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November 2007

Usher – Only One feat. Pharrell (Without DJ)

Here Is The Usher Track unmastered (1st Version) without the DJ

Enjoy !

-> Usher – Only One feat. Pharrell (Without DJ)

Three C. Hugo Prod. On Mike’s (EP) !

Alright, I found some info about the Chad Hugo Mike E. tracks that we talked about the other day. It seems that Mike E.’s (EP) has been faked around several times, which means that there are several different tags of tracks on the so called (EP) with 13 tracks. So yeh, I managed to get the “Real” (EP) with just 5 tracks, but Chad Hugo isn’t credited on it, neither is Pharrell, although the Mike E. track “Look In The Water” is on Blackstreet’s album Level II from (2003) with credits of Pharrell but according to Chad worked together with Riley for Mike E’s (EP) which never released. That means Both Chad & Pharrell worked on Mike E’s (EP) from (2000)

Mike E. – Master Plan (EP) (2000)
Real Tracklist !
1. Mater Plan (C.Hugo,T.Riley)
2. Look In The Water (C.Hugo,P.Williams,T.Riley)
3. Don’t Change Your Mind (C.Hugo,T.Riley)
4. One More Chance (Ben Garrison)
5. Nubian Queen (Ben Garrison)

The New Star Trak Reaggeton Artist Venevo !

Sergio Veneno aka Jack Venom has newly signed to the Star Trak/Inetrscope camp. His Style is a mix of many Influences and has an unmistakable voice which has the Industry buzzing. He already has worked with many established artists such as Fabolous and Noreaga.

-> Sergio Veneno – Hop In My Whip feat. Fabolous (MP3)

-> Venevo & Pharrell In The Studio (Video) (2007)


Pharrell Talking About Britney !

“…She’s going through a lot that people don’t recognize, You got to understand, she was a child star and she’s held on way longer than most people can. You got to understand the pressure. Her record is cool, but you got to give her a second to get things back together. You’re seeing a reality show that no one’s producing, that no one’s directing, and that’s a problem. Despite everything going on in her life during the making of Blackout, all of Britney’s co-workers said she put the music first. That was a huge accomplishment in itself…” said Pharrell Williams, who produced her closing track, “Why Should I Be Sad.”

Stylist Rachel Johnson Has Helped Dress Pharrell !

“…Trend watching and mimicking is all good, but make sure the look embodies your true essence. The key to style is “believability.” You must own your look and be the wearer of your clothes; you can’t let trends wear you. Working with Pharrell, he understands personal style, he’s a trained forecaster, confident enough in himself that he can do things other people aren’t doing because he knows what’s next…”

Chad Steers “Master Plan (2000)”!

Michael Etheridge, the now 31 Year-old singer has had Riley’s eye since he was 15 and a member of a vocal group called The Neptunes (3rd Neptunes Member), whose members attended high school next door to Riley’s Virginia Beach recording studio. “Master Plan” is the title track from Mike E’s debut album, which credits Riley as executive producer. The disc, which is currently due out from Capitol in early 2000, also feature four other songs Riley wrote with the artist.

Blackstreet’s Chauncey Hannibal and Eric Williams supply some background vocals on the disc, while other guests include Karen Anderson, Queen Pen, and Knowledge The Pirate. Mike E’s former Neptunes bandmate Chad Hugo also produced tracks for the record such as the lead single “Master Plan”. The other songs Chad Hugo worked on at this point are unknown.
(We Need The Credits !)

Mike E – Master Plan (C.Hugo)
YouTube Preview Image
Mike E. – Masterplan (2000)

1 – Master Plan (C. Hugo)
2 – Look In The Water
3 – Don’t Change Your Mind
4 – One More Chance
5 – Nubian Queen
6 – Caught In The Bedroom
7 – Hey, Where You Been
8 – Liar, Cheater
9 – Do What You Wanna Do
10 – Lettin’ Go
11 – You Ain’t Been
12 – No More Daddy’s Girl
13 – Do You Know Where Broken Hearts Go


Shar Jackson Working With Neptunes !

Apparently Shar Jackson is working with The Neptunes for her forthcoming album which is about to release next year according to She was in a relationship with dancer Kevin Federline, who later married and divorced pop singer Britney Spears and has two children with Federline. Shar was crowned recently for the winner on the MTV reality show Celebrity Rap Superstar last month, beating runner-up Kendra Wilkinson. Shar confirmed also on TRL that she had some meetings with record labels and that her song Let It Blow is releasing as the first single.

“Lost Without U” Most Sexiest Song 2007 !

Robin was not voted one of the most sexiest men, but his song “Lost Without U” is 2007 Most Sexiest Song of the People Magazine recent issue with the Sexiest Man Alive cover of Matt Damon.

The story behind Robin Thicke’s tender R&B ballad “Lost Without U,” which he wrote back in 2004, is a little more complicated. “…The first time Pharrell heard the song, he said it was a smash, The first time Bono heard it, he said it was an incredible smash. But it still took three and a half years for anybody else to hear it. If I were just looking for money or fame, I could take all these offers that I’ve been turning down…”

“…I’m actually working with Lil’ Wayne in the upcoming months for his new album. Mary J. Blige and I still work together, Usher and I’ll still work together, and if Alicia Keys calls you can be sure I’ll do something with her. I write and produce all my own music, always have. That’s the difference between me and guys like Justin Timberlake, is that I’ve always written and produced my own music. I’ve been signed to Interscope Records since I was 16 years old, and I’ll always be at Interscope Records with Jimmy Iovine and Star Trak…”

Clipse Respond To Lil’ Wayne Diss !

