Your favorite rappers and celebrities dish out the goods on DJ Vlad’s new series VladTV’s True Hip-Hop Stories, presented by Complex TV. From salacious to hilarious, they reveal the moments you’ll never hear about in public, accompanied by priceless animations courtesy of Broken Equipment Productions. In this episode of VladTV’s True Hip-Hop Stories, Mister Cartoon recounts the time Pharrell came to his friend’s tattoo shop to get inked up.

Pharrell is known for his exceptional sense of style, and on this particular day the 40-year-old rapper was wearing a flashy shirt. However, Cartoon was worried his friend would disapprove of Pharrells attire. “Pharrell has a bright pink Lacoste on,” he says. “My goal was to get him inside to the back of the shop without anybody noticing how he’s dressed.” Watch above to find out how Cartoon attempted to carry out his plan.


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