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November 2009

The Icecream Store Tokyo 4th Anniversary Campaign

The Icecream Store Tokyo 4th Anniversary CampaignThe Icecream Store Tokyo 4th Anniversary Campaign 2


Teyana Taylor – Face Book

Teyana is fooling around at her Photoshoot.

Kelis’ Exclusive Launch Artist Chat From 1999

Kelis & PharrellHere is an old Kelis’ Livechat from 1999 where fans had the opportunity to ask Kelis questions on Thanks to Terr from the Ultimatekelis Forum. Kelis may be the one singing the chorus to Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s hit “Got Your Money,” but it’s her own fiery single, “Caught Out There,” that’s been getting the 20-year-old singer all the attention. The 5’10″ former model had such a good time during her Nov. 12 chat with LAUNCH–her first online chat ever–that she said the chatters asked better questions than the journalists who interview her everyday.

While your favorite rap/ R&B editor is not sure whether or not to take offense, LAUNCH applauds the chatters for a job well done. LAUNCH users got Kelis to divulge plenty of secrets. Just what kind of conditioner does she use to keep her hair so curly? What dyes does she combine to get that bright fuchsia color? What’s her ethnicity? Did she kill the guy in her video? Does she inhale? What was it like meeting D’Angelo in person? For an account of all these juicy tidbits and more, take a run-through of the chat transcript below. Heck, you can even forward a copy to your friends.

azureC99: Is your hair naturally curly?
launch_kelis: Yeah, it is. Actually it’s always been a mess, but I recently, in the last couple of years figured out how to tame it. Conditioner’s the key to life.

manolis_varnassinger: how were you discovered
launch_kelis: I wasn’t really discovered. I was actually supposed to sign a deal with another label, and it just wasn’t right. A friend introduced me to the Neptune people and they made a demo and took it to Virgin.

manolis_varnassinger: kelis are there any duets on your album
launch_kelis: Yes, there are. There’s a duet with me and Marc Dorsey called “Ghetto Children,” and one with Marketa, we do a song together called “Mafia.”

launch_kelis: Well, like five years. But successfully only two years, actually.

Sandman – Heart Of The City (2009

Sandman - Heart Of The City (2009)
The former Re-Up Gang member just dropped a new Mixtape called Heart Of The City. Check it out.

Sandman – Heart Of The City (2009)
01 – Just A Emcee (Zukon)
02 – Certainly A Big Deal
03 – High Volume
04 – Lil’ Ghetto Boy
05 – Big Face Benny
06 – Been Through So Much feat. Donny Boy & Slash
07 – Watch This feat. Housewife
08 – East Coast Me (Snaggz)
09 – Make ‘Em All Day (Boogiie Man)
10 – Crazy
11 – W.A.R feat. Kawshen & Big Lou
12 – ‘Bout My Bread feat. Spazz Cannon & Reed Dollaz
13 – Chase Dis Paper feat. Glasses Malone & Mistah Fab
14 – Crossroad (THX)
15 – This Life (THX)
16 – Imaginary Players
17 – Who’s World Is This
18 – Blood I Taste feat. Spazz Cannon & Housewife
19 – Sounds feat. Sock & James Cagnie
20 – Good Times

Total Size: 109,64MB

Megaupload Download Link

Lola (aka Jennifer Lopez) – Fresh Out The Oven feat. Pharrell & Pitbull (Official Video)

Here is the Official Video to Fresh Out The Oven, thanks to Andrei.

Vote For Chester French For The Boston Music Awards

Chester French
The BMA benefits The Music Drives Us Foundation Music Education, Preservation and Awareness throughout New England, supporting those who are interested in using music as a tool for all segments of society and for all ages. Help choose the winners of the Boston Music Awards. With 26 categories, (Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and more) over 100 artists are in play. Your vote can help put some over the top. Vote for Chester French for ‘Best Pop Act Of The Year’. Voting ends November 30th. Winners will be announced at the Boston Music Awards on December 2nd.

The Boston Music Awards is the most prestigious annual music event in Boston, paying tribute to the region’s finest musicians. Now in its 22nd year, this years’ show will include live performances, video retrospective, and award presentations featuring some of the most prominent artists on the music scene. Past performers and attendees include Aerosmith, Godsmack, The Cars, Phish, Guster, Morphine, G Love & Special Sauce, Aimee Mann, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Tracy Bonham, Boston, J Geils Band, New Kids on the Block, Bobby Brown, James Taylor, Carly Simon and many others. Go Here to Vote (Pop Act Of The Year) !