Almost a year after the war of words between Lil’ Wayne & the Clipse started where Wayne said that Clipse don’t sell, the questions are still in abundance, Malice stated that he wouldn’t be against recording a song with the self proclaimed best rapper alive.

“The only thing he asked me is if I had a problem with Lil’ Wayne. I was like, “Nah. I don’t even think that way.” I felt like Wayne talked a little slick about the Clipse in his interview. We addressed that. To me it’s over.” Pusha went on to say “That was an editorial mistake. I don’t got a problem with Wayne, anyway. Wayne puts out a lot of music, and I think he should get credit for that. I ain’t never gonna talk to him. The guys I rap with, they talk the language, he talks a lot.”
YouTube Preview Image

The Queen Of Star Trak !

There Is a Natasha Ramos Interview on, where she is talking about Star Trak & her Solo Project !

“…I performed at a showcase for the record label Arista with a friend of mines and from that they saw my potential and wanted to sign me as well. I ended up doing a deal with Arista and was signed to The Chocolate Factory Production Company and Pharrell took an interest to me as an artist, but I was already signed. Time went on and like everyone knows Arista folded and Pharrell wanted me to be apart of a girl group he was trying to put together with Vanessa Marquez and myself, so I signed on as a member of the group and the group ended up not working out so now I am a solo artist signed to the label. It’s an amazing experience working with The Neptunes.

They’re truly humble and talented and they are one of the most creative producers I have ever worked with because they completely thinks out side of the box and very motivating so working with them helps me grew as an artist and challenge myself to a whole another level. I’m working on my Solo Project which I don’t have a title yet for it but I have been working with The Neptunes, Troy Oliver and Bryan Michael Cox for my project. I’m Just putting the last finishing touches on the album and getting ready to do a promo tour. Look for the album and because there have been so many artists with the name Natasha, I may not come out with that name so I’m going to think about another name because it’s been very confusing…”

Natasha Ramos – Untitled (200X)
Confirmed Tracks !
This Love
– Invisible (Neptunes)
– Strawberries
– U Can’t Handle This
– Lady Likes
– Screwed
– Running Out Of Love
– I’m Feelin Myself
– Music Box


MTV Artist Of The Week: Kenna !

Experience his Prince-meets-Talking Heads-meets-New Order-meets-LCD Soundsystem style in his “Say Goodbye To Love” video, and watch his Playlibs interviews and favorite videos. Check out exclusive Kenna Photos, read Kenna’s Blog Updates from his current tour with She Wants Revenge, watch him channel his inner Dave Chappelle in his MTV Artist Of The Week On-Air Spots and tell us why you can’t get enough Kenna.

Kanye Gig Honours Mum !

Kanye West has vowed to complete his current tour in homage to his late mother Donda, who died following a plastic surgery procedure. The hip-hop star paid tribute to his mum at a recent gig in Brussell and said he planned to continue the tour despite being in mourning. His Next show is at London’s O2 Arena , which kicks off the UK leg of his tour. It comes after Kanye attended his mother’s funeral in Oklahoma. Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, Anita Baker, John Legend and Pharrell Williams were among the stars who attended to pay their respects.


YouTube Preview Image

Fefe Dobson – If I Was A Guy (06′) !

Here Is A Unreleased Neptunes Track by Fefe Dobson “If I Was A Guy” From Her Album “Sunday Love” (2006) Which Never Released and A Skit with Pharrell by Cilvarings “the very first international Wu-Tang Member of the Album “I (2007)”.

-> Fefe Dobson – If I Was A Guy (Neptunes) (06′) (MP3)
Brent Paschke (Guitar) & Eric Fawcett (Drums) from SpyMob also worked on the Track.

-> Cilvaringz – Two Missed Calls… feat. Pharrell & Ne-Yo (Skit) (MP3)

Kelly Levesque Brings Album Out !

The Former Star Trak Artist Kelly Levesque (pronounced Le-Vek) ”Singer and Songwriter” is finnally get to release her forthcomin album next year due January 22nd (2008) titled “Three Graces” (Country/Pop) with her girl group “The Three Graces(Joy Kabanuck, Sara Gettelfinger, Kelly Levesque) through DECCA/Universal. After a unsuccesful co-operation with Star Trak/Interscope for the Country/Pop singer’s solo career, she has been dropped 2002 from Star Trak/Interscope and then has been signed to DECCA/Universal.

