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November 2009

The 2009 Soul Train Awards

2009 Soul Train Awards2009 Soul Train Awards 2
This years Soul Train Awards have been held at the Georgia World Congress Center and was taped on Tuesday November 3rd but aired just now on Sunday November 29th, where Robin has been nominated for Best Male R&B/Soul Artist who also appeared onstage during the show among others, but lost to Maxwell.


Lil’ Kenna

Lil' Kenna
Look At Lil’ Kenna!


Rhea Covers Cardigans’ Communication

Game’s ‘R.E.D.’ Album To Be Executive Produced By Dr. Dre & Pharrell, Due February 2010

Pharrell & Game
Update: 29th November
Here is a picture of Pharrell & Game in the studio, thanks to fantastical.

Update: 28th November
For stans of team Game eagerly anticipating R.E.D. season, the delay may very well be worth the wait. As previously reported, Games’ R.E.D. album was originally scheduled to be released December 8 but has since been pushed back to an early February release. Now Hurricane Game is releasing details on the forthcoming release via his @IHateGame twitter. Game tweeted about R.E.D. confirming that he would have an all-star production line up of Dr. Dre and Pharrell. He broke the news to his 85,000 plus followers saying, “The R.E.D. Album is gonna be classic, that’s a promise. Executive produced by Dr. Dre and Pharrell. The music is phenomenal.” Be on the lookout for Game’s “phenomenal” release early in the first quarter of next year.


Shakira Confirms Pharrell’s Baby

So its official, according to this Shakira, Pharrell told her that he really has a lil’ kid which is rumored to be called Rocket. Shakira has revealed that she can’t stop working. The ‘Did It Again‘ singer told the Los Angeles Times that she would only stop to have children. “I read once that Alexander The Great would’ve not been great, that great, if he would’ve not travelled with the historians who documented his multiple battles and his victories,” she said. “So documenting your work is important, making sure that the work, if it’s well done, if you put many hours and effort and energy into that, that it does its job, that it’s presented the right way.” Shakira added that her strong work ethic had sometimes been too much when she collaborated with Pharrell Williams.

“He would look at the watch every night at 11 o’clock,” she explained. “He would say, ‘Uh, Shak, I have a baby at home, I gotta go’. And I’m like, ‘What, are you kidding me? We just started like a few hours ago!’ “Well, now I can’t think of breaks. You know, all my energy is so adrenalised, I can’t think of anything else but putting together my next world tour, and the ideas are flowing and the wheels are in motion. I’m like a train who can’t stop right now. But I think that when it does stop, the next station will be baby station!” She added: “But I wouldn’t stop for long. I need to continue being creative. It’s my nature.”


Message From Rhea Off Her Youtube Account

Robin Thicke ~ ZVIP Interview

Robin Thicke sits down with ZVIP to discuss and previews his new album ‘Sex Therapy’ and takes questions from listeners. Thanks to jonesforyou.

Robin Thicke Z VIP Part 1

Robin Thicke Z VIP Part 2

Robin Thicke Z VIP Part 3

Robin Thicke Z VIP Part 4

Summit On The Summit HP Commercial (Extended Version)

Summit On The Summit Boot Camp Episode 4

Clipse Speak At The mtvU Woodie Awards

NERD & The Stripper Test On The DL


Clipse Partner With DTLR For ‘Popular Demand’ Tour

Clipse have recently partnered with retailer DTLR for the company’s first ever artist partnership. As part of their partnership The Clipse have designed a special “I’m Good” t-shirt to be sold exclusively at DTLR. “We designed this shirt just like we create our music, to give fans something they can rock with for a long time,” said Pusha of The Clipse. “We wanted to create a partnership with a lifestyle retailer that directly struck a chord with Clipse’s core fan base in an innovative way,” said Anthony Ellis, Vice President of Marketing, Sony Music. Aside from the “I’m Good” t-shirt, DTLR also teamed up with Sony Records for The Best Of The Clipse Mixtape and the “DTLR Presents Clipse By Popular Demand” Tour. The “DTLR Presents Clipse By Popular Demand” tour and meet and greet will make stops in the following cities:

7th – Southern Shopping Center Norfolk, VA, 9:30 PM
10th – Time Greet Mondawmin Mall Baltimore, MD
12th – River Oaks Mall Calumet City, IL, 6:00 PM


