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Little Big Town & Pharrell – C’Mon (Live At The Grand Ole Opry) (2016)

Little Big Town performed at the Grand Ole Opry this week, and they invited a tie-dye T-shirt-wearing Pharrell out onstage with them to play the new song “C’mon.” The famous singer/rapper/producer/multi-instrumentalist stepped behind the drums and joined in with the country quartet on harmonies. “Wanderlust is the result of an incredible friendship and chemistry we have with Pharrell Williams,” Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild explained earlier this year in a press statement.

“What started out as one writing session a few months ago turned into multiple writing sessions, as well as back and forth trips from Nashville to Los Angeles… Pharrell loves country music and is a huge fan of harmony. That shared passion and appreciation took us on a creative journey we had no idea would happen. The music feels like our worlds have collided in the best possible way — his infectious grooves paired with our layered vocals and harmonies.” You can check another video of the performance HERE.


Pharrell & Little Big Town At The Bobby Bones Show

Bobby Bones & Pharrell
Bobby Bones dfdf

Little Big Town & Pharrell
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Pharrell Talks Working With Justin Timberlake On Little Big Town’s ‘C’Mon’

Justin TImberlake In The Studio With Pharrell 2“We were in the same studio at the same time,” Pharrell told ET’s Sophie Schillaci on the CMT Music Awards red carpet on Wednesday. “So we had Justin in one room. Little Big Town in another room. Quite naturally, people are going to visit each other and Justin ended up singing on one of the songs.” “He sang background [vocals] on ‘C’mon,’” the 43-year-old music producer disclosed. “It was like the old days when artists used to hang out in the studio and you might hop in and listen to somebody’s song,” Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild said of the impromptu session.

917517 1693430260935025 675912756 n“He came down and listened to what we were doing. He was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what if I sang this?’” Fairchild continued. “It was very fun and he’s a Tennessee boy. Obviously they [Timberlake and Pharrell] have a deep friendship for many years, so it was really cool.” “It was a Southern party!” guitarist Phillip Sweet added, with Pharrell chiming in: “It was the South getting together.” In March, Timberlake and Pharrell reunited in the studio to potentially create some new music. “Currently…,” Timberlake captioned a black-and-white snap of the longtime collaborators in the middle of a session.


Kanye West Rapping His ‘Never Let Me Down’ Verse To Pharrell

Pharrell Produced Little Big Town’s New Album ‘Wanderlust’, 4 Track Preview

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If you tried to guess which judges for The Voice you were likeliest to find in Nashville this year, Pharrell Williams probably would have placed, oh, third. But it turns out the producer did a pretty good job of keeping undercover during a stealth visit he made to collaborate with country quartet Little Big Town, resulting in a just-announced eight-song album, Wanderlust, due out June 10.

“We’ve kept a pretty good secret,” bragged Kimberly Schlapman, backstage Monday night in Studio City as the group prepared to tape an episode of ABC’s summer series Greatest Hits. As for how to describe the fairly spontaneous project, Schlapman admitted, “We don’t know what it is! We don’t know what’s gonna happen with it, really. We’re going to put it out there Tuesday night and see what happens,” she said, referring to their planned performance on the Voice season finale of the newly available leadoff track, “One Of Those Days.”

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They do know what it’s not. “It’s not a country record,” Karen Fairchild told Billboard. “And it’s not like anything we’ve ever done. It’s fun to be spontaneous and put it out there to the fans, because we want to, and not to overthink it, but just because it has brought us a lot of joy, and we think it will for them as well. So why not? We’re going with our gut and putting it out there. It’s just music, you know?”



J Balvin Previews Pharrell Collaboration ‘Safari’, Video Shoot

J Balvin & Pharrell dfs sd
As we already know, Pharrell has spend a lot of studio time with the Reaggeton artist J Balvin and we finally get to hear a preview of one of the collaborations titled ‘Safari’ which will also be his first singe as he already shot the video for it, I also managed to edit the tune until we get the real deal, check out the video and my edit below.

J Balvin – Safari feat. Pharrell (DJ Freakiii Edit) (Snippet) (16′)

😍😘 @jbalvin

A video posted by Jose Osorio Balvin (@jbalvines) on

#pharrell #jbalvin

A video posted by Jose Osorio Balvin (@jbalvines) on

J Balvin, BIA & Pharrell

SAFARI VÍDEO !!!! BACKSTAGE. @pharrell @pericoprincess 🏄🏼

A video posted by J Balvin (@jbalvin) on


Pharrell’s New Website Is Powered By His Fans

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Here’s a fun little challenge: Try creating an online portfolio for an artist whose career stretches wide across hundreds of music credits, fashion labels and collaborations, social good endeavors, film and TV stints, and art and design projects. Oh, and this artist hates talking about himself. Over the past year, the team at boutique workshop Five Hundred stared down such a task for Pharrell Williams.

“If you think about a traditional portfolio site like any of us would create, that’s what he wanted to accomplish—to archive the work he’s done in the past, but also set up an environment that will allow him to update and keep up with the things he’ll be doing in the future,” says Will Perkins, co-creative director at Five Hundred. “The conflict was, how do you celebrate someone who doesn’t exactly like to celebrate himself? If you think about most artists’ websites, they’re either purchase centers or they’re places where you go to just consume things about them.”