“…I am in a group called “The Three Graces” that is signed to DECCA/Universal Records. We are in Hollywood recording the last 4 songs to our album and I’m really happy with the way the record is turning out! It’s fantastic! We worked with a Live Orchestra playing on our tracks such as Walter A (Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Josh Groban), Desmond Child (Bon Jovi, Ricky Martin, Meatloaf), Marc Partmann (Barbara Streisand, Josh Groban) and Guy Roche (Celine Dion, Christina Aquilera)…”

She is signed to an exclusive publishing contract with Warner Chappell Music. Two of her compositions (Lovin Is Easy, El Equilibre) were recorded by European pop acts taking these songs to top 10 positions in England and France and was also featured on The Soundtrack of the Julia Roberts movie, Americas Sweethearts singing a Diane Warren song “Some Hearts“.
She is sought after for jingles and demos in New York and LA. Kelly has worked with producer/songwriters such as David Foster, Desmond Child, Walter Afanasieff, The Matrix, Narada Michael Walden, Trevor Horn, Tim and Bob, The Underdogs,Tommy Simms, Peter Zizzo, David Kahne, The Neptunes and was the featured singer of the Pussycat Dolls at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas for a 10 week engagement. Most recently, Kelly sang with Andrea Bocelli for two shows on his US tour, sold out crowds to over 17,000 at the Tweeter center in Boston and the Boardwalk Hall.

-> Kelly Levesque – My One True Love (06′) (MP3)



Ashanti Gets Neptunes & Thicke On New Album !

Ashanti is finally heading back with her fourth studio album titled “Declaration,” early next year featuring productions of Jermaine Dupri, LT Hutton, Babyface, The Neptunes & Robin Thicke as guest appearance, where Pharrell & Thicke both sing on The Neptunes record.

“…It’s been about three years in between albums, I’ve done a lot of growing up. It’s very deep and a little bit edgier than my previous records, so I’m excited. I’ve used a lot of different people so the sound is definitely, a little bit more mature than previous albums…” she said.

Madonna’s Soiety (Demo) !

A demo of Madonna’s forthcoming album has been leaked onto the Net and was recently sold on ebay for US$500 on 21st August 2007 featuring Six Demo Tracks from Madonna’s forthcoming album Soietydue 2008” including a 3rd Neptunes Track called “Still Doin’ It” after “Candy Shop” & “The Beat Goes On”.

Madonna – Soiety (Demo) (2007)
1. The Beat Goes On (Neptunes)
2. L. S. D. (Stuart Price)
3. Candy (Neptunes)
4. Still Doin’ It (Neptunes)
5. La La (Justin Timberlake)
6. Keep My Love Part I (Timbaland)

Eve’s “Here I Am” Has 3 Neptunes & Robin Thicke !

Apparently The Neptunes have 3 productions and Robin Thicke for a collabo on Eve’s new album “Here I Am” due next year.

She Also Reveald that she is singing on one of The Neptunes track called “All Night Long“. “…I was singing before I ever started rapping. Ever since I’ve been signed to Interscope 10 years, they’ve wanted me to do more of that. Pharrell pushed me. He said he had this song. But that I had to sing the whole thing. I thought he was crazy. But once we did it, I wanted more. Why not give people something different for the fourth album? Roll the dice, you know…”

Unofficial Tracklist !

Eve – Here I Am (2008)

1.  Cash Flow feat. T. I. (SwizzBeatz)
2.  Tambourine feat. (SwizzBeatz)
3.  Ain’t Nothin’ Changed
4. All Night Long (Neptunes)
5.  We Belong Together (CoolDre)
6.  Give It To You” feat. Sean Paul (SwizzBeatz)
7.  Get That Money (SwizzBeatz)
8.  Turn Me On feat. Sizzla (SwizzBeatz)
9. Fantasy” feat. Robin Thicke
10. Guess Who’s Single Now (Neptunes)
11. Hey Girl feat. Eminem (Neptunes)
12. I’m Caught Up
13. Fire (DrDre)
14. Here I Am feat. Elan Atias


Pharrell talked with about the Swedish Garage-Rockers The Hives, who he teamed with for their Black & White Album. “…Those are my guys, They’re fun, they’re smart, they have a great image, they love music…” Pharrell said he actually picked up a few tips from Hives frontman Pelle Almqvist. “…Forget about it. He knows everything. I’m in the studio learning things from him…”

There Is a Interview on with Alesha Dixon “former member of the girl group Mis-Teeqwhere she is talking about her solo album & Pharrell.

Last time you went on a date with Pharrell Williams?
[Laughs] I haven’t unfortunately…

No, I didn’t mean it like that. He’s too short for me. I didn’t fancy him, but I will admit he’s cute.

Last time you went on a date??
I have been dating, but no one you would know. I’m not ready yet to be in another relationship. I actually feel sane just being single right now.

Keri Hilson Talking About Thicke !

There  is a big interview with Keri Hilson on where she is talking about her biggest inspirations as an artist & writer.

“…So who are some of your biggest inspirations as a writer and then as an artist, too. Keri: Uhm, Justin Timberlake really inspires me, he’s a no-holds-bar kind of artist and I like that about him. Let’s see… it’s a lot of different things. I listen to a lot of different music – Thicke Robin Thicke, he’s super inspiring. Ooh, I was all over his first album. His first album… which most people have not heard is really like – I like it – well, I’m not gonna say I like it better, but I like it for different reasons – than I like “The Evolution. I’m more attached to it. Exactly…”

And unfortunately Robin didn’t won the award for the Breakthrough Artist at the AMA’s, instead Daughtry was named for the winner, beating out also Plain White T’s for the award.

Ashlee Simpson’s New Album Is Done !

