Natasha Ramos & NERD
According to Natasha Ramos’ cousin Goobersnattch, Natasha is no longer signed to Star Trak. “Much like Vanessa Marquez, her deal ended with Star Trak and she’s decided to pursue other endeavors. It didnt end bad. There’s no bad blood/beef/etc etc”. He also revealed that she’s been working on new music ‘that she’s writing and from what I’ve heard…its AMAAAAAAZING. I cant wait for you guys to hear it’.

Natasha Ramos – This Love (Interlude) (Chris & Drop)

Natasha Ramos – Ride With You

One thought on “Natasha Ramos Is No Longer With Star Trak”
  1. Wow… She really dropped off the face of the earth after this! Yes, her family members/cousin thought her “new stuff was great”, but everyone’s family thinks that. It’s what family is all about! But when it ultimately came down to it, aside from her own blood relatives *nobody* liked her “new stuff”. And now she is working at Nordstroms :-\

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