Several years ago, Pharrell, ?uestlove, and James Poyser collaborated to remix Pharrell’s solo album “In My Mind.” While the project was never officially released, there have been various versions circulating, with differing tracklists and bitrates. Finally, in late 2009, ?uestlove released the official mastered version, which includes a “Frontin” version by Pharrell and The Yessirs, as well as an outro that was added to create a complete set of 20 tunes. I decided to leak the outro since there were 19 tracks originally, and now we have a better version of The Yessirs‘ “Creamsickle” version. You can check it out below.


Pharrell & The Yessirs - Out Of My Mind (2007)
Pharrell & The Yessirs – Out Of My Mind (2007)
01 – Can I Have It Like That feat. Gwen Stefani
02 – How Does It Feel
03 – Raspy Shit
04 – Best Friend feat. Tasha
05 – You Can Do It Too feat. Jamie Cullum
06 – Keep It Player feat. Slim Thug
07 – That Girl feat. Snoop Dogg & Charlie Wilson
08 – Angel
09 – Young Girl feat. Jay-Z
10 – I Really Like You Girl
11 – Take It Off
12 – Stay With Me (Dim The Lights) feat. Pusha T.
13 – Baby feat. Nelly
14 – Our Father
15 – Number One feat. Kanye West
16 – Show You How To Hustle feat. Lauren
17 – Mamacita feat. Daddy Yankee
18 – Frontin’ feat. Jay-Z (Bonus)
19 – Creamsickle (Bonus)
20 – Rell It’s A Wonder (Outro) (Bonus)

Total Size: 162,86MB

21 thoughts on “Pharrell & The Yessirs – Out Of My Mind (Real Mastered) (2007)”
  1. Uploaded: 31-07-2013 05:59
    Last download: 15-12-2022 22:45

    Damn it’s still active, people are downloading it all the time, everyday !

  2. Hey is there any way to get the original album file? Would love to get ahold of it, posted link not working for me.

  3. Can i get the original files? It says the file size should be 162mb but when you click the link its only 117mb. Because i found almost all of these with 230-266 kbps mp3 quality. And they sound really good and i think the ones i got are the ones that Questlove from the Roots shared on myspace back in the day. So does anyone got the whole album that Questlove from the roots shared back then.

  4. sorry I meant to say It wont let me download is it possible you can send a link or something Ive been trying to find this album forever with good quality.

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