Pharrell Confirms Rhea As NERD’s New Member, Album Title Revealed ‘Instant Gratification (2010)’

New NERD 2
Update: October 7th
Claiming that their music is now ‘very 3-D’, Pharrell Williams says NERD are working on a new album ‘Instant Gratification’ with new member Rhea. Rumor that NERD have a new member named Rhea has been confirmed by Pharrell Williams. “Musically, we’re just somewhere else [with her],” he told MTV News. “The music is now very 3-D. It’s something you have to hear.” “We’re definitely somewhere else,” he continued. “I want to leave that impact moment for when you purchase your download and you purchase your CD. The music is very three-dimensional. We’re just really excited. We feel like NERD has always been the punks of hip-hop and the outcasts of alternative music – just a little different. But this time, we’re taking no prisoners.”

According to publication, Rhea auditioned for NERD via Skype. Her rendition of “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” impressed the band. “It was just a really good time,” she recalled. “When I came in there and I met them and they heard me sing, I think they decided it was the right fit.” Report that NERD appointing a female member was brought to surface in August by Fam-Lay, the rapper signed to The Neptunes’ label, Star Trak Records. In the same month, the Hip-Hop group, which consist of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley, brought Rhea on-stage during their performance at Lovebox in London. NERD are now prepping to release a new album “Instant Gratification” which is expected to be released in 2010. As for this year, they will be supporting Jay-Z for his upcoming “Blueprint 3” tour along with Wale and J. Cole.

NERD – Instant Gratification (2010)
Producers & Guests
: Timbaland, Sanigold, Lil’ Wayne…
Confirmed Tracks:
– Soldier feat. Santigold & Lil’ Wayne
– W.T.F.
– Radio

Update: September 2nd
After all the hype that is been with Rhea in this last 2 weeks being a new member of NERD, Fam-Lay now says Rhea is only a new Star Trak Artist “@desio988 RHEA is P’s New artist!!!3:25 PM Aug 25th from TwitterBerry“

Update: August 25th
Who is this girl Rhea allways dancing on stage with NERD at their Tour? Well first it seemed like a average artist who just been touring with NERD but nah. According to Fam-Lay, the 25 year old Guyana born Canadian native is NERD’s new member. „Her names Rhea.. She’s the new member of N.E.R.D.!! & she dope!!“Rhea is prepping her as yet untitled debut for a 2009 release on DJ Clue’s Independent Label Cluemanati, the lead single Choreographer feat. Jadakiss entered the Hip Hop/R&B Charts at No. 23. The track helmed by production The Justice Beats Of America (DJ Clue & Troy Oliver).

Rhea who attended the Berklee College of music in Boston, relocated to New York to pursue her music career. She quickly landed a job doing Commercials for Cover Girl, Diet Pepsi & McDonalds among others. Through the connections she made there, she began working with producers and writing songs with such as the Next Selection artists Uness and Mysto & Pizzi. Last year Rhea met DJ Clue through mutual friends and it was the musical union for which she’d been hoping. For more info, Check out her MySpacePage, her Blogsite & her Twitter Page. This girl right here is damn sexy and can sing. Check out the videos below.





rhea-8NERD Rhea

NERD & Rhea

Rhea ~ Rocky Thunda Interview

Rhea – Choreographer feat. Jadakiss (DJ Clue & Troy Oliver)

Photo Shoot With Hassan Kinley

Donny Hathaway – For All We Know (Cover)

Robin Thicke – Lost Without You (Cover)

Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy (Album Preview)

Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy (2009)
Editors, photographers, and bloggers all piled into a candle-lit studio in New York City last Thursday night to get a taste of Robin Thicke’s latest studio dessert. Tightly packed in and sipping on Hennessy and cranberry, critics from various outlets allowed the blue-eyed soul singer to introduce songs from his fourth album Sex Therapy, dropping December 15.

“Oh, nooo! He smokes!” one fan squealed to her girlfriends, who all sighed in disappointment as they spied the 32-year-old crooner pull a cigarette out of his jacket pocket. “I thought he was perfect.” He may not be perfect, but Thicke definitely knows how to work a crowd, his impeccable manners and charming demeanor radiating throughout the venue. Let’s just keep it real, with the caliber of this album, he really didn’t have to take the effort to work the crowd and make everyone feel like a VIP. takes a peek at the collabo-heavy offering from R&B’s smooth operator.

