According to Mac Miller, his ‘Pink Slime’ collaboration EP with Pharrell might take a little longer to complete than initially anticipated. Miller explained that the project would have to be finished in the studio rather than by e-mail and he hasn’t had a chance to work out his schedule with Pharrell. Miller explained that working with Pharrell is an experience in itself and expressed that he’s been a fan of Skateboard P for sometime. “It’s a different world, Pharrell and me. It’s great. I’ve wanted to work with Pharrell forever, and we have a lot of fun in the studio and make good music,” Miller told Sway In The Morning. The Pittsburg rapper added that he’s not willing to finish the album over a distance but he hasn’t had a chance to link up with Pharrell in person.

“We can’t finish it, I told him we have to write this last chapter of the ‘Pink Slime’ saga together. We can’t do the email thing. I’ve got to go down to Miami or he’s got to come to where I’m at, an undisclosed location. But it’s really dope because Pharrell can do anything, and if you go in the studio with him and have him play the records he’s working on, it’s like everything from this side of music to the other. And that’s where I’m at,” said Miller. But Miller added that there’s not much left to do to finish off ‘Pink Slime’ and offered some indication of what fans can hope to get out of the project. “I think the next time we sit down we’ll get it done. It’s going to be dope… It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be festival music. It’s not the music you listen and it changes the world,” said Miller.


Mac MillerPink Slime (+ 6 Tracks) (2012)

  • Onaroll
  • Dreams feat. Pharrell
  • Coffee Table
  • Glow feat. Pharrell

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