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The Lion King

Watch Pharrell Williams Coach Seth Rogen Sing On ‘The Lion King’ (VIDEO)

Pharrell Williams At ‘The Lion King’ London Premiere In London (2019) (Video) + Interview

Photos by Gareth Cattermole, Pharrell Williams has likened working on ‘The Lion King‘ to an “apprenticeship” or “college” because he was surrounded by so many legends. The ‘Happy‘ hitmaker collaborated on the soundtrack to the new live action remake of the Disney animated hit and he admits it was a “gift” to be around such “legendary” musicians and work on their versions of the iconic songs.


Pharrell Produced Five Songs On ‘The Lion King Soundtrack’

As we already guessed right, Pharrell worked with Hanz Zimmer once again on the new ‘Lion King Soundtrack’ and helmed Five Songs on the Soundtrack which will be out on July 11th, check out the whole tracklist below!

The Lion King OST (2019) (July 11)
01 – Lindiwe Mkhize – Circle Of Life/Nants’ Ingonyama (Hans Zimmer, Elton John, Tim Rice)
02 – Life’s Not Fair (Hans Zimmer)
03 – Rafiki’s Fireflies (Hans Zimmer)
04 – JD McCrary, Shahadi Wright Joseph & John Oliver – I Just Can’t Wait To Be King (Pharrell Williams, Stephen Lipson)
05 – Elephant Graveyard (Hans Zimmer)
06 – Chiwetel Ejiofor – Be Prepared (2019 Version) (Hans Zimmer, David Fleming)
07 – Stampede (Hans Zimmer)
08 – Scar Takes The Throne (Hans Zimmer)
09 – Billy Eichner, Seth Rogen, JD McCrary & Donald Glover – Hakuna Matata (Pharrell Williams, Stephen Lipson)
10 – Simba Is Alive! (Hans Zimmer)
11 – Billy Eichner & Seth Rogen – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Pharrell Williams)
12 – Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Billy Eichner & Seth Rogen – Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Pharrell Williams, Stephen Lipson)
13 – Reflections Of Mufasa (Hans Zimmer)
14 – TBA
15 – Battle For Pride Rock (Hans Zimmer)
16 – Remember (Hans Zimmer)
17 – Elton John – Never Too Late (Greg Kurstin, Elton John Matt Still)
18 – Lebo M – He Lives In You (Lebo M, Mark Mancina)
19 – Lebo M – Mbube (Pharrell Williams)

Seth Rogen Confirms Pharrell Williams Is Working On “The Lion King” Music

Seth Rogen has been Interviewed lately for his latest project ‘The Lion King’ directed by Jon Favreau where he revealed that Pharrell Williams was Invovled in the Music of the movie. Mr. Favreau posted recently a photo of him, Hanz Zimmer and Pharrell Williams at his home, and we could’ve already guessed that Pharrell was working on a new project for a movie. Seth Rogen talked with EW Radio’s Jessica Shaw about how frustrating his singing made Pharrell Williams while recording music for the upcoming live-action remake of “The Lion King.”

Jon Favreau With Pharrell Chance The Rapper & Hanz Zimmer
“I literally had Pharrell Williams banging his head against a wall trying to extract like a f*cking good note out of me. I’m like someone less famous would actually be more helpful. It’s like the last thing I need is like oh, so you have to learn to ride a motorcycle, we have Evel Knievel here to teach you! Like I don’t want that, just give me a guy!”The Lion King’ is due 2019.


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