01 – Mrs. Sexy
The album starts out with a sexy (shocker!) tribute to women. The intro sets the tone with a beat so laid-back that it almost feels a little dub. Escape the islands with Mr. Thicke, even if just for a few hours.

02 – Sex Therapy (Polow Da Don)
Look no further for the perfect shrink, ladies. Thicke takes off with his signature falsetto on this first single, and doesn’t land until the very end ofthe album. The love doctor prescribes the perfect remedy for a little sexual healing.

03 – Meiplé feat. Jay-Z
It’s not really a French word, but the song’s sentiment is definitely Euro-seductive. “You could spend all my money, bay-bay,” sings Thicke, as talks of balling out in Saint-Tropez and Jay-Z’s whimsical verse make this track playful yet promising.

04 – Make U Love Me
This frisky, danceable track could set the mood in a dimly-lit nightclub. Lighthearted but beat-heavy, it’s reminiscent of Thicke’s earlier collabo with Pharrell on “Wanna Love You Girl.”

05 – It’s In The Mornin’ feat. Snoop Dogg (Teddy Riley)
Produced by Teddy Riley, this mid-tempo track has a very distinct BLACKstreet-esque quality. Fueled by an appreciation for a passionate morning tryst, an endearing Thicke contributes the nice, while Snoop adds the naughty.

06 – Shakin’ It 4 Daddy feat. Nicki Minaj (Polow Da Don)
Speaking of naughty, this Polow Da Don-produced and Ester Dean-penned joint holds nothing back. Nicki’s Lil Wayne-like verses add a little bit of raunch to the staple stripper-pole track. Though it’s catchy and delicately synthed to commercial perfection, it’s clearly added tothe album for some diversity.

07 – Elevatas feat. Kid Cudi
“This is my ‘Dirty Diana’ joint,” says Thicke, who attributes his MJ-inspired yelps and versatile vocals to the late King of Pop. The adrenaline-infused guitar riffs make this one a decent pick for the acoustics of a speeding car with the windows cracked.

08 – Rollacoasta feat. Estelle
This song was not played at the listening, but appears on the tracklisting.

09 – Million Dollar Baby feat. Jazmine Sullivan
It’s not surprising that Thicke claims this as his favorite track on the project. It’s his most natural sound. Audibly free of studio manipulation, this is grown folks music, with snares that give it a jazz lounge feel.

10 – 2 Luv Birds
“This is the wedding song,” Thicke says of the sweet and soft cliché track. The cheesy lyrics and expected piano riffs hold this one back from shining as brightly as the rest ofthe album.

11 – Jus Right
A personal favorite, this track is pure in sound and sentiment. Thicke dedicates it to his beautiful wife Paula Patton. It has a Motown feel, perfect for an impromptu spin around the living room. Touched with the effortless sweetness of a Luther Vandross classic, this one should be the realwedding song.

12 – Diamonds feat. Game
Thicke finishes off the album on a high note. He attributes beauty, grace, and love to the strong and worthy women on this conscientious love song. “This is for thebeautiful black women, you are all diamonds,” he declares.


Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy (2009)
Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy (2009) (December 15th)
The Session
01 – Mrs. Sexy
02 – Sex Therapy (Polow Da Don)
03 – Meiplé feat. Jay-Z
04 – Make U Love Me
05 – It’s In The Mornin’ feat. Snoop Dogg (Teddy Riley)
06 – Shakin’ It 4 Daddy feat. Nicki Minaj (Polow Da Don)
07 – Elevatas feat. Kid Cudi
08 – Rollacoasta feat. Estelle
09 – Million Dollar Baby feat. Jazmine Sullivan
10 – 2 Luv Birds
11 – Jus Right
12 – Diamonds feat. Game

The Experience
01 – 911
02 – Start With A Kiss
03 – I Got U
04 – Mona Lisa
05 – Brand New Luv

Kelis Leakes New Single, ‘Acapella’ Produced By David Guetta

Kelis - Acapella
I think [fans are] expecting an angry record. And I’m not angry. When she unleashed her new single, “Acapella,” to the web today, one thing quickly became clear: Kelis is back–but not with a vengeance. In fact, the uptempo cut is better suited for pop-locking than tire slashing, quite the opposite of what one might expect from a woman involved in a highly publicized divorce with Nas. But in an exclusive interview with VIBE in October–her first since becoming a mom–Kelis insisted that she’s not singing scorned woman sorrows on her next LP. “I think [fans are] expecting an angry record. And I’m not angry,” Kelis says. “I’m actually curious to see how this goes over.

