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October 2008

Common Live in Atlanta

Check out this Common performance from Atlanta where he performed Punch Drunk Love & Sex 4 Sugar among other tracks.

BCTV: Common Live in Atlanta at the 595 north from Broccolicity TV on Vimeo.

Common – Punch Drunk Love (Live)

Common – Sex 4 Sugar (Live)

Chester French CMJ Tour Diary On Episode 2

“Something Else” Droppes To #26

Robin Thicke takes a huge dip to No. 26 this week selling 16,200 units of Something Else. Following-up his platinum selling The Evolution Of Robin Thicke, Thicke’s latest release continues its steady pace with 218,100 copies sold.

Chester French – Erection

New song off their Upcoming album “Love The Future” Due February

Fall Out Boy’s Neptunes Track Revealed, Album Pushed Back “Dec. 16th”

It’s been bumped from an original release on November 4 to December 16 — not, apparently, to accommodate Wentz’s bonding time with his firstborn but because the deliberate clash with US election day was deemed twee in hindsight. ‘‘I perceived it as a gimmick, a cute thing,” Wentz says. ‘‘We were going to make ‘Vote for Fall Out Boy’ T-shirts. But that seemed a bit cheap. So we decided to push it back. Our label wanted it out next year, we wanted it out this year, so now it’s out two weeks before Christmas. We’ll see how it goes. The election is more important than our record. If our record suffers for that, that’s OK.” The move has caused huge drama in Fall Out Boy land, upsetting eager fans and messing with their record company’s lucrative pre-Christmas release schedule.

Lil’ Wayne isn’t the only hip hop identity on Folie. Rumoured guest Kanye West was too busy working on his new record but the band have written and produced a song W.A.M.S. with Pharrell Williams. ‘‘High school and celebrity are not that far removed,” Wentz explains. ‘‘The uncool kids are still uncool and Pharrell is one of those people who can make the uncool so cool it’s unbelievable. He did that. He’s a like-minded soul. It’s definitely a Fall Out Boy song with that Pharrell spice on it.” Wentz says Fall Out Boy learnt a lot from the way Williams rolls. ‘‘For starters you don’t have to get up at 10am to start working. Pharrell thinks outside the box. It’s not white, it’s not black, it’s not hip hop, it’s not rock. It’s this world he has created for himself. He’s a tastemaker, the frontman of this snowball of ideas.” They wrote their song while watching Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in August. ‘‘You can’t beat that,” Wentz says. ‘‘It was strange watching Pharrell watching the speech. One day I’ll tell my grandkids about this. Maybe.”

Fall Out Boy – Folie A Deux (2008) (December 9th)
01 – Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes
02 – I Don’t Care
03 – She’s My Winona
04 – America’s Suitehearts
05 – Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet
06 – The (Shipped) Gold Standard
07 – Coffee’s For Closers
08 – What A Catch, Donnie
09 – 27
10 – Tiffany Blews
11 – W.A.M.S. (Neptunes)
12 – 20 Dollar Nose Bleed
13 – West Coast Smoker

John Legend’s “Aim High” On Deluxe Edition ?

Back in February, Legend invited people to hang out with him at a recording studio in Atlanta, where he gave an exclusive preview of several tracks that suggested Evolver was shaping up to be a decidedly sexier album for the soulful singer-songwriter. But as it turns out, many of those songs — including seductive grooves produced by Rich Harrison (“The Only One“) and Pharrell Williams (“Aim High“) — didn’t make the final cut. “We ended up doing so many new songs that things got bumped,” says KawanKPPrather, who co-produced Evolver with Legend. “It just came down to what made the best body of work.” So, will fans ever get to hear any of those fabulous unreleased tracks, perhaps on a Deluxe Edition of Evolver to be released at a later date? “If that were to be the case,” says KP, whose production credits on the album include the current single, “Green Light,” featuring André 3000, “we have the material all ready to go.”

N¤E¤R¤D On Jimmy Kimmel

N¤E¤R¤D will be performing in Los Angeles on Friday October 31st (Halloween Night) at the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Coldplay & Jay-Z – Viva La Hova (2008)

Check out this Blend of Jigga’sExcuse Me Miss” off
Coldplay & Jay-Z – Viva La Hova (2008) blended by Judah.