Pharrell Gets Back With The Good Old Neptune Sound In This Preview

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Bionic Yarn creative director Pharrell Williams shares his thoughts on space with a new unreleased beat with the good old Neptunes Sound in the background, if you’re asking me I would guess that tune is from 2006, but that’s just me, stay tuned for more information and click play below, photo by Andreas Laszlo Konrath.

OneRepublic Is Working With Pharrell

Pharrell & Ryan Tedder (2)
By Alicia Adejobi. It has taken three years but OneRepublic are finally back with fresh music and a brand new album. The five-piece, fronted by acclaimed songwriter and producer Ryan Tedder, have launched the project with their new single, Wherever I Go, which marks the band’s new direction into a louder and more experimental sound. Tedder, 36, kindly hosted an album playback in London on 24 May where selected members of the press were able to hear rough cuts of around six or seven songs, all sounding completely different from each other but nonetheless great.

After listening to the unfinished edits and with collaborations with the likes of Pharrell Williams, the xx, Peter Gabriel and French electronic duo Cassius, it is clear that OneRepublic’s fourth studio album will be their most eclectic to date. IBTimes UK was fortunate enough to attend the press event and spoke to Tedder about the new chapter in OneRepublic’s career. Describing the new album, the music maestro said: “It’s a playlist. I know there are hits on the album so the world will ultimately decide what the biggest songs are. I know just from years of doing this, I know what we have.


Darius Scott & Pharrell In The Studio

darius scott & Pharrell


Pharrell Visits The Maisons D’Art

Pharrell Williams has a long history with the fashion crowd. (A mutual love affair, really.) He’s worked with the likes of Adidas and G Star Raw (he’s a co-owner of the latter), among other style-minded collaborators. Pharrell’s latest style undertaking, however, is pretty puzzling. He’s apparently been working with Chanel on something as part of its most recent Métiers d’art 2015/2016 collection, which was shown in Rome in December.

The brand released a cryptic video today of Pharrell giving a tour of the design process behind the collection last March, and teased some forthcoming pieces that the star ostensibly had a hand in creating. He’s been tight with the French luxury house in the past: He performed (as did Cara Delevingne, who’s definitely in Karl Lagerfeld’s inner circle) at the New York presentation of last year’s Métiers d’art show.

In 2014, Pharrell and Delevingne starred in a short film, decked out in Chanel couture, reenacting a moment of the brand’s history circa 1954. This does, however, seem to be the first time Pharrell has actually pitched in with the design process. According to the release, select items that Pharrell apparently helped design (in some very vague capacity) will be available in stores next month. We’re predicting that at least one hat will be in the mix, given the star’s affinity for haberdashery.


Pharrell & Nigo

Nigo fds fds ds

Nigo fdds ds


Pharrell’s G-Star RAW Fifth Avenue Store Opening (June 1st)

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Photos by John Lamparski, Theo Wargo, Jimi Celeste, Amy Sussman, Nicholas Hunt and Nynja Dudok Van Heel. If, while on your bike commute through New York on Wednesday, you happened to see what appeared to be a green-haired Pharrell Williams spinning alongside you in the bike lane, you weren’t imagining things. The 10-time Grammy-winner spent the day on a bike tour of the city’s various G-Star stores, peddling from the Williamsburg location to the SoHo store, finally ending up at the brand’s new Fifth Avenue unit, which officially opened Wednesday.

Creating quite the dramatic entrance, Williams, who is G-Star’shead of imagination,” came cruising into the double doors of the Fifth Avenue store on bike, much to the delight of the fans clustered on the street. Williams seemed to enjoy his day of cycling. “Broke a bit of a sweat but it was fun,” he said, having caught his breath inside. “It wasn’t scary, it was more fun than anything else. This is the first time in a long time [that I’ve biked].”

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Williams, who will return to performing this summer after a long hiatus, playing in Glasgow in July, is no stranger to fashion collaborations — he’s worked with brands like Moynat, Moncler and Adidas Originals, and last week Chanel posted a video of Williams visiting its ateliers to see the preparation of the house’s latest Métiers d’Art collection. “Usually, I like someone’s history, what they’re doing at that moment, and if I’m able to see an empty space, something that I can bring to the table,” he said of how he selects such partnerships. “If they don’t need me, I don’t like going in there. I feel like you’re in the way then; what are you going to do except complicate things? I really like when there’s a little gap, or when there’s something we could turn up or amplify.”

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With G-Star, that gap has led to two years of collaboration, resulting in RAW for the Ocean, which works to repurpose plastic from the ocean shore and use it in denim. “I felt that there was room to have a much broader message, or individuality,” he said of his G-Star involvement. “That was my own personal opinion. I wanted to go even deeper into being a brand for the people, and have the people feel empowered. And have these things be a bunch of canvases for DIYs, you know what I mean? I want to turn that message of possibility up in here.”