Produced by David Guetta, this new track doesn’t sound like anything Kelis has ever done before. After debuting with her futuristic R&B courtesy of The Neptunes almost ten years ago, the singer has become a bit of an R&B rebel always infusing her music with a heavy dose of spunk and girl power. On “Acapella,” Kelis‘ in-your-face attitude remains, but she takes her sound into a completely new direction. Hold on to your hat! This is a straight up, slamming dance joint that will surely stir up a storm on dance floors around the world. Guetta turned Kelly Rowland in an unexpected dance sensation, and with this track he can do it for Kelis too.

People like angry records, they like the scorned women. But I’m not, and I don’t feel that way. And I didn’t feel that way when I was recording. The mood that I was in was so robust and full of life and new horizons. I hope people get that.” Instead of a disc full of “I hate you so much right now!” bawling, Kelis says her upcoming fifth studio album is greatly inspired by the birth of her first son, Knight. Her upcoming project, set to drop on Will.I.Am’s Interscope imprint is slated for an early 2010 release.


Kelis – Acapella (David Guetta)

Kelis – 5th Studio Album (Double Album) (2010)
Producers & Guests: The Neptunes, Will.I.Am, David Guetta, Diplo, Boys Noize, The Crookers, Raphael Saadiq…
Confirmed Tracks:
– Jewels
– Acapella (David Guetta)

The Icecream Store Tokyo 4th Anniversary Campaign

The Icecream Store Tokyo 4th Anniversary CampaignThe Icecream Store Tokyo 4th Anniversary Campaign 2


Teyana Taylor – Face Book

Teyana is fooling around at her Photoshoot.

Kelis’ Exclusive Launch Artist Chat From 1999

Kelis & PharrellHere is an old Kelis’ Livechat from 1999 where fans had the opportunity to ask Kelis questions on Thanks to Terr from the Ultimatekelis Forum. Kelis may be the one singing the chorus to Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s hit “Got Your Money,” but it’s her own fiery single, “Caught Out There,” that’s been getting the 20-year-old singer all the attention. The 5’10” former model had such a good time during her Nov. 12 chat with LAUNCH–her first online chat ever–that she said the chatters asked better questions than the journalists who interview her everyday.

While your favorite rap/ R&B editor is not sure whether or not to take offense, LAUNCH applauds the chatters for a job well done. LAUNCH users got Kelis to divulge plenty of secrets. Just what kind of conditioner does she use to keep her hair so curly? What dyes does she combine to get that bright fuchsia color? What’s her ethnicity? Did she kill the guy in her video? Does she inhale? What was it like meeting D’Angelo in person? For an account of all these juicy tidbits and more, take a run-through of the chat transcript below. Heck, you can even forward a copy to your friends.

azureC99: Is your hair naturally curly?
launch_kelis: Yeah, it is. Actually it’s always been a mess, but I recently, in the last couple of years figured out how to tame it. Conditioner’s the key to life.

manolis_varnassinger: how were you discovered
launch_kelis: I wasn’t really discovered. I was actually supposed to sign a deal with another label, and it just wasn’t right. A friend introduced me to the Neptune people and they made a demo and took it to Virgin.

manolis_varnassinger: kelis are there any duets on your album
launch_kelis: Yes, there are. There’s a duet with me and Marc Dorsey called “Ghetto Children,” and one with Marketa, we do a song together called “Mafia.”

launch_kelis: Well, like five years. But successfully only two years, actually.

Sandman – Heart Of The City (2009

Sandman - Heart Of The City (2009)
The former Re-Up Gang member just dropped a new Mixtape called Heart Of The City. Check it out.