Clipse Woodie Award Rehearsal Footage

Robin Thicke On 106 & Park

The Neptunes Have Two Tracks On Game’s ‘R.E.D’ Album

It’s less than two weeks away from Game’s thirtieth birthday. Few seem to realize that the youthful, energetic, and once death-defying rapper is reaching that benchmark in his life. But then again, looking at Ice Cube, Dr. Dre or Snoop Dogg, do gangsta rappers ever really grow old anyway? If there’s one sign that Jayceon Taylor is closing out the third decade of his life, it’s his happiness. Speaking with HipHopDX on the evening of November 18 (seven hours prior to publication), the once evasive, sometimes confrontational and always outspoken rapper beams with a confidence and a care in his words.

Yes, he still curses like a sailor in a tone reserved for a sidewalk executive, but Game isn’t out to offend anybody this time around. Instead, just as the acronym for his R.E.D. album indicates, he just wants to re-dedicate himself to Hip Hop. The father of two touches upon his recent reunion with one of his mentors, Dr. Dre. He explains why he refuses to “get murdered on his own shit” and why he’s chasing down DJ Premier for a pan-am collaboration that he hopes will set Hip Hop ablaze. Two years removed from considering retirement, Game is smiling in the face of adversity. And this time it’s sincere.

When I look at the word “producer,” if there was a fuckin’ Hip Hop Dictionary, I would see Jimmy Iovine, Quincy Jones, Pharrell, Kanye, and Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre and Quincy Jones and Smokey Robinson, as far as black music, those are producers. Those are guys that can change your fucking life. Those guys can help you. With what they do with their fingers and their guidance, [the music] will put your fuckin’ kids through college. I look at them like that. When I go in with Dre, I go in focused. The places we’ve been going lately is catastrophic. The things I’ve done for Detox is crazy, and the songs that he’s given back to me out of his apprecation and the kindness of his own heart for having me on his record are just crazy, man. Crazy!

Pharrell got two tracks on ‘R.E.D.’. For three fuckin’ albums, I’ve been chasin’ Pharrell down. He’s been busy, I’ve been busy, but I finally got in with Pharrell. Now Pharrell understands. He’s like, “Damn. Workin’ with Game is crazy. This guy’s work ethic is crazy and he dope.” Now, me and Pharrell are goin’ for the next three days, starting tomorrow. If you know Pharrell, you know he just gonna keep recordin’ and recordin’ and producin’ on you. So me and Pharrell hit it off the first time we went in, now we goin’ in again. Thanks To Eclectic_E.

Game – The R.E.D. Album (2009) (December 8th)
- L.A. Girl feat. Pharrell & Chris Brown
- Untitled


Another Robin Thicke Tune ‘Ms. Sexy’

Robin Thicke – Ms. Sexy

The Jiggaman also gave Thicke his co-sign on another of the album’s cuts, “Ms. Sexy.” The track pays homage to Rakim’s classic “Mahogany,” which sampled Al Green’s “I’m Glad You’re Mine.” “Her name was Mahogany, her friend’s name was Ebony,” Thicke sings on the track, flipping Rakim’s lyrics. “I said, ‘My name is Rob, and this is Jay-Z.’ ” The singer said Hov loved it. “Before anybody else heard it, Jay-Z heard it, and he said, ‘That’s genius. That’s genius on so many levels.’ He said, ‘First of all, who do you think you are? Who do you think you are, doing Rakim? You got ba–s, boy.’ ” Thicke’s Sex Therapy comes out December 15.


Pharrell Encourages Students At Miami Edison Senior High School

Pharrell In Miamii

Grammy-winning recording artist Pharrell Williams visited Miami Edison Senior High School to motivate students to succeed academically. Pharrell Williams keeps busy as a Grammy-winning recording artist, producer, musician and fashion designer — but not so busy that he couldn’t give Edison High students some encouraging words. ‘The distance between where you are and where you want to be can be figured out through education,’ Williams said Monday to more than 900 students. He wants to keep the kids focused on their academics. He is part of a program to help turn around Edison Senior High School, which is currently an F school. Teachers and administrators are grateful for the help, especially for Williams advising kids on how to succeed.