Ashlee Simpson tells MTV News her new record is done and should be out in March (2008), with a new single in January. The single, “Out Of My Head (Ay Ya Ya)“, was produced by Timbaland and Simpson will film a video for it next month. “…It’s about too many voices, too many people having their own opinion, It’s mainly a fun, dancey song. I think it’s got a little bit of an ’80s feel to it, too, you’ll hear that in it…” Chad Hugo did some tracks with her such as “Boys” according to Brent Paschke’s (SpyMob Member) MySpace Site.

There is also some interesting info on Brent Paschke’s MySpace Site about FeFe Dobson, apparently Neptunes did a track with her “Check WORKS IN PROGRESS on the site” for her 2006 album “Sunday Love”, but it’s prolly a leftover. Thanks To Kweli !

Robin Thicke Nominated On American Music Awards !

Beyonce Knowles, Justin Timberlake, Linkin’ Park and Chris Daughtry lead the nominations for Sunday’s American Music Awards. Timberlake, Timbaland and Akon are up for best pop/rock male artist, while Knowles, Fergie and Avril Lavigne compete in the female category. Linkin Park, Maroon 5 and Nickelback will square off for the pop/rock group award. Daughtry, Plain White T’s and Robin Thicke are up for best new artist.
The show will be broadcast live from Los Angeles on ABC on Sunday.


John Legend Working With The Neptunes !

Legend has officially begun work on his third album. This album, which is as of now untitled, is the follow-up to last year’s Once Again which sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide. The Grammy award-winning artist says that he has “three songs I love already” and has begun his work. “…We’re really just starting, I’m usually pretty prolific and pretty quick with my output, so I’m guessing I’ll be done with it by the end of the spring and put it out either late summer or early fall. That’s what I’m headed towards…” said Legend. According to the singer, he’s already hooked up with Will.I.Am and Rick Knowles for the album, and plans to work with The Neptunes and Kanye West. “…We’ll see who else,…” he added.

Lupe Fiasco Has Neptunes On New Album !

Chicagoan Lupe Fiasco will return with a new record in December featuring production from The Neptunes, Fall Out Boy, Unkle and Soundtrakk and a cameo from Snoop Dogg, the follow-up to last year’s critically-lauded but commercially disappointing Food & Liquor may be the rapper’s last – references made towards retirement on the new album. Concept album The Cool will be out here on the 18th December through Atlantic imprint. The record weaves a story from the narratives of two central characters.

The Streets is a female “…personification of the streets. Everything about street life that you fall in love with…” the Game is “…the personification of… the hustle game, the pimp game, the mack game…”. Lupe has been asked what the status of CRS, The Supergroup with Kanye West & Pharrell Williams is on “…Child Rebel Soldier. We working. Kanye called me the other day, he said he had spoken to Pharrell, and everybody’s still excited, ready to go. It’s just scheduling issues, but it’s solid gold, late ’08. We’ll see…”

Lupe Fiasco – The Cool (2007)

01 – Iesha Poem
02 – Free Chilly
03 – Go Gadget Flow
04 – The Coolest feat. Pharrell
05 – Superstar feat. Matthew Santos
06 – Paris, Tokyo
07 – High Definition feat. Snoop Dogg & Pooh Bear
08 – Little Weapon
09 – Hip Hop Saved My Life feat. Nikki Jean
10 – God’s Watch
11 – Streets On Fire feat. Matthew Santos
12 – Hello Goodbye feat. Unkle
13 – Gotta Eat
14 – Dumb It Down feat. Gemini & Graham Burris
15 – The Die feat. Gemini
16 – Put You On Game
17 – Fighters feat. Matthew Santos
18 – Go Baby Go


Eve’s Album “Here I Am” Pushed Back To 2008 !

Based on previous interviews, the general feeling was that Eve’s work with Dr. Dre didn’t meet either of their standards, and led to an amicable split which landed her on Geffen instead of Aftermath. The self-proclaimed “pit bull in a skirt” explained the delays to Rolling Stone.
“…All Night Long is it exactly, I kind of want to keep it at that bar, which is why I’m going back in. I was very apprehensive about singing, just because it’s not something people have heard from me. It’s not me being Mary J. Blige or Alicia Keys, it’s more melodic rapping…”

Apparently Pharrell is partly to thank for the album’s change in direction. “Skateboard P” advised Eve to take a day off from recording after learning she was in a bad mood due to relationship trouble. She returned to find he had crafted “Look Who’s Single Now“, which she describes as “celebratory breakup song”.


Concert For Diana Set For DVD Release !

On July 1, 2007 at the new Wembley StadiumConcert For Diana” was staged in front of an audience of 62,000 and beamed to a worldwide TV audience of many hundreds of millions in over 140 countries. The concert, organised by Prince William and Prince Harry to celebrate the life of their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, on what would have been her 46th birthday proved to be a spectacular success featured a truly unique artist line-up, spanning a broad artistic spectrum from Pharrell Williams to the English National Ballet, with the criteria being that the artists invited were some of the favourites of the Princess and the Princes.