Sandman – Heart Of The City (2009)
01 – Just A Emcee (Zukon)
02 – Certainly A Big Deal
03 – High Volume
04 – Lil’ Ghetto Boy
05 – Big Face Benny
06 – Been Through So Much feat. Donny Boy & Slash
07 – Watch This feat. Housewife
08 – East Coast Me (Snaggz)
09 – Make ‘Em All Day (Boogiie Man)
10 – Crazy
11 – W.A.R feat. Kawshen & Big Lou
12 – ‘Bout My Bread feat. Spazz Cannon & Reed Dollaz
13 – Chase Dis Paper feat. Glasses Malone & Mistah Fab
14 – Crossroad (THX)
15 – This Life (THX)
16 – Imaginary Players
17 – Who’s World Is This
18 – Blood I Taste feat. Spazz Cannon & Housewife
19 – Sounds feat. Sock & James Cagnie
20 – Good Times

Total Size: 109,64MB

Megaupload Download Link

Lola (aka Jennifer Lopez) – Fresh Out The Oven feat. Pharrell & Pitbull (Official Video)

Here is the Official Video to Fresh Out The Oven, thanks to Andrei.

Vote For Chester French For The Boston Music Awards

Chester French
The BMA benefits The Music Drives Us Foundation Music Education, Preservation and Awareness throughout New England, supporting those who are interested in using music as a tool for all segments of society and for all ages. Help choose the winners of the Boston Music Awards. With 26 categories, (Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and more) over 100 artists are in play. Your vote can help put some over the top. Vote for Chester French for ‘Best Pop Act Of The Year’. Voting ends November 30th. Winners will be announced at the Boston Music Awards on December 2nd.

The Boston Music Awards is the most prestigious annual music event in Boston, paying tribute to the region’s finest musicians. Now in its 22nd year, this years’ show will include live performances, video retrospective, and award presentations featuring some of the most prominent artists on the music scene. Past performers and attendees include Aerosmith, Godsmack, The Cars, Phish, Guster, Morphine, G Love & Special Sauce, Aimee Mann, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Tracy Bonham, Boston, J Geils Band, New Kids on the Block, Bobby Brown, James Taylor, Carly Simon and many others. Go Here to Vote (Pop Act Of The Year) !


Clipse Woodie Award Rehearsal Footage

Robin Thicke On 106 & Park

The Neptunes Have Two Tracks On Game’s ‘R.E.D’ Album

It’s less than two weeks away from Game’s thirtieth birthday. Few seem to realize that the youthful, energetic, and once death-defying rapper is reaching that benchmark in his life. But then again, looking at Ice Cube, Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg, do gangsta rappers ever really grow old anyway? If there’s one sign that Jayceon Taylor is closing out the third decade of his life, it’s his happiness. Speaking with HipHopDX on the evening of November 18 (seven hours prior to publication), the once evasive, sometimes confrontational and always outspoken rapper beams with a confidence and a care in his words.

Yes, he still curses like a sailor in a tone reserved for a sidewalk executive, but Game isn’t out to offend anybody this time around. Instead, just as the acronym for his R.E.D. album indicates, he just wants to re-dedicate himself to Hip Hop. The father of two touches upon his recent reunion with one of his mentors, Dr. Dre. He explains why he refuses to “get murdered on his own shit” and why he’s chasing down DJ Premier for a pan-am collaboration that he hopes will set Hip Hop ablaze. Two years removed from considering retirement, Game is smiling in the face of adversity. And this time it’s sincere.

When I look at the word “producer,” if there was a fuckin’ Hip Hop Dictionary, I would see Jimmy Iovine, Quincy Jones, Pharrell, Kanye, and Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre and Quincy Jones and Smokey Robinson, as far as black music, those are producers. Those are guys that can change your fucking life. Those guys can help you. With what they do with their fingers and their guidance, [the music] will put your fuckin’ kids through college. I look at them like that. When I go in with Dre, I go in focused. The places we’ve been going lately is catastrophic. The things I’ve done for Detox is crazy, and the songs that he’s given back to me out of his apprecation and the kindness of his own heart for having me on his record are just crazy, man. Crazy!

Pharrell got two tracks on ‘R.E.D.’. For three fuckin’ albums, I’ve been chasin’ Pharrell down. He’s been busy, I’ve been busy, but I finally got in with Pharrell. Now Pharrell understands. He’s like, “Damn. Workin’ with Game is crazy. This guy’s work ethic is crazy and he dope.” Now, me and Pharrell are goin’ for the next three days, starting tomorrow. If you know Pharrell, you know he just gonna keep recordin’ and recordin’ and producin’ on you. So me and Pharrell hit it off the first time we went in, now we goin’ in again. Thanks To Eclectic_E.

Game – The R.E.D. Album (2009) (December 8th)
– L.A. Girl feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown
– Untitled


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