Can’t Be My Lover (Bonus)
15 – It’s Over feat. Pharrell & Kanye West (Teddy Riley Remix) (Bonus)

It’s Over feat. Pharrell, Jessyca Wilson & Kanye West (Album Version)

It’s Over feat. Pharrell, Jessyca Wilson & Kanye West (Teddy Riley Remix)

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The New York Times Chester French Article

Chester French

It’s not clear if very many people at Bowery Ballroom on Thursday night knew that D.A. Wallach of Chester French is a rock star, but he’s a rock star just the same. The attitude, the cocksureness, the outfit (late-’80s stockbroker on an outdoorsy weekend): he wears it all well. Chester French is signed to Star Trak, the Interscope imprint headed by The Neptunes, who have long had inexplicable taste in rock music (Hello, High Speed Scene! Spymob, phone home!) Chester French plunder the ’60s and ’70s in their scrappy yet slick songs, so is it blue-eyed glam soul? Prog-lounge? “Kind of Beatle-esque with, like, hints of Motown”? (Thanks, Pharrell!)

How about just pop? The members of Chester FrenchMr. Wallach and Max Drummey, who met at Harvard — are shameless panderers masquerading as tastemakers. Their songs are, essentially, bawdy frat (or would that be finals club?) anthems, written with enough brains to sneak in a couple of smart jokes but not so much to skip the stupid ones. It didn’t all cohere — ambition and attitude are necessary, but not sufficient. Towards the end, Mr. Wallach left the stage and the rest of the band went instrumental for a while, playing jam-funk covers of Amerie’s1 Thing” and David Bowie’sLet’s Dance” and more. They felt punitive, especially once Mr. Drummey began singing through a talkbox.

Thicke Moves Up To #11 “202,000 Copies Total”

Fans for the blue-eyed soul singer stay focused on Something Else as Robin Thicke moves up one notch to No. 11 this week selling 26,500 units. Following-up his platinum selling The Evolution of Robin Thicke, Thicke’s latest release continues its steady pace with 202,000 copies sold.

Chester French At Polo Rugby Store

Thanks To Neptuner

Cassie To Work With The Neptunes

Cassie recently released a Lil’ Wayne assisted single “Official Girl.” She’s now prepping an album with help from Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and others. She recently took some time to speak with HipHopDX about the release date and some misinformation floating around regarding the title of her upcoming LP. The sexy singer traveled to Miami earlier this month to craft an uptempo cut with Pharrell. “It’s a crazy record that he wrote. It’s incredible! It’s my first record with him,””I want to say…um…2009. I want to say first quarter,” she said. “Right now, I’m wrapping up my album. I’m just getting all my marketing together. We have the single out, just trying to promote that. I have to go back out and do more radio. I did some with Donnie [Klang] and some on my own in California, but I have to finish it out.”

Cassie also told HipHopDX she had a lot of songs to pick from and that the track selections haven’t been finalized as of yet. “I definitely have a lot of work to do as far as picking,” she adds. Some have been running with reports that her next album would be titled Connecticut Forever. However, she just laughed off the rumor, saying many people have asked her about it. “There’s no name yet. I’m kind of juggling a few ideas. I don’t know where that came from,” she said with a laugh. “It’s crazy that people can come up with your album name without even asking you,” she clarified. “There’s no title.” So, her untitled album still has no release date, but expect an early 2009 release to follow her self-titled debut, which was released in 2006.

