The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Grindin’ Forum

The new Grindin’ Forum is coming soon.

132 thoughts on “The Grindin’ Forum

  1. Have anyone ever tried to find PRE-GAP songs on the neptunes cds? Maybe someone find an exclusive song there.

  2. what i miss the most about the forum is being able to just scroll and find new/old music to listen to…man…well in the meantime, hope everyone is safe. miss talking music with you all…

  3. Is anyone from the UK able to get into the forum? I have been trying for months on different devices but it just keeps saying “IP address could not be found.”

  4. thx whevesy ! works for me ! glad to see playahater still on that drake shit – its like coming home a lil bit.. hopefully more of you join in..

  5. mann i cant wait any longer, i think discord would be a good temporary solution for the forum so i made one since the other one i found didnt have many channels ( PLEASE START ADDING TO THE MUSIC THREAD )

  6. Lol the Neptunes have made a low key comeback with a couple tracks these past couple of weeks (nothing really impactful) but still music nonetheless. And we can’t even discuss it!!!!

  7. Guys I stumbled on this site searching for some old Neptunes/Pharrell stuff I used to have. It was like an unreleased album/mixtape from the early 2000’s I guess. I cannot find anything about it on the internet. Wiki, Youtube..nothing, but I know I had this tape. It’s not the unreleased Clipse debut album. Anyone have any idea what I might be talking about? The track I’m remembering definitely had Pharrell vocals. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  9. @Mika Teaser king #1 😀

    but in all honesty, I really miss the forum. It’s like one of the only consistent things I used on the internet

  10. Hey guys, the forum isn’t dead and won’t be until I’m around and sorry for the lack of updates, stay tuned for more info on the new forum!

  11. It looks like the Grindin forum is officially dead. Anyways, I know a development team that can revive the Grindin forum. Obviously for a cost. The card is in your hands Mika. Let’s keep this website going.

  12. there’s two new neptunes-produced tracks on Megan Thee Stallion’s album Suga, “Stop Playing” and “Crying in the Car” (don’t know where else to post this)

  13. K guys who do I pay??? I got whatever money is needed to relaunch this forum. Tell me where to send my money

  14. Can’t wait for the forum to come back so I can down vote all of Playahater’s posts about Drake

  15. @Mika great news mika. Just posting this here cus no one else cares – it makes no sense to me why the ending of Dont Dont Do It isnt like a minute long, when the keys come back in and the synth and then it just fades out in 5 seconds. Bummer =)

  16. I can’t contribute financially at the moment. If there’s anything else I can do, I would love to help

  17. I’ll give 100$ to the forum to get it up and running again.

    Anyone willing to also contribute ?

  18. Mika & Mavis you cant just shut down the forum with no warning or nothing :'( ?
    Really hope its gonna come back online again, merry christmas 🙁

  19. Guys whatsupp the forum? And it looks like Coldplay’s Trouble in Town is coproduced by Pharrell

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