Coldplay & Jay-Z – Miss Trouble (Excuse  Me Miss)

More News About “Universal Mind Control” Credits

Here is the official tracklist of Common’sUniversal Mind Control” and some more infos about the album such as “Punch Drunk Love” now features Kanye West spitting the catchy chorus “Am I crazy, or was you giving me the eye? (aka The Eye)” “Sex 4 Sugar,” which Common previously described as a conversation with a dancer, now has faster drums, and “Everywhere,” which was formerly called “Runaway” and set to feature Santogold, now sports a dreamy layered chorus, sans Santogold, over a guitar riff similar to Pat Benatar’sLove Is A Battlefield.” The album’s production is still split between The Neptunes and Outkast cohort Mr. DJ. The ten-song disc (with a potential bonus cut in the form of a remix to “Punch Crunk Love”) finds Common going for a more fun vibe after realizing that his own DJ didn’t have any Common songs to play in the club. While those that have heard the singles may be bracing themselves for Electric Circus part 2, Common is quick to stress that while he still loves that album, he’s going for something entirely different.

He was quick to say that he “would never repeat an album I did before” and believes Universal Mind Control to be far more accessible and while “The Eye” has become “Punch Drunk Love” due to Kanye insisting that he get on the track, the original version is now being called the Remix and Com wants to included it on the record as well as a bonus cut. “Inhale.” It’s a classic strings/synths Neptunes beat and includes Chad scratching a sample from Tribe’sSucka Nigga.” The next video may end up being “Gladiator” record, but there’s a treatment for “Changes” (prod. Mr DJ) floating around as well. Common wants to shoot plenty of videos for the album to match its visual aethetic and thanks to his increasingly successful movie career, he feels more freedom than ever to explore the potential for his music.  If this is what we get as a result of his acting, then here’s hoping Terminator 4 opens huge. Thanks To 30th Century Man.

Common – Universal Mind Control (2008) (December 9th)
01 – Universal Mind Control feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
02 – Punch Drunk Love (aka The Eye) feat. Kanye West (Neptunes)
03 – Make My Day feat. Cee-Lo (Mr. DJ)
04 – Sex 4 Sugar (aka Party Shit) feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
05 – Announcement feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
06 – Gladiator feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
07 – Changes (Mr. DJ)
08 – Inhale (Neptunes)
09 – What A World feat. Chester French (Neptunes)
10 – Everywhere feat. Santogold (aka Runaway) (Mr. DJ)
11 – Punch Drunk Love (aka The Eye) feat. Pharrell (Remix) (Bonus) (Neptunes)

– Dreaming (Mr. DJ)

Solange – I Decided feat. Snoop Dogg (Official Remix)

Here is Solange’s Official remix to “I Decided” featuring Snoop Dogg remixed by Eric Hudson.
Solange – I Decided feat. Snoop Dogg (Eric Hudson Remix)

B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards With N¤E¤R¤D

N¤E¤R¤D, Common, Lil’ Wayne & Swizz Beatz – UMC & Spaz (Live At B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards)
Just look at this performance, sick.

Mos Def’s “Ecstatic” Pushed Back To February

Mos Def will release his Downtown debut, “The Ecstatic,” on Feb. 9, can reveal. The first single, “Life In Marvelous Times,” will hit iTunes as an exclusive on Nov. 4. The veteran rapper’s last album, “Tru3 Magic,” barely made a ripple upon its late 2006 release via Geffen and has sold just 93,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Its predecessor, 2004’sThe New Danger,” has sold 484,000. Mos Def will be on the road starting Oct. 31 in Prague with the European installment of the Rock The Bells tour, alongside Nas, De La Soul, EPMD and the Pharcyde, among others. On the acting front, the artist plays Chuck Berry in the film “Cadillac Records,” due Dec. 5 in U.S. theaters.

Mos Def – Twillight Speedball (Live) (Chad Hugo)

Harvard Duo Chester French Excels In Pop 101

Harvard kids aren’t supposed to be as cool as Max Drummey and David-Andrew Wallach. But recent Harvard grads Drummey and Wallach are marrying socialites, chillin’ with hip-hop moguls and getting press for their rock chops – even though their band, Chester French, has yet to release a record. While classmates were cramming for the MCAT, Drummey, 24, and Wallach, 23, were finishing their debut album – due early next year for Pharrell Williams’ Interscope Records imprint Star Trak Entertainment. Oh, and Drummey was wooing Paris-ite Peaches Geldof, daughter of Sir Bob Geldof. The happy-for-now couple wed at Vegas’ Little White Chapel in August. It’s easy for the music of Chester French – who open for Matisyahu and Flobots at the Orpheum Wednesday – to get lost in all the hype. Especially when there isn’t any music to keep track of.

