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December 2007

Happy new year!

Hello there,

I wish to every Neptunes Fan a very happy 2008 new year, year of N3RD… Let’s hope it will come out on time.

Teyana Taylor

‘Sup everyone? I Finally got my account working. This is just a short/quick post to test. i apologise in advance if there’s any mistakes 

Teyana Taylor

The new single from Teyana Taylor has finally leaked in full. Produced by & featuring Jazze Pha. Teyana has also recently been in Atlanta recording a new single with songwriter/producers The Clutch (Balewa Muhammad, Keri Hilson, Ezekiel Lewis, J. Que & Candice Nelson)

-> Teyana Taylor -Google Me Baby feat. (JazzePha)

Merry Christmas Everyone !

What’s Up People ! Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year To Everyone !
Here Is A Lil’ Present From Me To Y’all. I Hope Y’all Like It !
-> Vanessa Marquez – If You Keep On Askin’ (02’) (Neptunes) (MP3)

Allright, since i leaked the Vanessa Marquez record, Vanessa has put it on her myspace site saying it’s a “TO BE ANNOUNCED” record coming 2008 and it’s produced by J.R., well.. i was getting that record from the studio back in 2003 and they said it’s produced by Chad Hugo with J.R. on the vocals, It’s not even the final version but I don’t know why Vanessa Marquez gives credits to J.R.

Happy Holidays By Pharrell !
YouTube Preview Image

Kenna Confrontmagazine Interview !

Speaking Of Music !

kenna.jpg“…I never took lessons; you know what I did is I just, I really…I tell this to people who ask, you know, if they want to sing but they don’t feel like they have a great voice—because I really even now have a pretty mediocre voice. I’m learning how to sing even now. But I studied everyone. I listened to every Sam Cooke record I could, every Marvin Gaye record, Stevie Wonder, and I listened to every Police album and every U2 record, every Talking Heads. Joshua Tree’ was the first album I ever really listened to, from front to back and it’s an album that represents a journey; you know? And it’s the journey of the search for truth. I’m a big ‘Op Art’ type of fan. I’m really into Basquiat and Warhol and the irony of that kind of art. First album ever purchased was U2’s the Joshua Tree and the last one was Kings Of Leon…”

Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz – What’s That Sound (VLS) (2000)

lord-tariq-peter-gunz.jpgWe finally got our hands on the Rare Vinyl of What’s That Sound by Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz thanks to DJ Ovadose aka O.D. for the Rip, but we still need that What’s That Sound (Remix) feat. Angie Martinez.

->What’s That Sound (VLS) (2000)

01 – What’s That Sound (Original Clean Mix)
02 – What’s That Sound (Original Xtra Clean Mix)
03 – What’s That Sound (Original Street Mix)
04 – What’s That Sound (N.Y.C. Clean Mix)
05 – What’s That Sound (N.Y.C. Street Mix)
06 – What’s That Sound (Instrumental)

*What’s That Sound feat. Angie Martinez (Remix)

Natasha Ramos & Ab Liva have been featured on the new Tangled Thoughts album called Philly 2 Cali !

-> Tangled Thoughts – Chedda Chasin’ feat. Ab Liva (MP3)

-> Tangled Thoughts – Take U Home feat. Natasha Ramos (MP3)

Here Is Sergio Veneno’s Neptunes collaboration ripped from the XBAR in NY for his upcoming album and his Mixtape “I Can Get It For You

Sergio Veneno @ XBAR
YouTube Preview Image

-> Sergio Veneno – I Can Get It 4 U feat. Pharrell (Live @ XBAR) (MP3)

-> Sergio Veneno – I Can Get It For You Mixtape Vol 1 (2007)
(There Are No Neptunes Tracks On The Mixtape)

01 – Todo Latinos
02 – Q Lo Q
03 – Traffico feat. Noreaga
04 – Noche De Guerra
05 – Meneate
06 – Soy Un Gangsta feat. Noreaga
07 – Criminal
08 – La Hara
09 – Honry
10 – Te Johdiste
11 – The Movement
12 – Hablame De Ti
13 – Tranaslation
14 – D.R. 2 P.R.
15 – That’s It That’s Right Ma
16 – Hop On My Dirty feat. Fabolous
17 – Toma

9th Wonder Is Talking About Pharrell ! patrick-douthit.jpg

“…I’ve always been a fan of Pharrell, and I like Danjahandz a lot too. I like a lot of producers, because they don’t do what I do. I like them to do them. And I’ve found out through the grapevine and what DJ Toomp has said about me, and what other producers have said about me is that they like me to be me. If I listen to 9th I want 9th to do 9th, that’s why I listen to 9th. Right? “I don’t want 9th to do me, and I’m not going to do 9th.” Know what I’m saying?…”

“…I met Pharrell one time in Miami, and it was my first time ever meeting him. He didn’t know who I was, then I told him and he was like: “Man I love your stuff” “Like; I love it!” “I love your stuff!” And that meant a lot to me because I don’t have to appease anybody else, know what I’m saying. Especially a producer like Pharrell, he me loves me for me, and likewise. I wanna hear those electronic sounds, and him singing. I wanna hear that from Pharrell. I wanna hear him grow, because every producer has to grow, but I still want to hear him in that lane, know what I’m saying. That’s what I like…”

Lupe Talks About CRS On SOHH !

child-rebel-soldiers.jpg“…We had the one record, The US Placers record with Tom Yorke. We’re about, like, no songs deep. One song deep, a lot of ideas, a lot of conversations about how we want to roll out

and what we want it to look like, what we want it to feel like. So we’re in discussion right now but hopefully end of 08, we’ll have something proper…”


According To, Clipse are already planning to drop their Re-Up Gang Album in march 2008.


Mary J. Blige’s Growning Pains Review !
“…most tracks find her looking to the distant past – not last week’s charts – for inspiration, from the ’80s keyboard hook that fuels first single Just Fine to the slinky Chic guitar and matching bass of the Pharrell-produced Till The Morning, easily the album’s most infectious track…”


Sean Garrett Plans Solo Debut !

sean-garrett.jpgSinger/Songwriter/Producer Sean “The Pen” Garrett will release his as-yet-untitled solo debut later next year via a deal with Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine’s Bet I Penned It Music. Akon, The Neptunes & Timbaland are among the big names confirmed to lend their productions.

“…The album is a combination of love songs, true-to-life songs and great radio hits. I’m giving people something they can party to as well as songs that makes them think about something they are going through. It’s going to be 11 or 12 songs people can completely relate to…”

Garrett, who’s written and produced for the likes of Beyonce, Nelly, Fergie, Gwen Stefani and R. Kelly, will be the first artist to release an album on Iovine’s new label.

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