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Pharrell With Thecla Schaeffer
Thecla Schaeffer dsffd

g star store 3
Pharrell Williams & Eva Shaw
Pharrell Williams and Eva Shaw dgsfds

Getty Images 537486560 600x399

pharrell G Star02 w529 h793

Shameik Moore
g star store 2


Daniel Arsham Talks Working With Pharrell On ‘Rules Of The Game’

Daniel Arsham credit James Law 2014 2 1200x784
Though not a direct adaptation, the production on Rules Of The Game is a different beast entirely. is based on Luigi Pirandello’s 1921 absurdist play Six Characters in Search of an Author and combines Arsham’s explosive visuals and design with Pharrell’s music (as played by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra) and dancers choreographed by Bokaer. If it sounds like grueling work to get three distinct creative visions to work cohesively in one production, that’s because it was: “We’ve worked on this a very long time so we’ve had the time to experiment to see what might work and what won’t,” says Arsham.

Arsham notes that Pharrell created an entire demo album worth of music that was then edited down to be converted to an orchestra by composer David Campbell, and that getting his visuals to succinctly match Bokaer’s choreography were only some of the difficulties faced when putting the production together. He added that the team would be working on the project until it premieres (which as of now, it has). He was very happy with how the production was turning out. “Anyone who knows Pharrell’s work and music will identify this as Pharrell but at the same time it’s very different from pop music,” says Arsham.

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Arsham first met Pharrell Williams when he went back to Miami after graduating Cooper Union. As he remembers it, he already considered Pharrell to be famous with The Neptunes already being a production team at the tip of the entire music industry’s tongue. But Pharrell wasn’t yet a household name, and a friendship and creative camaraderie started developing between the two. But it wasn’t until Arsham created molds of the Casio MT-50 keyboard that Williams began recording music with that an official collaborative relationship was born.


Wale In The Studio With Pharrell

Wale gvchgf


Pharrell & Trent Reznor Of Nine Inch Nails (2001)

Pharrell and Trent Reznor vbb


Pharrell & Skepta

Pharrell Skepta gfgf
Make sure to cop Skepta’s new album ‘Konnichiwa’ including the Pharrell collaboration ‘Numbers’ now on iTunes.

In The Studio With Skepta gdffdg

Skepta – Numbers feat. Pharrell (16′)


Nigo, Pharrell & Swizz Beatz

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ghfghf gfhfg


Pharrell Teams With Complex For Cultural Festival

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By Todd Spangler. Pharrell Williams has signed on to help create the inaugural ComplexCon, a two-day festival from media company Complex covering pop culture, music, art, food and more set to debut this fall. Pharrell will work both in front of and behind the scenes as cultural director and host committee chair for the event, under a deal Complex inked with the singer-rapper-producer and his creative venture, i am OTHER. ComplexCon will take place Nov. 5-6, 2016, in Long Beach, Calif., at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.

Mac Ecko, the fashion designer who founded Complex in 2002 and serves as its chief brand officer, said the concept for the event is to couple “the intellectual discovery environment” of South by Southwest with the party atmosphere of a festival like Coachella. “I’m inspired by a myriad of different events I’ve had the fortune of being a part of, whether they’ve focused on art, design, music, food or science,” Pharrell, who is also a judge on NBC’s “The Voice,” said in a statement. “When i am OTHER connected with Marc Ecko and the Complex team, we were instantly aligned — we wanted to combine a little bit of all these elements and create a unique, new initiative.”

Poster By Takashi Murakami
Complex, which caters to a millennial-male audience and claims to have 57 million unique monthly visitors online, was acquired last month by Hearst and Verizon Communications. ComplexCon will feature concert performances, shopping, art exhibits, food and discussion panels (dubbed “Complex Conversations”). “It’s really about bringing our brand to life,” said Ecko. “We really wanted to make something different that wasn’t just another music festival.” The event was deliberately scheduled outside the summer music-fest circuit, while Ecko also hopes the early-November timing will let it take advantage of brand promotions tied to the holiday-shopping season.



Axwell Λ Ingrosso – Dream Bigger feat. Pharrell (Extended) (16′)

Here is the Extended Version of Pharrell’s newest collaboration with Axwell and Ingrosso’s with the tune ‘Dream Bigger’, get it now on iTunes.

Axwell Λ Ingrosso – Dream Bigger feat. Pharrell (Extended) (16′)


Skepta – Numbers feat. Pharrell (16′)

205682 10348727 skepta jpg
Skepta just dropped his collaboration with Pharrell from his new album titled ‘Konnichiwa’, that he recorded earlier this year. The Grime rapper released his fourth studio album on May 6 through Skepta’s own label ‘Boy Better Know’. Skepta said about his Pharrell collaboration that it’s “One of my favourite tracks [on the album] – Pharrell, my don. It’s gonna get bouncy up in here.” And it certainly is. Pharrell gets back with his rapping skills on this banger with characteristically whimsical style both vocally and instrumentally, check out the heater below and make sure to cop it on iTunes.


Skepta – Numbers feat. Pharrell (16′)

Hannah Huston With Pharrell

Hannah Huston WIth Pharrell ffdfgdfg

Michelle Obama & Christina Aguilera With Pharrell

Michelle Obama, CHristina Aguilera & Pharrell sd



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