Nelly Says Supergroup Is On Its Way

Nelly has revealed talks are taking place to form a “supergroup” made up of him and three other hip-hop stars. The rapper told MTV: “Me, Akon, T-Pain and Pharrell are talking about doing a project. We got a host of things we’re trying to do.” The 33-year-old said the group would strive to “make a mark”. “I don’t think you try to put things together with people you don’t think you can accomplish [them] with. With ‘Kon, with Pain and Pharrell, I know it’s more about the music than anything,” he said. “It’s about leaving something. I think we’re all okay as far as the money thing goes. I don’t think anybody is hurting. You wanna do things you can be remembered by. Make a mark. I think that’s something that’s foremost on all our minds.” Nelly, who released his latest LP Brass Knuckles last month, recently spoke about organising unexpected collaborations in a move to promote the hip-hop genre by “branching out”. Oh God let this be just a rumour… *prays*

SanDisk Slot Music Player

The new slot music players, which we wrote about recently, are apparently for those people who find downloading music too difficult, or just don’t won’t to be bothered. SanDisk which makes the Sansa SlotMusic player, is betting on this new format, as are some major record companies. Here’s how they explain it on their site: Down with downloads. Up with the new Sansa SlotMusic player. The player that cuts out the middleman, and lets you get straight to the music.slotmusic is a versatile new physical music format for the 21st Century. Each slotmusic card contains a full album of music, and you can add files of up to the 1GB card capacity.

Made to also work with microSD enabled phones or computers, each slotmusic card cost $14.99 , and there’s the option of buying an artist-branded player, ie the Robin Thicke one pictured above. (The player itself only costs $19.99 and the shells are interchangeable.) For launch last week, there was 35 artists announced who will have their albums on slotmusic cards in Best Buys’ and Walmarts by the end of October but they expect that number to grow by Christmas. (The list is very, huh, diverse…bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, to ABBA’s Greatest Hits and Coldplay.) I’m not one of the converts however — I love downloading my own music and making playlists — but maybe there is a market out there for people who will embrace this new music format.

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Common’s Album Pushed Back Again, December 9th

Common usually doesn’t have to do much to catch anyone’s attention. Whether it’s appearing in videos, starring in feature films, popping up in a rare episode of NBC’s, “Scrubs” or collaborating with well renowned producers, Common could sneeze and garner the attention of many. However, with his new body of work, Universal Mind Control, predominately produced by The Neptunes, a couple of eyebrows quickly shot up; some were even considerably concerned with the move. But if you let Common tell it, approval is the last things he’s in search for this time around. “The new sound for Universal Mind Control was inspired by me just wanting to create some music that was fun and people could enjoy,” Common explained to Though Common’s last Lp, Finding Forever, was mainly produced by Kanye West, collaborative efforts from Mr. Love Lockdown himself, are obsolete from UMC.

No, the two aren’t beefing, but with Kanye tweaking his latest offering, 808’s & Heartbreak, finding time to hit the studio with ‘Ye was a bit difficult. No worries, Pharrell and The Neptunes had no problem stepping in for Mr. West. Common said of linking with Pharrell and his team, “We’ve always talked about doing music and I would run into him occasionally, but there was a particular situation when I ran into him and I said, ‘Man brother let’s do some stuff’ and from then we started working.” And once both parties got started, nothing could derail their course of action, “It became such a natural creative process that we felt we needed to keep on with the work. Energy is energy, so this had that natural flow to it.” And since Common’s vocals touched a good number of records this past year, one should assume returned favors would be shooting in left and right, right?

“On this project, I really don’t have a lot of features to be honest,” Common disclosed. However, he did manage to reveal some information about two individuals on Universal Mind Control outside him, The Neptunes and Mr. DJ, “I do have Cee-Lo from Goodie Mobb and Gnarls Barkley featured on a cut called, “Make My Day”, which was produced by Mr. DJ. It’s also an artist from the UK that I have on the album named Martina Topleeburg, who’s really dope! I really took the album somewhere else more than anything.” Surprisingly, Common did in fact reach out to one specific songstress for a guest appearance, but oddly enough, didn’t receive a call back, “I did make a call out to Sade, but she didn’t call me back, though. It’s all good,” Common said with a chuckle. Universal Mind Control hits stores December 9 via G.O.O.D. Music/Geffen Records.

