‘ARTST TLK’ Producer Is Suing Pharrell Williams

TMZ reports the Grammy-award winning producer is being sued by “ARTST TLK” producer. For those unaware, Skateboard P hosted a successful YouTube series in which he interviewed notable celebrities from all different genres including Spike Lee, Tony Hawk and artist… Continue Reading →

ARTST TLK Episode 11 With Jeff Koons (Preview)

Jeff Koons joins Pharrell Williams to talk about art, the avant garde, and the affirmation of a reflective surface.

ARTST TLK Episode 9 – Spike Lee (Preview)

Spike Lee and Pharrell Williams sit down in New York City to talk about filmmaking, the music of rebellion, and Denzel Washington as Malcolm X. Check out the full episode coming soon!

Peter Diamandis & Pharrell Williams Talk Innovation (ARTST TLK Ep. 8 Preview)

American engineer Peter Diamandis talks to Pharrell Williams about setting clear goals, crazy ideas and using resources from outside our planet. Peter is best known for being the founder and chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation, the co-founder and chairman… Continue Reading →

ARTST TLK Episode 7 With Daniel Lanois (Teaser)

Inside Daniel Lanois’s Studio with Pharrell Williams. Daniel Lanois tells Pharrell Williams about riding around Dublin with Bono singing in the car, recording a night record with Bob Dylan and why he can’t produce a party track.

Pharrell Chats With Artists on ARTST TLK

*dailymotion.com *n-e-r-d.skyrock.com

Pharrell Getting Ready For ARTST TLK


Pharrell Williams’ ARTST TLK Episode 2 With David Salle & KAWS

ARTST TLK Episode 2 With David Salle & KAWS Pharrell Williams interviews internationally renowned artists David Salle, known best for helping define postmodern sensibility, and street artist-turned-sculptor and limited edition toy & clothing designer, KAWS. A new take on the… Continue Reading →

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