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December 2008

Alchemist Influenced By The Neptunes

“when you use samples, I guess, I’m luckier. I guess if I was using the same keyboard all the time, I would be struggling to find new sounds and stuff. But I guess by using samples and chopping the sounds, it’s like every record was recorded at a different studio at a different time, and things were micced up and mixed and mastered different. They all have they’re unique sound, especially when they hit that vinyl. It’s hard to describe that difference, but there’s a texture to samples that’s hard to recreate. It’s like sometimes you chop a sample, it’s like one little bam and in that little bam, there are about fifteen instruments. It just caught the record at that one point and it’s hard to recreate that. I guess by using sample,s sometimes I get away with it.”

“Anytime I would hear Neptunes and a Pharrell beat, I would always understand them. I don’t know any other way to describe it, but I would always get it. Whenever I would hear his keyboard beats, I would be like “Ah I get that program, I get why he put the keys like that.” And I never understood why and I spoke to his manager a long time ago and he was like “When we first started managing Pharrell, all his beats sounded like yours.” He had the samples they were looped up and we kind of had to lean on him and convince him that he could create that kind of stuff without the sample, but he always thinks from the standpoint of samples. It’s real simple and sample style, I don’t now how to explain it. To be able to speak to his manager, it made me feel good, like it made me feel confident to make a beat like that. Like I could step to the keyboard, I just close my eyes and let my hands go. I don’t know how to play, but I let them do what they’re gonna do and then I just sit back and listen to it, like I’m listening to a soundtrack or a record. I kind of just keep my mindset on samples and keep it raw and simple.”


Britney Relying On Pharrell To Make Her Tour A Success

It has been reported that Britney Spears has called on ex Justin Timberlake to join her on her 2009 ‘Circus’ tour. The singer – who has recently made her comeback – has recieved a mixed reception from fans and the media, and it is said that Spears is relying on others to help make the tour a success. Other acts that have apparently been roped in are Madonna, Elton John and Pharrell Williams.


Clipse – Still Got It 4 Cheap feat. Pharrell

Off Clinton’s Upcoming Mixtape Produced By Clinton Sparks

Clipse – Still Got It 4 Cheap feat. Pharrell (Clinton Sparks)

Q-Tip Talking About Working With The Neptunes

“Part of Q-Tip’s inability to get his music out in the last decade stemmed from his individuality as an artist. He’s not only a gifted MC and lyricist, he’s a producer as well. On “The Renaissance,” he crafts indelible musical beds out of a mixture of live instrumentation and deep samples; “ManWomanBoogie,” for example, is built on a snippet culled from a late ’70s album by German art-rockers Can. That adventurousness got him in trouble with record executives looking for quick hits. “They [the record companies] were trying to get me to do the Timbaland thing, the Pharrell thing, the Scott Storch thing a few years ago,” he says. “I obliged them, but ultimately it didn’t work out. So they said, ‘Go ahead with your own thing.’ Sometimes, they don’t know better.” Q-Tip says this with a rueful chuckle. He’s understated about what must’ve been a trying time in his life. But he says that he always took a broader view of his music and his career, and that helped him overcome the whims of the industry.


‘Make Sure Thy See My Face’ Bonus DVD Footage

Here is some exclusive footage by Kenna off ‘Make Sure Thy See My Face’ 2-Disc-Set Bonus DVD. Thanks To Simon.

Baptized In Blacklight


Better Wise Up

The Interview

Fall Out Boy – W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer) (Album Version)

Fall Out Boy – Folie À Deux (2008)
01 – Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes
02 – I Don’t Care
03 – She’s My Winona
04 – America’s Suitehearts
05 – Headfirst Slide Into Coopestown On A Bad Bet
06 – The (Shipped) Gold Standard
07 – (Coffee’s For Closers)
08 – What A Catch, Donnie feat. Elvis Costello, Brendon Urie, Travis McCoy, Alex DeLeon & William Beckett
09 – 27
10 – Tiffany Blews feat. Lil’ Wayne
11 – W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer) (Neptunes)
12 – 20 Dollar Nose Bleed feat. Brendon Urie
13 – West Coast Smoker feat. Debbie Harry

Make Sure To Cop That Shyt !

Fall Out Boy – W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer)

Charles Hamilton & The Neptunes In The Studio

Teriyaki Boyz – Work That feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown

Apparently Chris Brown is featured on the Teriyaki Boyz single “Work That” produced by The Neptunes according to the Single Cover. It was just a matter of time til we would see a Chris Brown Neptunes collabo since Chris Brown was chillin with them in the studios all the time back in march when they were touring together. Can’t wait to hear that single. Thanks To Neosoul.

Work That feat. Pharrell (2009) (January 14th) (Single)

Serious Japanese (2009) (January 28th) (Album)

Common – Universal Mind Control (Live At Jay Leno)

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