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February 2009

Nas Confirms Kelis’ Pregnancy

is about to be a dad again. It’s official. The masterful MC told MTV on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards that he and wife Kelis are expecting their first child together. The couple will know the baby’s sex in a matter of days. “Yeah, man, I find out what it’s gonna be next week, so I’m happy,” said the rapper, who has a 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. “I got another one coming in ’09, yeah! That’s what’s up!”


Snoop Dogg’s New Album “Malice In Wonderland” With The Neptunes To Be Released Via MTV

and Snoop Dogg announced on Tuesday (February 10) a global deal that will bring the entertainers’ personality to television in a new variety talk show, “Dogg After Dark” — which premieres Tuesday, February 17, at 9 p.m. ET/PT — and music to fans with a new album release and via the video game “Rock Band.” Coming on the heels of the announcement that Snoop is no longer with Geffen/ Interscope, the MC’s deal with MTV will let loose Snoop Dogg’s upcoming album, Malice In Wonderland, (Due September) with global distribution, marketing and promotion. The album’s musical guests include Dr. Dre, Pharrell Williams and Lalo Shifrin, and it’s scheduled to be released later this year.


Robin Thicke – Dreamworld (Video Premiere)

Robin Thicke – Dreamworld
Directed by Anthony Mandler
Produced by Billy Parks
Co. Produced By Les Enfants Terribles

Robin Thicke TV Episode 4: Making Of “Shadow Of Doubt”

Spring Concert In Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia To Feature N¤E¤R¤D

Dooley’s Week will be combined with the Spring Band Party this year, featuring alternative funk-rock band N¤E¤R¤D and comedian Daniel Tosh. “[The Student Programming Council] decided to incorporate Spring Band Party into Dooley’s Week in order to get a larger band,” SPC President Zach Krame said. The week will take place from Mar. 23 to 27. “We know the students love N¤E¤R¤D, so they were one of our top choices,” Krame said. N¤E¤R¤D, whose members are Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley, is a group that cannot be shelved under one genre. Best described as funk-rock, it contains hip-hop, alternative rock and various other musical influences. The group has toured with Kanye West and performed alongside artists such as Rihanna & Lupe Fiasco, who performed at last year’s Spring Band Party.


Grammys 2009

Unfortunately Madonna & Kenna didn’t get their Grammy’s last night although the “Lil’ Wayne, Allen Toussaint, Robin Thicke & Terence Blanchard, tribute to New Orleans” performance was adequate, tamed and controlled for television, and Thicke was in fine form. But it’s when Toussaint and Blanchard took over that this segment became BIG fun. Props To Bwad Man Rasta Ness`

Star Trak Grammy Nominees 2009

Best Dance Recording
Give It 2 Me
Madonna & The Neptunes, producers; Andrew Coleman & Spike Stent, mixers
Track from: Hard Candy
(Warner Bros.)

Best Urban/Alternative Performance
Say Goodbye To Love
Track from: Make Sure They See My Face
(Star Trak/Interscope)

Lil’ Wayne, Allen Toussaint, Robin Thicke & Terence Blanchard At The Grammys 09′

Jennifer Hudson Touring With Robin Thicke

Jennifer Hudson is back all right, considering she just (sorta) sang at the Super Bowl and then performed at the Grammys (and won an award for best R&B album, too). People says she’s now going on Tour starting April 2 with Robin Thicke, just in case you thought she wasn’t busy enough. “I am so grateful -– my first Grammy and my first tour,” the 27-year-old said.

“It doesn’t get better than that.” The tour starts in Philadelphia and makes stops in Baltimore, D.C., NYC, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago, Las Vegas, L.A. and Dallas, ending in Houston on May 8.


OK! Robin Thicke Interview

There can’t be many better authorities on good lovin’ than silky smooth soul man, Robin Thicke. So at a pre-Valentine’s Day party thrown by 1-800 Flowers, OK! talked to the Lost Without U singer about the perfect February 14th, some of the most romantic treats he’s given his wife — actress Paula Patton — and the couple’s baby plans.

