The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Complex’s ’25 Best Pharrell Hooks’

Complex made a list compelled of the 25 Best Pharrell Hooks where they also revealed some interpolations and samples of some songs that made the list such as on ‘P. Diddy’sD.I.D.D.Y.’ from 2001, “P reworks Boogie Down Productions1988 classic “Jimmy” and simply spells out Puff’s new name rhythmically. Voila, hit song.” and sampling Luther Vandross’Take You Out” (and borrowing some of its lyrics) on Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss feat. PharrellHov and P set out to make a record considerably smoother than some of their previous efforts. Pharrell crooned in a high falsetto while Jigga dropped ad-libs about Scooby Doos (those were X-pills shoes, by the way). The record became a Top 10 hit as Jay and that boy Pharrell continued to make beautiful music.”

Pharrell has been one of popular music’s premier producers for the past decade, and he’s still absolutely relevant. In the past month alone, he’s made headlines for starting the boutique label I Am Other, launching Qream Liqueur, joining Twitter, and raking in $10 million last year. Still, we haven’t forgotten what he does best: music. More specifically, choruses. Hooks. The catchy part of the song that everyone loves. We combed through P’s catalog and pitted his greatest ones against each other.” Check out all 25 Best Pharrell Hooks on Complex.

Boogie Down Productions – Jimmy (1988) (Interpolation)

P. Diddy – D.I.D.D.Y. feat. Pharrell (2001)


Luther Vandross – Take You Out (2001) (Sample)

Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss feat. Pharrell (2002)


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