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February 2010

Jay-Z & The Neptunes In The Studio

Fuck Yeargh !!! Mustage P & Chad In the Studio making muzikka, just when you thought it was safe…
Jay-Z & The Neptunes



Alyssa Bernal To Perform This Friday In San Antonio

Alyssa Bernal
will be performing this Friday, February 26th at St. Mary’s College in San Antionio, TX at The Alumni Athletics & Convocation Center. The festivities will get underway at 4pm, with Alyssa slated to hit the stage at 8pm. Each February, Alpha Phi sponsors a Cardiac Care Week to raise public awareness about cardiovascular disease – the number one killer of women in North America. Alpha Phi chapters nationwide hold events to help their communities learn more about the causes, prevention and treatment of heart disease. The money raised to come to this event will all be donated to the Alpha Phi Foundation supporting women’s heart disease. This event will include several dance performances and talented young singers to entertain students and faculty on campus.


Robin Thicke Digs Jay-Z

R&B superstar Robin Thicke takes some time out to big up Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind.” Robin Thicke dropped one of the most underrated albums of 2009, but in the opening months of the new decade, Sex Therapy has been catching on. Thicke’s latest single “Rollacoasta” is one of the best R&B jams on the radio right now (mostly because it sounds like mid-period Prince). In fact, all of Sex Therapy pounds — especially “Meiplé,” Thicke’s collaboration with Jay-Z. Of course, Thicke isn’t just a Jigga collaborator — he’s also a big fan.

“The last album I downloaded was Jay-Z’s album, which is amazing,” Thicke told MTV News. “['Empire State Of Mind'] is an immediate classic for the rest of time — just like Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York.’ It’s a new generation getting to feel the streets of New York the way he described it.” Thicke is about to hit the road as the opening act on Alicia Keys’ tour, and the singer thinks that secret weapon in “Empire State Of Mind” is none other than Keys’ chorus. “With Alicia’s booming voice, we all feel inspired. We feel like we could conquer and do anything when those two say it.”

Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy (Live At Jimmy Kimmel)


Timbaland Talking About Surrounded By Idiots

Neptunes, Timbaland aka SBI & Missy Elliott
Here is a nice Timbaland article by where Timbo The King is talking about his time at “Surrounded By Idiots”. Mosley was born in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1971, and it’s possible it was simply his destiny to make music: that’s certainly the way he sees it. “I didn’t have no plan to do this, it just happened,” he says, gesticulating at the huge hotel room and the expensive suitcases that litter the suite. “I just loved music as a kid. How it got to be the thing it became is a mystery — it bugs me out.” Initially intending to be a DJ, he formed a group called Surrounded By Idiots with Pharrell Williams before making beats for his friend Missy.

Virginia may not be a rap mecca like New York or California, but the state has produced a wealth of musical talent since the mid-1990s, including The Neptunes, Elliott, the rappers Clipse and Mosley’s own producer protégé, Danjahandz. “Pharrell be saying there’s something in the water, but I don’t know,” he grunts. “It’s a regular, anywhere place. Nothing spectacular.” He goes back often, he nods, to attend church with his mother: “I’m still close to my family; I’m very family-oriented.” Although Surrounded by Idiots folded before school was out, the up-and-comer started to make a name for himself in 1996, creating a new style of R&B for singers such as Ginuwine and Aaliyah.


DJ Khaled Begs Pharrell For A Collabo

DJ Khaled wants to work with Pharrell, check out part 4:50, they talk about collaborating. I REALLY HOPE THEY WILL NEVER COLLABORATE, CHAD IF YOU READ THIS, AND I KNOW YOU DO, PLEASE TELL PHARRELL TO GO RATHER BUY SOME FAT FREE TWIZZLERS. Thanks to Chip Chad.

Robin Thicke On The Tyra Show

There will be someone shakin’ it 4 daddy in Robin Thicke’s life in a few months, only it’s not going to be a curvaceous female rapper in a short, tight skirt. Instead it’ll be he and wife Paula Patton’s first son. Tyra Banks asked the Sex Therapy crooner on her talk show yesterday whether he thinks his namesake will follow in his sultry footsteps as a singer. Then she let her audience members ask Robin for advice about—what else—doin’ the nasty.

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