Justin Timberlake – Don’t Go (Horrible Woman) feat. Pharrell

The Neptunes & Justin Timberlake
This is a tune that has been made at the Justified Studio Session in 2002 but never been finished, although ABC did a documentary about Justin in 2002 where he’s been asked to play a song of Justified on the piano, he chose instead to play a song that nobody has ever heard before which is ‘Horrible Woman’, then there is footage of The Neptunes and Justin in the studio working on that tune from the Justified Studio Session DVD’s. Here is the tune which i’ve edited Years ago for my Justified Studio Session Project that I’ve been workin on.

Justin Timberlake – Don’t Go (Horrible Woman) feat. Pharrell (02′)

Justin Timberlake Playing Horrible Woman On ABC

Justin Timberlake Working On Horrible Woman

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