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Just Blaze Teases Potential Beat Battle Between Pharrell VS. Timbaland

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Just Blaze just teased a potential beat battle between Pharrell and Timbaland. After having the beat battle against Swizz Beatz two months ago, Just Blaze just revealed getting off the phone with Timbaland considering a Beat Battle against no other than Pharrell, but is this really happening, I mean Pharrell is way to humble to compete for the Beat Battle, he would adress the whole time Timbaland as the King but we all know Pharrell would win that one easy.

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Both of them are considered as the best producers of all time and that itself would bring a huge hype all over the place a great marketing to release the new N*E*R*D/Timbaland single, nonetheless, Scott Vener replied to the Just Blaze tweet saying that he would take bets that it’ll never happen, what do you think guys!

Just Blaze Says Pharrell Is Greatest Producer Ever

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Legendary producer Just Blaze had an interesting conversation with some of his fans during a recent Reddit AMA and spoke on things like his favorite Kanye West album, who the greatest producer of all time is, and more. When someone asked what his favorite Kanye album LP, Just said it’s Graduation. When he was later asked who the greatest producer of all time is, he answered, Pharrell is the greatest ever.”

Just also addressed why he uses the phrase “no more hand claps” in certain songs like T.I.’s “I’m Talkin to You” and The Game’s “Church for Thugs,” and apparently it was an accident in the studio. “I had a crowd cheering in the background of the song and I meant to say ‘no more applause.’ It was funny so I kept it. I wasn’t telling people to stop using claps in their songs.” More interesting tidbits from the AMA include Just teasing potential beat battles between The Neptunes and Timbaland and Havoc and Alchemist, and naming “Voyager” by Daft Punk as one of his favorite beats he didn’t make.


Just Blaze Featured My Twerk It Remix On His New Mixtape ‘Wig Splitters’

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How amazing is this, the great Just Blaze just featured my Remix to ‘Twerk It’ on his new mixtape called ‘Wig Splitters’, check out the part at 20:30! Just Blaze wore his DJ hat this time around to craft this Wig Splitters mix full of Trap EDM, house music and hip-hop. Fully embracing the current EDM movement, Just Blaze made this mix a 91-minute long party starter.

Just Blaze – Wig Splitters (2013)

Busta Rhymes – Twerk It (DJ Freakiii Belgrade Trap Mix) (13′)

Busta Rhymes – Twerk It feat. Nicki Minaj (DJ Freakiii Belgrade Trap Mix)

The BGR Show – Producer Just Blaze On Making Beats

What does it take to make a chart-topping song? Superstar producer Just Blaze has created many hits over the years. Take an inside look at Just’s studio, his creative process, all the great gear he used for the making of “The BGR Show” theme music, and reminisce on his favorite gadgets from back in the day.


Super Street Fighter IV TV Spot

Super Street Fighter IV
It looks like Just Blaze joined Chad Hugo on the Super Street Fighter IV Project, check out this new TV Spot, music by Just Blaze.

Super Street Fighter IV TV Spot


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