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The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Pharrell Confirms ‘If You Want’ aka ‘Horn Synth’ To Be On Travis Barker Album

According to Rhythm Mag UK, “If You Want To” aka “Horn Synth” is Travis Barker’s tune and not Lupe Fiasco’s like we thought when the tune leaked months ago. Pharrell revealed that he did the keys and the drum programming, unforunately it was leaked before Travis Barker added his drums, which will be on his Solo album ‘Give The Drummer Some’ due February 2011. I’m glad that tune will get released cuz its fucking dope! Check out the Article below.

Travis Barker – If You Want aka Horn Synth feat. Lupe Fiasco & Pharrell (1st Version)

Pharrell On Working With Travis Barker

Rhythm Mag: You’ve worked with Travis in the past on a handful of projects. How did you come to work with him on his solo record?
Pharrell: Whenever we bump into each other, we always talk about to do next. His next album was next.

RM: You appear on the track ‘If You Want’. How does the track sound and what was your contribution? Did you have any hand in the production of the track?
P: I did the music, all the keys. I also did the pre-drum programming but Travis took it to the next level. The true meaning of a collaboration.

RM: As a drummer yourself, how do you rate Travis as a player?
P: I think he’s arguably one of the best of our generation.

RM: Obviously Travis is known predominantly for Blink 182, but has forged an extremely successful ccareer with his remixes. Why do you think that is?
P: As a drummer he recognises the flavourof a track, as all drummers do. So he will choose the right producers and right musicians to play with.

RM: Your are renowned for creating insane, charttopping beats yourself. How do you begin creating a new beat?
P: I chase the feeling. I match it with emotion. Then I carve away at the keyboard until it feels right.

RM: What is the essence of a perfect drum beat?
P: How it affects the body and the mind. If it has impact and you want to hear it over and over again.


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