OK:You seem like a pretty romantic kind of guy. If you were arranging the perfect Valentine’s Day what would you do?
RT:What I’ve learned is just to make sure the day is not like any other day of the year. You can’t just take her to the same restaurant you always go to. That won’t work. And don’t take her to do something that you like to do yourself — like a ballgame. That’s for sure!

OK:So what’s the most romantic Valentine’s Day thing that you’ve done for your wife?
RT:I find that I do things every few months that are Valentine’s Day-worthy. So it’s hard for me to find one on Valentine’s Day because I’m always taking her on trips or buying her little surprise gifts. But I remember one Valentine’s Day she was filming. We couldn’t be together so I sent her a box of like 50 different gifts. Kama Sutra stuff: candles, lingerie, chocolate, a brand new computer, an iPod — everything I could think of to tell her how much I loved her from far away.

OK:And how did she respond to that?
RT:She liked it! She did the same thing for me next year.

OK:How does the love in your life inspire your music?
RT:Well, I mean my lady inspires everything I do. When I met her, the reason I wanted to be with her is because she made me want to be a better person. And when you have somebody to answer to that you want to answer to, that’s what love is.

OK:Are you planning a family?
RT:You know, a couple more years of selfishness and then we’ll be ready for some kids.


Robin Thicke Enters Pre-Grammy Party

Chad Hugo & Kenna Are Working With Jojo

According To Jojo’s Myspace Page, She is working with Chad & Kenna for her 3rd albumAll I Want Is Everything“. „I am still hard at work on my new album. It feels like a never ending process and to be honest, it frustrates me to not be on the road, not promoting, and not interacting with people in the way that i love to so much, but I am so confident that the finished product will be worth the wait. A few weeks ago I spent about a week in the studio with Chad Hugo, Jim Beanz and Kenna. It was SO much fun and I can’t wait for you to hear what we cooked up. They are really incredible and it was such a pleasure to create with them. I am still finishing my senior year in high school and am looking forward to graduating within the next few months.

Like I mentioned earlier, waiting and anticipating this album is frustrating, but I am more ready than ever to make this year my best yet in every capacity. There have been alot of changes being made at my record label and things that are out of my control that have set back this process a bit, but I am hopeful that they will come together soon. With each new song I record, I’m happy that we are taking our time and allowing this album to become everything that we all want it to be. I am so thrilled about the direction it’s headed! I’m enjoying the ride and the experiences along this long journey, but I can’t wait to get back in action this year. Thanks for sticking by me, and I look forward to seeing you all soon.“

*Jojo’s Myspace Page

Eve To Return With New Album

It was close to two years ago when rapper Eve released her single “Tambourine” from the album Here I Am. Although the single was released, Here I Am never was, and instead was shelved for almost two years. Now the Philadelphia-born rapper will finally have the opportunity to release a fourth album, but under a new name and label. Currently entitled Flirt, Eve’s upcoming album will be released on Geffen Records. Due to the delay, Flirt will feature a number of re-recorded tracks from Here I Am. “Unfortunately I am caught up in a whole music label situation,” Eve told the New York Post. “The album is finally going to come out this spring or summer. . “I think what kind of delayed us this time was that I went in and did two records that sound a lot like the Pharrell record – the singing record,” Eve explained about the cancellation back in October 2007. But with all the time that passed, we went back in and reworked the whole thing. I am truly, truly sitting on some amazing music. Nobody’s been waiting longer than me to get this monkey off my back!” As far as the name change is concerned, the change was a reflection of Eve’s new state of mind. “I had to get in there and put in some upbeat music that I wasn’t depressed about…It won’t be called ‘Here I Am’ anymore,” Eve explained to the Post.