Common Zune Interview

Common – Universal Mind Control (2008) (December 9th)
Producers & Guests: Cee-Lo, The Neptunes, Mr. DJ, Chester French, Santogold, Martina Topleeburg, Kanye West…
Confirmed Tracklist:
Universal Mind Control feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
– Make My Day feat. Cee-Lo
Punch Drunk Love feat. Kanye West (Neptunes)
What A World feat. Chester French (Neptunes)
– Changes
– Party Shit
– Dreaming
Gladiator feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
– Runaway feat. Santogold
Sex For Sugar (Neptunes)
Announcement feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
The Eye feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)

Lindsay Lohan – Spirit In The Dark (Cover) (2008)

This Is Apparently The Official Cover Of Lindsay’s New Album
Spirit In The Dark.

Lindsay Lohan – Spirit In The Dark (2008) (November 4th)
Producers & Guests
: The Neptunes, Timbaland, Ne-Yo, JR Rotem, Stargate, Akon Bloodshy, Avant…
– Playground feat. Pharrell

Lil’ Wayne To Work With The Neptunes

Lil’ Wayne, Robin Thicke & Pharrell

It’s not quite time for Tha Carter IV yet, but Lil’ Wayne is ready to release new music. Weezy told MTV News at the BET Hip-Hop Awards that he’s putting out Tha Carter III again, but it won’t be the traditional revamp album with just one or two new songs. Wayne is going all out, making the project an entirely different LP. Right before his chat with MTV News, Wayne had Pharrell Williams on the bus discussing future work. Skateboard P said their talk was “very interesting.” Meanwhile, Wayne said he’s been locked in with some up-and-coming producers, as well as an acclaimed production duo from Miami. “Shout to Pharrell,” *

Pharrell & D. A. On CNN News

Janelle Monae
, D.A. from Chester French, Common and Pharrell Williams all talked with the news anchor in a CNN segment about the importance for young people to vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. “I just encourage people to vote,” Pharrell says. “No matter what will happen you can’t be mad with the outcome. You can tell yourself ‘hey, at least I put my energy into it and there wasn’t much more I could do.” D.A. from Chester French calls it a “pivotal” election and says it is “inspiring” that so many young people are reengaging in the political process. The news piece should be up on soon.

Chester French Fall Tour Diary Episode 8: Las Vegas

When we last left you, we were on our way to Vegas. Well, we make it with little trouble, but once we show up, we realize the stage at the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay is effin’ small. So, on the fly, we have to ditch our drum set and bass rig and share with the dudes from N¤E¤R¤D. So we sound-check and chill out a bit at the casino. Our keyboard player, Tyler, is a high stakes roulette player, so he heads off to the tables while the rest of us get food. After about twenty minutes, Tyler comes back shirtless. We don’t ask any questions, but everyone knows what went down. Then it’s show time. After the show, we split up. Peaches and Max went back to the hotel, Manny and Omar went looking for some fun, DA and Lukas went to a club and Tyler… well, he had to go buy a new shirt. Until next time…
-DA & Max

Chester French Fall Tour Diary Episode 8: Las Vegas

Fall ’08 Tour Diary, Episode 8: Vegas from Chester French on Vimeo.


Apl De Aps In The Studio With Chad Hugo

Here is an old article from a blog that says that Chad worked with Apl De Aps back in 2007, check it out. “Yo I’m not going to front, I was real excited to meet Chad. He’s a real down to earth dude. Very talented. Yo so Rae and I got to got to LA and hit the Record Plant. We were there with Apl De Aps (Black Eyed Peas, Jeepney) and got to see these two talented dudes work together. Man let me tell you, it was an experience. I got some good stories from this trip. On the drive to LA Rae knocks out another hit called “Casting Call” produced by M-Dubb. As soon as we get to LA we hit Apl’s Studio and record the track. We left the studio at 5am after I mixed the track. Then the next morning we go to the Record Plant to work on Chad and Apl’s session. First we get there and we are setting up and getting the vibe going, and this girl walks in and starts talking to Chad and Apl like she knows them. They were try be as polite as possible but no one recognized her.