This resulted in an intoxicating blend of rock, pop, rap, classical and musical theatre. The 2 Disc DVD, filmed by Janet Fraser Crook, features all of the 21 memorable performances by many of the world’s greatest musicians with the UK TV viewing figure peaking at a massive 15 million. The entire concert, and many extra features, is captured on a 2 Disc DVD which released on November 13 from Hip-O/UMe.

Pharrell – Drop It Like It’s Hot & She Wants To Move


Gwen Stefani – Candyland feat. Pharrell (06′)

Here is Gwen Stefani’s Neptunes Track that didn’t make the final cut on “The Sweet Escape” of “The L.A.M.B. DVD (2006)” and some related tracks.
-> Gwen Stefani – Candyland feat. Pharrell (06′)

-> Jay-Z – Blue Magic feat. Pharrell (Live)

-> Rosco P. Coldchain – Welcome Back

N¤3¤R¤D Due April !

N¤E¤R¤D, the band form of production duo The Neptunes, will potentially be releasing their third album titled “N*3*R*D” next year due April. Having received critical acclaim for both of their prior releases, 2001’s ‘In Search Of’ (which won the esteemed US Shortlist Music Prize) and 2003’s ‘Fly Or Die’. Neptunes & N¤E¤R¤D front man Pharrell Williams indicates that this album could be the one that features the experimental sound that has turned The Neptunes from talented hip hop producers to genre bending artists.

Williams described the album as “a Red Bull with growth hormones in it,” and went on to say, Fly Or Die” was too consistent…That’s true. I’m known for being all over the place. This new album took a few years to make in terms of collecting the right records for it. Creating music at the keyboards is like going fishing. You fish for it every day. And you either get it or you don’t get it…sometimes I have to wait. We’re almost done with the album, we’re like one song away & we plan to release it next March or April. This Is what we do… It also has a lot to do with pretty girls.

The Bapy Brand !

Nigo has launched a brand specialy made for girls. The name is BAPY. The collection is very girlish as you probably guessed and a bit more classy than the BAPE series. Check It Out !

Pharrell Misses Out On Sean Kingston !

Like it or loathe it, Beautiful Girls has to be the catchiest tune of 2007, and has been a hit the world over. The song’s heavy rotation makes it seem like Sean Kingston has been around for ages. But there was a time when the teenager was struggling to get his music heard.

“I was basically just a young kid going to high school, trying to get my music out there and I felt like sending in demos wasn’t the best way to do it. I was on MySpace networking, trying to get my music out there. I was hitting up anybody who was anybody like Timbaland, Swizz Beats, Pharrell, all these big producers, just hitting them up like yo listen to my music, just give me a chance! The super-producers didn’t even reply to his messages. Those guys never replied, but then I ran across J.R’s Rotem page who I’m now signed to and who produced my album.

According to, a Kanye West/Madonna collaboration may appear on the Material Madonna’s next album. While Madge & Pharrell Williams were putting finishing touches to her album at Record Plant in Los Angeles, West was next door working on the new Michael Jackson album. Pharrell introduced Madonna to Kanye, Kanye to Madonna, and the rest may be music history.
Kelis Dumped From Jive !

After releasing just one album on Jive Records in 2006, R&B songstress Kelis has reportedly been dropped from the label. Over the course of her career Kelis has been bounced around on Pharrell Williams’ Star Trak imprint, from the label’s switch from Virgin to Arista, ending up on Jive through a Sony/BMG merger. According to Entertainment Weekly, the eclectic artist has been ousted from the label.

“It was a case of being in the ever-shrinking world of the record industry and finding herself on a label she wasn’t signed to and without a champion,” Kelis’ manager, Jeff Rabhan told EW. “She’s a different kind of artist – very image and style-driven. It’s either something you get or you don’t.”

The R&B singer’s 2003 album, Tasty, was certified gold, largely due to the hit “Milkshake.” But her latest effort, Kelis Was Here, didn’t go over so well in the U.S., even with big guest spots including her respected emcee husband, Nas. Though the disc debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard Charts, it barely sold 150,000 copies according to SoundScan. Kelis isn’t letting rejection from Jive slow her down. She’s in talks to host a “Project Runway“- like show on VH1, while also auditioning for various TV and film roles. As for the music, Kelis has been busy working on an indie dance record with Cee-Lo, a pop disc with Guy Chambers and she may be shopping for a new label home soon.

Philly’s Most Wanted !

There’s A Big Interview with Philly’s Most Wanted on, where they’re talking about working with The Neptunes & their Solo Projects.Let’s go back to 2001 when everyone was just finding out who the group Philly’s Most Wanted was. The group that included a baby-faced rapper named Boo-Bonic along with fellow rhyme slinger and childhood friend Mr. Man. With backing from Pharrell & singer Kelis singing the memorable hook on the lead single “Please Don’t Mind” the group could go nowhere but up. But as quickly as the public seen them come even quicker did they leave us. Two singles done and over “Please Don’t Mind” and “Cross the Border” and two albums released alongside a rocky label change Philly’s Most Wanted were no longer to be found. So what are they doing now?

Talking About How They Hook Up With Pharrell !