“The tough part is that there hasn’t been any music for people to talk about,” said Wallach from New York, where the band was playing a showcase at the CMJ Music Festival. “That’s not something that I’m glad about. But it’s been great to get people interested and pique their curiosity. As much as there is a little hype, there’s still that moment of truth when people hear the music.” How good is the music? The best – and just about only – place to find out short of going to a show is Chester French’s MySpace Page. The duo’s four streaming tunes feature glossy synth pop with obvious ’60s references. Or as Pharrell labeled the group: Beatlesque with hints of Motown. It’s an evaluation that Wallach, who met Drummey freshman year in the dinning hall, sheepishly agrees with.

“It’s not a bad assessment, but we’re not as good as that,” he said. “But obviously, we couldn’t ask to be compared to anything better.” Whatever you think of Chester French’s music, it’s adored by tastemaker Pharrell, who’s best known for his production team The Neptunes and his band N¤E¤R¤D. Before signing with Pharrell, the pair was heavily courted by Kanye West and So So Def Records label chief Jermaine Dupri. Now, after touring with N¤E¤R¤D, working on Common’s new album and chatting with Diddy about a future project, the group is on a national tour with Matisyahu and Flobots. Somehow, without having a trace of hip-hop in their sound, Chester French have become super-chummy with the genre’s elite.

But hype can backfire. Chester French’s CMJ show was slammed by the indie crowd on message boards and blogs. Fortunately, Matisyahu’s fan base isn’t one that cares about the hype: a nice audience to face after the hipster vultures tear into you. “The worst is that when something is hyped and you go to see it and it’s like the emperor’s new clothes,” said Wallach. “Our goal with any publicity is to sell ourselves a little short. We want people to hear the record or see us live and actually be surprised that it’s good and that we work hard. We want people to see this is not some side project to some kind of paparazzi mission.”

Pharrell Imitates Nardwuar

Nardwuar & N¤E¤R¤D

Robin Thicke Nominated For Grammy

The 2009 Grammy Submission List was leaked today and Robin has been submitted for eight possible nominations, here are the categories thanks to Newbie.

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance – Magic
Best R&B Performance By Duo Or Group – Things You Make Me Do
Best R&B Song – Magic
Best R&B Album – Something Else
Album Of The Year – Something Else
Record Of The Year – Magic
Song Of The Year – Magic
Best Short Form Video – Magic

Chester French Tour Canceled

As some of you may’ve noticed, we’ve had to cancel some tour dates in October and November. We apologize and thank you for your understanding and we hope to be through a town near you in the very near future. There was some speculation about why we canceled our shows, so we decided to clear the air. Our dates opening for Matisyahu (10/15 – 10/30) and solo shows in the UK (10/31 – 11/8) were canceled because Max was recommended he take a break due to illness. Thanks for understanding, everyone…

Chester French

Jay-Z Reached Out To Pharrell To Work On The Blueprint 3

It doesn’t look like Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 is coming out this year. There still hasn’t been a video for “Jockin’ Jay-Z (Dope Boy Fresh).” Matter of fact, there hasn’t been a word about the album in weeks, except that Hov is working on it. The only confirmed information is that Jay and Kanye West have done a bunch of tracks together, and the early talk was that Kanye would be the only producer on the album. That is looking more unlikely now. We’ve been hearing a bunch of rumors about other producers Jay is collaborating with (who shall remain nameless — we don’t do rumors, just facts). But one of those guys spoke to us recently: None other than Pharrell Williams, one of Jigga’s main go-to guys. “Of course,” he said when asked whether Jay had called him to work on Blueprint 3. He then took a long pause before refusing to divulge any more info. “He don’t like for you to say so much.” Williams is working with a lot of artists he can talk about right now. We were in the studio with him recently in Atlanta and had a sneak preview of some beats he did for Diddy and the Clipse. One Puff track that really stuck out has the potential to be huge if Diddy does it right. “Puff’s album is crazy,” Williams promised. “Y’all should know that. It’s pretty serious. It’s innovative. “[Lil] Wayne and I had an interesting conversation,” he added about his slate of production work. “We just did Fall Out Boy. We did Cassie, Jadakiss, going in with Fab[olous]. … I can’t think. It’s a bunch of stuff.”

