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“#thisphotogivesmechills Quick Back Story: @Pharrell- Yo I need a verse from @pericoprincess for (insert major artist) album, I’m sending the record right now.. she has to record it ASAP.. because they’re mixing & mastering today, can she have it back to me by 4:00pm.. Me- (Looks at the clock) 12:14pm.. Thinking to my self FAAWWK!!!! This is a huge opportunity for her, I don’t want her to miss this, One problem @pericoprincess jus got in a terrible accident..

A drunk driver blew a red light and hit her while she was on the back of a motorcycle, She’s been in the hospital for the past few days wit serious injuries… Still I replied to Pharrell..”ABSOLUTELY!!” Calls Bia .. TRILLA!! pharrell gotta a record with (insert major artist) we need a 16 ASAP!! @pericoprincess – Get me a session & I’ll knock it out right now!! … She goes to the studio and lay her verse on crutches.. This should speak volumes to anybody wit a dream!! It’s been a pleasure & also a honor to take this journey with you. Happy Bday Lil Sis, Enjoy Your Day!! #SQUAAD”


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