Tyler, The Creator has been in the studio with Pharrell, Maxine and Lupe last night where they did some music together, Tyler also revealed on the forum that he’s heard some upcoming projects by The Neptunes for 2012 such as a new Rick Ross Tune, Mary J. Blige’s Tune and a Mac Miller Tune. “studio with p was crazy last night. spent an hour playing new shit. his shit with ross is good, and the mary j blige song is the best sounding shit ive heard in a while. he’s excited about music again. i heard some other top secret shit i cant tell u guys about. but most of the shit for this year is super goooooooood. we made a beat last night, sounds like some in search of shit almost. shae was there too. so was maxine.” said Tyler.

Pharrell is also working on “some left field music that sounds amazing” “i love maxine. and uh, the songs they (mac miller) did are pretty awesome. we talked about in my mind and some other shit, and alsso, P is doing some left field music shit thats sounds amazing. like, you niggas aint ready. last night made me remember why i was a fan. cant wait for you guys to hear the new stuff, its good to see him excited about music again and not just making wack shit. he’s awesome.” A huge thanks to Tyler for the informations.

“TONIGHT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST NIGHTS EVER.” “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” “I Finally Met Shae!!!,” he wrote, adding a photo of an autographed copy of N.E.R.D.’s debut album In Search Of. “Damn, I Still Fan Out. This F—ing Rules. It Was A Moment Where I Was Like, O F—, Am i Really Here? This Beat We made Fucking Rules” “DUDE. YOU KNOW WHEN YOU TRY TO KEEP IT COOL AND NOT FAN OUT? BUT INSIDE YOUR SCREAMING JOY? YEAH” “Like, Come On Son, I Know This Ni— And Still Be Buggin. Thats Tight. Last Thing, He Walked In On Me Playing the Piano. Like, What The F—.” “F— I Cant Even Sleep Right Now. All The New Sh– I Heard. This Ni— Came In Like ‘YEAAAAHHHH’ And I Looked Up From Play Some Minor Note.”


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