Eve – Flirt (2009) (Spring/Summer)
– All Night Long
– Guess Who’s Single
– Hey Girl feat. Eminem

Pharrell On Nylon TV

Re Up Gang Blog Episode 4

Vote For Chester On MTVU

Chester French are part of MTVU’sFreshman 5″ and, right now, there’s a vote going on to determine your favorite video, out of all five of us Freshman 5 (the other four acts are Asher Roth, White Lies, Friendly Fires and Sing It Loud). WE NEED YOU GUYS to head over to MTVU and vote for “She Loves Everybody” as your favorite video! You can vote as many times as you’d like and voting is ongoing until Friday at 11:59 PM EST. If Chester French wins, there will be some T-Shirts and signed limited edition “She Loves EverybodyCondom Packaged Singles to be handed out!  So, if and when you vote, drop a comment either on the Chester French Blog or right on Chester French Myspace page saying: “I VOTED… ” and then the # of times you voted. Everyone with a blog, it’d be killer if you shared the link to vote for us with your readership as well. If you do that, make sure to leave a link to the blog post in your comment (again, so we can help decide which Chester French ultra VIPs get the T-Shirts).

Click Here To Vote.

Robin Thicke TV Episode 4: Making Of “Something Else”

Chester French – She Loves Everybody (Video Premiere)

It’s Finally Done!

Lil’ Wayne – Ay Man feat. Pharrell

Here is another Lil’ Wayne Neptunes Collabo Called “Ay Man” Off “Rebirth” Due April 7th. Check Out The Snippet Right Here.

McG & Pharrell have landed pilot orders from ABC

is behind the high school musical drama “Limelight,” to be directed by David Semel, and Gordon executive produces the modern Romeo and Juliet tale “Empire State.” “Limelight” is a soap featuring contemporary music and dance, centering on teachers and students at a New York performing arts school. The pilot is based loosely on the experiences of hip-hop producer Pharrell Williams, of the Neptunes. K.J. Steinberg (“Gossip Girl“) is penning the drama, and will exec produce with McG and Leonard Goldberg. Wonderland TV topper Peter Johnson is co-exec producer, while Williams will receive a consulting producer credit. David Semel is directing and will EP as well. According to Variety, the pilot, based on the real-life experiences of Williams, was originally developed in the fall of 2007 with David S. Rosenthal writing the script.


Jada Changed Neptunes Title „Two Step“ To „Rockin’ With The Best“

According to 30th Century Man from the forum who was at the Jadakiss listening party last week, Jadakiss changed the Neptunes track title „Two Step“ To „Rockin’ With The Best““I went to the Jadakiss listening party last night and just thought I’d add a little info on the Neptunes track. Kiss called it “Rockin With The Best” and not “Two-Step” so the title has apparently been changed (the sequence is a little different than the tracklist posted here a awhile ago but it’s the same songs). Pharrell is on the song, singing a bit on the hook and doing a “verse” on the bridge. It’s really more like an ad-libbed/freestyle thing than a real rhyme but its there. As far as the track itself, it’s good but don’t get too too excited. It’s a slower “thug love” joint that, oddly enough, kinda sounds a little like a cross between “Skrungt Owt” and “Best Friend” or “Perfect” It’s go the old-school synths and basically sounds like something that they might have made for Snoop and he didn’t use. Thanks To 30th Century Man

Chad Hugo To Discuss The Art Of Songwriting During BMI’s “How I Wrote That Song”

T-Pain, Will.I.Am , Chad Hugo, Makeba Riddick, Keri Hilson and surprise guests will also discuss the art of songwriting during BMI’s “How I Wrote That Song” (Feb. 7, 1 p.m.—3 p.m.). BMI VP Catherine Brewton will lead the discussion at the Key Club in Los Angeles. The inaugural MyHangSuite Brunch (Feb. 7, noon-3 p.m.) will feature performances by 2008 Grammy nominees Heavy D, Janelle Monae and Wayna featuring Kokayi at the O Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Hosted by KCRW DJ and MyHangSuite co-creator Garth Trinidad, the event also boasts acts J*Davey, Res and a special guest DJ set by Macy Gray. Ticket proceeds will benefit rapper Common’s urban youth charity, the Common Ground Foundation. Songwriters Ne-Yo, Chris “Tricky” Stewart, Johnta Austin and Manuel Seal will share their creative philosophies on “ASCAP Presents … The Hitmakers Panel” (Feb. 7, 1 p.m. —3 p.m.). The free session will be held at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, moderated by Billboard senior correspondent Gail Mitchell.


Pharrell On The Nylon Magazine March Issue

Thanks To UncleBabyTomatoSoup.

Teriyaki Boyz Album Promotion Feb.

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