“…When we got signed to Atlantic there was the A&R his name was Rich. There was also this guy named Ashton Chambers who runs Ice Cream now, so he used to work for Nike so he had a connect with the Nike stuff so he gave it to Pharrell. I guess Pharrell was trying to sell beats to people at Atlantic at the time. So he was going over there meeting with Ashton to, so we kind of met “Pharrell” at the place, and Rich was with us, and Rich already knew him, and he was like, “I want you to work with my guys,” and he heard us spit and we spit acapella for like 45 minutes over and over. And after that it was a wrap…”

Philly’s Most Wanted – Please Don’t Mind feat. Andre Wilson (2001)
YouTube Preview Image

Talking About Why “Cross The Border” The Video Get Banned !

“…In the video “Cross The Border,” we run across the border, and we had a meeting with BET and they was just like, “We’re not supporting that video. Because it is a blatant drug smuggling video and song.” And he told us that way before the first single got hot. So like everybody, people in the street our fans like, “Oh, I can’t wait for y’all, y’all gonna do this, y’all gonna do that.” We already knew we wouldn’t gonna be able to do nothing because we didn’t have the video support from the studios…”

Talking About Their Comeback !

“…What I’m doin’ now is “Young, Rich & Famous” my Solo Project. M.J. got a single with Swizz Beatz and I got a single with Pharrell. We both got all kinds of records with everybody out there, such as Cool & Dre. Pharrell gave me three new beats for my solo project. Basically, we goin’ come sideways at ’em like that and wildstyle ’em…”

Philly’s Most Wanted – Cross The Border (2001)
(Appearances By Kelis & Latrelle)

YouTube Preview Image

-> Read The Whole Interview Here !

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Robin Thicke Postpones Tour !

Robin Thicke canceled his US tour at the last minute, because of a vocal ailment. “All tour dates must be rescheduled due to doctor-ordered vocal rest until the end of the year, Thank you for your understanding and support. “, said a Sunday (11/11) blog posting at his MySpace page. Thicke was scheduled to kick off the outing yesterday in Englewood, CO, and visit clubs and theaters from coast to coast through mid-December. There’s no word yet as to when the tour will be rescheduled.

Some Chester French News !

Named after the all-American sculptor Chester French, both grads enjoy innovative, refreshing music that captivates individuality. Although they could easily be mistaken for stereotypical depictions of upper class nerds who drink tea at noon, Chester French has recently signed a deal with Star Trak/Interscope making them label-mates to Snoop Dogg & Rosco P. Coldchain. With casual lavender sweaters and traditional “preppy” apparel, the two are not hard to separate from any other two students on a Harvard campus- yet they’ve managed to get almost every major Hip Hop producer on their side.

They are currently in the studio finishing up the last few tracks of their album in Los Angeles with The Neptunes, Kanye West, Jermaine Dupri & Kenna. “We’re coming from the studio now, we’ve been working all day. Luckily we have this opportunity to focus on music exclusively, right at the same time we finished college, I got heavily into music when I was like five, so I guess I can’t really comment. It’s been crazy because we’ve been completely unknown. We weren’t even playing for two years, then we went into going underground…people weren’t hearing the music we were making or we weren’t playing any shows or anything…Our career so far, has been us trying to cook up some classic sh*t completely under the radar, we were completely underground…like in the basement,” D.A. follows up by saying, “We’re about to drop some major bombs.”


Some News About Clipse !

After a 4 year hiatus and disappointing numbers on their sophomore album “Hell Hath No Fury(194,000) the Virginia duo Clipse have signed with Columbia Records in a joint venture with their label imprint “Re Up Records“.Along with the new deal, Clipse fans should expect Re-Up Gang’s We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3, as well as the first Clipse album not produced by The Neptunes.

According to Pusha, the deal is worth about 1.8 million with bonus options and the right to retain the masters for anything done under their imprint, “Re Up Records“, anything under the Clipse however, is the property of the label. When asked if the deal with Rick Rubin & Columbia Records put a strain on the relationship of the Virginia duo and Pharell, Malice said…

“…I think that we have a certain etiquette that we’ve always followed as friends and as business partners. You don’t have expectations of people. This whole industry is madness. If something went wrong, I couldn’t blame Pharrell. Nobody don’t care about your hardships. People just wanna see a victory. It ain’t even about friendship, Neptunes, or Star Trak. This is real people with real families tryin’ to provide a better life and that’s what it’s about…”

“…I think we made definite classic albums with The Neptunes. I’ll miss The Neptunes, but creatively we have to grow. I’m extremely happy about the music that we have now. It’s helped me, because I’ve never had to sit down with 50 beats and do the tedious work of trying to find the one beat. At the end of the day we’re still gonna be doing music with The Neptunes as well…”

Pharrell Dishes On Britney !

Producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams, who wrote Blackout’s most ballad-y number, “Why Should I Be Sad,” recently revealed to OK! that writing a song about the poptastrophe’s life was easy-breezy — he just read about her in the papers. “I basically just read clippings,” admits Williams. “I thought it’d be funny to take everything people were saying about her and turn it into a song.”Why Should I Be Sad” is a sardonic take on the dissolution of Brit-Brit’s marriage to Kevin “K-Fed” Federline & mentions her supporting his Vegas habit and his alleged dalliances with other women.

The Hives’ Black & White Review !