Chester French – She Loves Everybody EP Due November 11th

Chester French EP is coming on November 11th with remixes by The Neptunes, Steve Aoki & others.
She-Loves-EverybodyOrder It Now !

Clipse & The Neptunes In The Studio

The Smirnoff Experience

Capitale on New York’s Bowery played host to a truly unique hip-hop show on Tuesday October 7th, as The Smirnoff Experience show hit town with an all-star lineup featuring original collaborations between Nas, N¤E¤R¤D, Spank Rock, Grandmaster Flash, Buckshot, Dizzee Rascal, and a surprise appearance from Kelis. Smirnoff Experience has visited Moscow, Shanghai and Paris this past year, each time putting on unique musical collaborations in stunning venues, with specially designed cocktails and bars. Next stop was New York, which proved no exception: N¤E¤R¤D were joined on stage by Spank Rock, Dizzee Rascal and Nas during the special 90 minute collaborative set which celebrated the past, present and future of hip-hop. Inside Capitale, special bars played tribute to the birth of hip-hop, New York’s nightlife tradition, the cocktail revolution and the original events Smirnoff have been staging over the past year. Special drinks included a basil-flavoured Smirnoff Martini, and The Fourth Element which mixed Smirnoff Black Cherry with a fresh lemonade.

A huge stage had been installed at the venue, behind which were two giant screens and a series of Smirnoff logos floating in the air over the performers’ heads. The event was being filmed for TV and online, with six cameras including a crane that swept over the audience. Grandmaster Flash was the first big name up, with an hour-long DJ set. Buckshot followed appearing for two tracks, before Baltimore’s Devlin and Darko DJ’d for around two hours. The pace stepped up when Spank Rock took the stage in the guise of MC Naeem with special guest Amanda Blank. This being a hip-hop show, naturally N¤E¤R¤D were late taking the stage. Emcee Sway kept the crowd informed as N¤E¤R¤D tried to tear themselves away from catching up with the huge number of hip-hop’s finest who were in the artists’ area upstairs. The band then exploded onto the stage with Rockstar, before Pharrell started working the crowd.

He asked if anyone was following what was happening on Wall Street, before dedicating the next song to all those who work in finance and singing “Sooner Or Later it all comes crashing down” from the track ‘Sooner Or Later’ on their recent album ‘Seeing Sounds’. Halfway through ‘Lapdance’ the uniquely original collaborations started to unfold, UK hip-hop star and recent #1 artist Dizzee Rascal took to the stage, singing the third verse of the song before being joined by Pharrell on the chorus. Next up was Spank Rock with Naeem joining the band to perform. The biggest moment of the night, however, came at the end of N¤E¤R¤D’s set when the band played along with Green Lantern as Nas, supported by Pharrell and Chad, performed Nas’ classic track ‘Made You Look’. If that was the icing on the cake, what came next was truly the cherry on top as Nas was joined by his wife Kelis in a very public quashing of recent rumours about their marriage for a performance of ‘If I Ruled the World’. By this point the show had over run, but the crowd was still packed in and calling for more.


Nas & N¤E¤R¤D – Made You Look ( Live At Smirnoff Experience)

Robin Thicke On BETTER

Chester French CMJ Tour Diary

Q-Tip – The Renaissance (2008)

new album leaked but The Neptunes didn’t make it on the album.

Q-Tip – The Renaissance (2008)
01 – Johnny Is Dead
02 – Won’t Trade
03 – Getting’ Up
04 – Official
05 – You
06 – We Fight/Love feat. Raphael Saadiq
07 – ManWomanBoggie feat. Amanda Diva
08 – Move
09 – Dance On Glass
10 – Life Is Better feat. Norah Jones
11 – Believe feat. D’ Angelo
12 – Shaka

Pharrell Collaborates With The BMX Brooklyn Machine Works & Marc Newson

“I just did jewelry with Camille Miceli and Marc Jacobs from Louis Vuitton. That just hit the stores. I marc-newson.jpgjust did a chair with Domeau & Pérès. It’s cool, a little pricey though—like three G’s. I think that’s going to come in spring. And a sick, sick, sick, stupid, retarded collaboration with Brooklyn Machine Works. We did one for Barneys, a BBC x Brooklyn joint with another company I can’t tell you. Marc Newson and I are gonna do something together too, but I can’t talk about it.

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