She had huge sunglasses on and her hat real low. She was talking to them and they were like who is this? Then Chad asks her “where do we know you from?” She like “it’s me”, takes off her glasses and hat and says “Nicole” Me and Rae almost fell out our seats. It was Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls. You should of seen the smile on our faces. LOL. She even waved bye to us. Yeah we were a little starstruck. It’s Nicole Foe! Don’t front. If you were there you would’ve been too. Second story, Chad played us some stuff he was working on and damn, he did a track for Alicia Keys and the track was so off the hook. When you hear that track when it comes out, remember that I told you about it and then you will know what I mean. Don’t believe me, ask Rae or DJ Replay, or better yet call Chad yourself here’s his number 1-800-neptunes. Call him. He’s waiting for your call right now.

2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards

The 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards were taped on Saturday at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, GA. T.I., 50 Cent, Ciara, Pharrell, Big Boi, Salt-N-Pepa, T-Pain, Keri Hilson, Monica, Ice Cube, Yung Joc, Soulja Boy, Flo Rida, Russell Simmons, and MC Lyte were among those spotted on the red carpet.


Pharrell Willams To Become A Dad?

Pharrell Williams might be trying to hide his girlfriend’s identity, but the gender of their child is no more a mystery, according to reports. The star couple is reportedly expecting a baby boy.

The gender of the child came to be known when the singer was overheard bragging at Pharrell. West Lounge on West 22nd Street that he’ll soon be the proud papa of a little boy, reports The New York Post. It has been alleged that he is dating a Miami-dwelling Latina named Helen. Williams’ rep chose not to comment.

Beyoncé’s Rumored Tracklist

Beyoncé Knowles reportedly has plans to release two albums and is promoting the projects on websites called Sasha Fierce ( and ). Beyoncé’s Disc 1 is apparently called “I Am Beyoncé”, and Disc 2 is titled “I Am Sasha”. According to the same reports “I Am Beyoncé” will contain ballads and a pop oriented sound. “I Am Sasha” is set to be a more urban and high tempo CD. Thanks To LeonM.

Beyoncé – I Am (2008)

Disc 1: “I Am Beyoncé”
01 – If I Were A Boy (Toby Gad)
02 – Halo (Ryan Tedder)
03 – Disappear (Amanda Ghost, Dave McCracken, Ian Dench)
04 – Broken-Hearted Girl (Stargate)
05 – Avé Maria (Stargate)
06 – Smash Into You (C. “Tricky” Stewart,The-Dream)
07 – Satellites (Amanda Ghost, Dave McCracken, Ian Dench)
08 – That’s Why You’re Beautiful (Andrew Hey)

Disc 2: “I Am Sasha”
01 – Single Ladies (C. “Tricky” Stewart, The-Dream)
02 – Radio (Jim Jonsin, D-Town, Rico Love)
03 – Diva (Mr. Bangladesh, Sean Garrett)
04 – Sweet Dreams (Jim Jonsin, Wayne Wilkins, Rico Love)
05 – Video Phone (Mr. Bangladesh, Sean Garrett)
06 – Hello (REO)
07 – Ego (Elvis “BlacElvis” Williams, Harold Lilly)
08 – Scared Of Lonely (Darkchild)
09 – Why Don’t You Love Me (Solange Knowles, Bama Boyz)


Lindsay Lohan’s “Playground” On October 25

Music Trauma Magazine
reported Thursday October 16th that KIIS FM will air Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Playground’ single on October 25, 2008, followed by a release on iTunes on Tuesday, October 28, followed by the album, ‘Spirit In The Dark’ hitting shelves the following Tuesday. Thanks To Bass.

VH1 The Fabulous Life feat. Pharrell

Make sure you catch the new episode of The Fabulous Life featuring Pharrell on VH1.  It aired last night but will be back on Monday October 20th at 3AM and 5PM EST.

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