Simply put — and in keeping with the whole pigmentation theme — this is the Swedish garage-rockers’ most colourful disc. On these 14 tracks, Howlin’ Pelle Almqvuist and his crew expand their sonic and stylistic palette with gleeful abandon. They flirt with hip-hop, funk, Motown soul & old-school new wave. They add plenty of keyboards to their guitar-based sound. And they mix it up with unlikely cohorts such as Neptunes freakmaster Pharrell Williams.

Well All Right! 3:29

Here’s where it gets interesting. Produced by Pharrell, this bouncy soul-popper opens with a Motownish, Can’t Hurry Love groove, then takes a hard left into a weirdly creepy waltz.

T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S. 3:38

Pharrell helps the boys get their Chic on with a ’70s funk groove, a one-finger guitar lick, falsetto vocals from Pelle and a robotic spelling-bee chorus.

Facing The Gun !

There Is a new Kenna Interview on

Produced entirely by Chad Hugo, the album was almost universally well-received by the press and the relatively few people who actually heard it. The album is finally out and with the continued rise of The Neptunes and the increased attention from the mainstream media, one might expect that things will go better this time around. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t, but for better or for worse, Kenna doesn’t particularly care. He’s happy with the music and hopes you will be too; nothing else really matters.

Kenna Speaking About The Album Delays & The Video Shots !

“…when people care about you, they push the date because they want it to be successful, because they care about it and the want it to happen. I’m lucky enough, and it’s a weird thing to say that the delays are because my labels “Star Trak/Interscope” want for me to be successful…” “…we did the video, and it wasn’t what we needed or what we expected. It took a lot of time to get to the point where we realized it wasn’t gonna work out and shot a new one…”

Kenna Speaking About The New Label Star Trak/Interscope !

“…Interscope was always the right home for me. I went there before, but it was just a debacle, but in this case, it’s family. Pharrell & Chad have know me forever, they know me creatively, and they know my world. They know I’m critical, and that I think that I’m creating things for the future. They look to the future because that’s where they wanna live. It fits well together…”

Kenna Speaking About Why He Didn’t Get Signed Before On Star Trak !

“… you want to come up on your own and not ride shirttails. My boys are doing well, so I don’t wanna just get on the bandwagon. I like to go about it by myself and have my hustle and figure out what I want to accomplish. At a certain point, not based on sales or financial success, but based on the creativity of my peers, we can look at each other and see I’ve got a spot on my shelf…”

Kenna Speaking About The Album Title !

“…before I even started that album, and it was six conversations, annoyingly at eleven o’clock in the morning every single day. It was the first thing Pharrell thought of in the morning like, “Yo, Kenna? You need to make sure they see your face, Kenna…”

Kenna Talking About Working With Pharrell JT & ?uestlove !

“… It’s not much different. Pharrell knows how I work with Chad and he just added to it. He knows he can come with his elements, and I’ll come with my elements and write my own thing and we’ll work it out together. It’s a real collaboration between him and I, because he respects me and I respect him and the visions that he has. He’s usually reaching into an oblivion that I don’t know about, and I’m happy to take that on board because to a certain extent, he knows that I’m reaching into something that he can’t get to…”

“…That’s what “Say Goodbye To Love” & “Loose Wires” are about – a real meshing of our worlds. It turned out so great and he provided an element that was missing to that album. JT & ?uestlove are friends as well so it doesn’t take a lot for them to be on my records. I don’t really count on their…like I said with the other thing, I don’t ride shirttails. I ask people to be part of my projects for specific reasons – because I believe they can add something specific to what I’m creating, not because it’ll add to my marketing. Though… that is the [way it works], isn’t it? Still, I’m just not that kid at the end of the day. I wanna make great sh*t and just be surprised when everyone loves it as much as I do…”

-> Read The Whole Interview Here !

The Make Sure They See My Face Project !
– Baptized In Blacklight (C.Hugo)
– Be Still (C.Hugo)
– Better Wise Up (C.Hugo)
– Big Lights (Neptunes)
– Black Goodbye Ride (C.Hugo)
– Blink Radio feat. Malcolm Gladwell (Interlude) (Neptunes)
– Daylight (C.Hugo)
– Face The Gun (C.Hugo)
– Down (Neptunes)
– Good Luck (Interlude) (C.Hugo)
– In The Shadows (C.Hugo)
– Live & Flow (C.Hugo)
– Loose Wires (Neptunes)
– Make Sure They See My Face (C.Hugo)
– Mind At Case (C.Hugo)
– My Religion (C.Hugo)
– Never Let Me Down (C.Hugo)
– Out Of Control (C.Hugo)
– Phantom Always feat. Justin Timberlake (C.Hugo)
– Rearview (C.Hugo)
– Rocaway Life feat. Justin Timberlake (C.Hugo)
– Say Goodbye To Love (feat. Pharrell) (Neptunes)
– Say Goodbye To Love (Neptunes)
– Stings & Hurts (C.Hugo)
– Static (C.Hugo)
– Sun Red Sky Blue (C.Hugo)
– The Deafest 1s feat. Nas (C.Hugo)
– What If The Sky (Main) (C.Hugo)
– Wide Awake (C.Hugo)
– Untitled feat. Tom Morello (Rage Against The Mashine) (C.Hugo)
– Untitled feat. Mike Shinoda (M.Shinoda)
– Untitled (M.Shinoda)

Chad Hugo Didn’t Make The Final Cut !

