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April 2009

Fast & Furious 4 OST Credits & Scans

Could SpyMob be a part of the Shark City Click? According to the Production Credits of Fast & Furious 4 OST, Brent Paschke did the Guitar and Eric Fawcett the drums on “Head Bust“. Thanks To Pusha.


Get Familiar With Chester French

Clinton Sparks profiles Pharrell Williams new band Chester French during his “Get Familiar” segment on the Daily 10 on E! . They discuss their FREE ALBUMJacques Jams Vol. 1: Endurance” featuring Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, Pharrell, Janelle Monae, Bun B, Talib Kweli, Clipse, Solange, Cassie and more!

It’s Official, NERD Re-Releasing Seeing Sounds

According to NERD’s Twitter Site, NERD will Re-Release Seeing Sounds with “Soldier feat. Santigold & Lil’ Wayne” and with a couple more new tracks. I just hope we will be able to hear the Left-Overs off Seeing Sounds such as „Out Of My Head“. The Re-Release was actually been planned for last years christmas according to Shae.

Neptunes April Projects


The Last Kiss (2009) ( April 7th)
– Rockin’ With The Best (aka Two-Step) feat. Pharrell
– Stress Ya feat. Pharrell

Rick Ross
Deeper Than Rap (2009) (April 21st)
– Get Down feat. Pharrell

Chester French
Love The Future (2009) (April 21st)

Fast & Furious 4 OST ~ Review

The soundtrack to the fourth The Fast and the Furious film is well in the tradition of the previous three, an inconsistent collection of street/club hybrids designed to make listeners feel like they’re going to an opulent nightspot that just happens to be on the rough side of town. Fast & Furious — a confusing name for a sequel that’s actually bettered by Malaysia’s alternate title 4 Fast 4 Furious — starts out well enough with the taste-making choice of Baltimore rapper Rye Rye plus M.I.A. on the Blaqstarr-produced “Bang.” Busta Rhymes’ macho “G-Stro” is good enough, but the Kenna selection is an obscure surprise, coming off his slept-on Make Sure They See My Face album and sounding like Kanye West meets Bootsy. “Blanco” and “Krazy,” with Lil’ Jon’s ghetto-tech production, overshadow the other two Pitbull tracks, although the Miami rapper’s collaboration with Robin Thicke features the priceless “Like Barack bring some hope to this bad world/Go ahead you bad girl.” While reggaeton master Don Omar does fine on “Virtual Diva,” the faceless Shark City Click cut and Tasha’s pointless Madonna cover are textbook examples of filler.


Fast & Furious 4 OST (2009)
Make Sure To Cop That Shyt !
01 – Rye Rye – Bang feat. M.I.A.
02 – Busta Rhymes – G-Stro feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
03 – Kenna – Loose Wires (Neptunes)
04 – Pitbull – Blanco feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
05 – Pitbull – Krazy feat. (Lil’ Jon)
06 – Pitbull – You Slip, She Grip feat. Tego Calderon (Neptunes)
07 – Shark City Click – Head Bust (Neptunes)
08 – Pitbull – Bad Girls feat. Robin Thicke (Neptunes)
09 – Don Omar – Virtual Diva
10 – Tasha – La Isla Bonita
11 – Pitbull – Blanco feat. Pharrell (Spanish Version) (Bonus Track)

NERD Sample Police Woman For „Anti-Matter“

Check out this hilarious Police Video where NERD sampled the Police Woman at Part 3:11Tilt Your Head Back & Close Your Eyes“ for “Anti-Matter“.

NERD „Anti-Matter“ Sample

NERD – Anti-Matter

Chester French At Bostons House Of Blues (March 30th)

Chester French
were ridiculous, constantly walking a fine line between being experts at crowd-woo’ing and being cringe-inducingly awful. The main dude had a pretty painful stage demeanor and a limited vocal range, and they would consistently get the crowd worked up only to lunge into some super-lame chorus or verse that would Ben-Folds-Five the audience into fits of talking-amongst-themselves. Then at the end of their set they did a cover of No Doubt’sHella Good” that got the audience going, ran through an instrumental verse or two of Daft Punk’sRobot Rock” (well, really Breakwater’sRelease The Beast“), before closing with an honest-to-god awesome cover of Aerosmith’s cover of “Remember (Walking In The Sand).” What?!?! I was relatively impressed. At one point the singer prattled on about their dealings with Pharrell and all I could think is “why?” Seriously, they were dork city. But the Aerosmith cover of a cover was tight. At one point they said something about their last show in Boston having been several years before at Harpers Ferry in front of 5 people. I could see that. — Dan Brockman


Chester French ~ Interview

They talk about their fashion sense and the people who inspire Chester French and who are inspired by Chester French. LOL At Max.

Pharrell Opens Own Blog

Pharrell has his own blog now. Check it out.

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