Here is one of the N*E*R*D tracks that went to Jared Evan’s debut album that will release this year titled ‘Show Me Some Love’. The original N*E*R*D tune has Rhea on it when she was partly a member in the group back in 2009, but we all know what happened afterwards, anyways check out the performance above, can’t wait to hear the studio version, the N*E*R*D version is below, thanks to Simon.

N*E*R*D – Show Me Some Love (Live At Save Mart Center, Fresno) (2009)


Jared EvanUntitled (2012)

  • Anywhere (Former N*E*R*D Tune)
  • Show Me Some Love (Former N*E*R*D Tune)
  • Black Clouds (Former N*E*R*D Tune)