We all know that Chad Hugo collaborated with Alicia Keys early this year for her new album “As I Am“, but according to the Credits Chad Hugo Didn’t make the final cut !

Alicia Keys – As I Am (2007) 

01. As I Am (Intro)
02. Go Ahead (A. Keys, K. Brothers, M. Batson, M. Ambrosius)
03. Superwoman (A. Keys, L. Perry, S. Moysten)
04. No One (A. Keys, K. Brothers, G. Harry)
05. Like You’ll Never See Me Again (A. Keys, K. Brothers)
06. Lesson Learned feat. John Mayer ( A. Keys, J. Mayer)
07. Wreckless Love (A. Keys, H. Lily, J. Splash)
08. The Thing About Love (A. Keys, L. Perry)
09. Teenage Love Affair (Lily, Splash, Bridges, Hampton, Nixon)
10. I Need You (A. Keys, M. Batson, H. Lily, P. Green)
11. Where Do We Go From Here (Krucial, Lily, Rierson, Cross)
12. Prelude To A Kiss
13. Tell You Something (Nana’s Reprise) (Krucial, Green, Moysten)
14. Sure Looks Good To Me (A. Keys, L. Perry)


Skateboarding Rolls Out Of The Suburbs !

By infiltrating hip-hop music and urban fashion, the sport has found new popularity among a black demographic that traditionally regarded skating with apprehension, if not scorn. Over the last two decades, the sport shifted away from ramp-based vert skating to street skating, a variation that made use of urban structures like stairways, curbs and railings.

The original “Skateboard P” is Pharrell Williams, the rapper and producer. In the 2002 video for “Rock Star,” a song by his group N¤E¤R¤D., Pharrell wore a T-shirt emblazoned with a logo from Shorty’s, a Santa Barbara, Calif., Skate Shop, and performed atop a ramp as skaters careered past him.

I was rapping and it was getting me nowhere, so I went back to my roots. When I’m with rappers in the studio, they say, ‘I used to skate, too, I can only just say I was one of the ones that was willing to speak up about it.”

Don’t Call Them Indie: Chester French !

By Molly Housel

D. A. Wallach & Maxwell Drummey both 21, are two guys who just recently graduated from Harvard (with degrees in social anthropology & African-American history, respectively) but they’ve have actually been writing and producing on their own for the past three years, and who have joined forces to become Chester French. The group writes and produces their own brand of pop music that is gaining much worthy attention in the entertainment industry. Their song “She Loves Everybody” was featured over the end credits of the HBO series, “Entourage”.

Greater still, they have also been signed to Star Trak Entertainment, Pharrell Williams’ music label. The duo has managed to successfully blend hip-hop and pop to create a fresh and enjoyable sound that really seizes the listener. Wallach is the bands lead singer, and Drummey handles most of the instruments that you hear in their songs. I first heard this group in early June, and what impressed me the most was the fact that these guys are writing/producing/singing their own music. Each track goes left from the previous, the production is seamless, and most of all it just leaves you wanting more. As of now, the only place to hear their songs is on their MySpace page (their official site is still under construction). However, there are a few unreleased tracks floating around on the Internet. Stand out tracks include, “She Loves Everybody”, “The Jimmy Choo’s” & “C’mon (On My Own)”. Look out for their forthcoming debut album, “Love The Future” due Spring 2008

Chester French on Entertainment Weekly!

Chester French’s Muzikka ! 

-> Chester French – Beneath The Veil

-> Chester French – People

-> Chester French – She Loves Everybody

-> Chester French – The Jimmy Choo’s

-> Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss feat. Pharrell (Chester French Remix)

-> Slim Thug – I Ain’t Heard Of That feat. Bun. B. (Chester French Remix)

This Wednesday OST (2008)

Robin Thicke is set to compose several tracks for the upcoming drama production “This Wednesday“. This film, directed by Christine Crokos, is in pre-production and has a release date set for sometime in 2008. This movie centers around a pimp’s daughter struggling to leave the prostitue’s life.

Here Is a old Vibe Magazine Interview of Lil’ Wayne talking about Thicke
Weezy: Some people can’t sing and can just use their voice very uniquely. I was watching these clips on E! of the worst people singing the National Anthem and what’s the dudes name from that rock group, the n@#$% with the big lips?
Vibe: Steven Tyler. Weezy: Steven Tyler? That’s the n@#$% with the big lips? That n@#$%’s like the worst ever! The secret – WHITE PEOPLE
Vibe: He’s the only one?
Weezy: I know they got more but I don’t feel like thinking right
now. I just… I don’t care – fuck them!

Fam-Lay – Dat Missile (2008)

Producers: The Neptunes, Shawty Red, David Banner, DJ Toomp
Guests: Three 6 Mafia, Pharrell, David Banner, Clipse, T. I., Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Ludacris, Young Buck, Mike Jones

Confirmed Tracks
– How You Wanna Carry It (DJToomp)
– Da Beeper Record feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
– Head Bust feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
– Ten Toes Down feat. Jazze Pha & (DavidBanner)
– Mr. Treatcha Nose (Neptunes)
– Billionaire Thug
– You N’ A Instant
– Pimp Playa

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