Pharrell’s message today was about believing,’ Provost Pablo Ortiz said. ‘It’s important that even though the school has had a label of not being successful, the students have been told that excellence is of the upmost importance,” added freshman Social Studies teacher Tangela Ramos. The school board asked Craig Robins, president and CEO of Dacra Development, to help bring in businesses and high achievers such as Williams to help Edison, from fundraising to proposing curricular and capital improvement strategies. ‘We have created a board of interested individuals outside of the school system that are committed to this school,” Robins said. “There are things we can do as members of the community that are really going to make a big impact.’ Williams is now an official member of this board that will help Edison.

He heard about the struggling high school directly from Robins. ‘The government heard about this school and they gave up,’ Williams said to the students. ‘But I’m going to be coming to this school from time to time because I’m here with you guys now.’ Williams added that once the students realize he is more than just a guest speaker — that he will be coming back — they will work hard and succeed. ‘Today was like sending out a sonar to see if it would reverberate and get back, and I felt like I got positive results,’ Williams said. Sophomore Tina Malcolm, 15, agreed. ‘I think students look up to celebrities, so this will help motivate students to do better,’ she said. Williams stresses that this is just the beginning for the students at Miami Edison. ‘We are going to make sure students get the best academic treatment that is possible for one to receive and we’re also going to make sure that a kid walks away feeling like they won the lottery, simply because they have an education,’ he said.


The Neptunes Didn’t Make It On Rihanna, Birdman & Kid Sister

Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’, Birdman’s ‘Priceless’ and Kid Sister’s ‘Ultraviolet‘ all leaked this week and as y’all have already noticed, none of The Neptunes produced tracks ended up on those releases.

Kid Sister – Ultraviolet (2009)
Kid Sister - Ultraviolet (2009)
Kid Sister explains why The Neptunes didn’t make it on her debut album. “This album is a body of work. Those tracks didn’t come together in time for us to incorporate them into this album. Think about a family album… You’re paging through a scrapbook, you need some cohesiveness. They weren’t quite there yet, but there’s promise,” said the 28-year-old, born Melisa Young. But make no mistake about it. Those songs will likely be heard somewhere down the line. “When I saw Pharrell, he was like, ‘I’m so behind you,’ so I’m sure that’s not the end of those tracks. They’re going to find a different home somewhere, maybe a commercial.”

Birdman – Priceless (2009)
Birdman - Priceless (2009)
And obviously The Neptunes didn’t make it on the Birdman album because according to several sites Birdman had the mixtape tune ‘Champion‘ on his album listed, which already leaked from a Birdman mixtape but that tune couldn’t get it on Priceless because that was a Clipse tune from the beginning, off Clipse’s upcoming album ‘Til The Casket Drops‘ Due December 8th. But how come that tune leaked with Birdman on it? Well, I guess Birdman got the actual Clipse tune and just spitted over it for his mixtape with adding Mack Maine on it and leaving Pharrell on the hook, but according to the Til The Casket Drops Snippets, the Champion tune has been changed a bit from what we’ve heard before. That’s not the first time that an actual album tune made it on a mixtape way before its release date by a different artist, remember B. G. – ‘Bout To Blow feat. Pharrell from 2007, well yeah, same stuff happened to that tune, B. G. somehow got that Nelly tune and spitted over the tune then I removed the dj from the mixtape and people thought its a B. G. tune off his upcoming album, then people actually complained why Nelly stole B.G.’s tune when Nelly’s album came out lol. At the end Birdman never worked with The Neptunes for his ‘Priceless‘ album.

Rihanna – Rated R (2009)
Rihanna - Rated R (2009)
And about Rihanna, i don’t know about that but The Neptunes probably didn’t fit in the Pop Album concept.

Summit On The Summit Boot Camp Episode Thre

Second night of the Boot Camp…the Guru sings a motivational song to get Kenna and Lupe in the right mindset for the climb. Not sure if it got through to them…




Clipse ~ Interview

ClipseThe resilient spirit of the Thornton Brothers has helped to sustain The Clipse movement towards greatness. While snatching similes and pushing metaphors, The Clipse have always represented unadulterated Hip-Hop. Lord Willin’ and Hell Hath No Fury are the foundation upon which they are erecting their lyrical longevity. Constructing audible landscapes built on captivating beats, The Clipse has chronicled everything from dealing to dissatisfaction. With the December 8th release of Til The Casket Drops, they begin to share their delight.

Staying busy amid an extensive promotional tour, The Clipse grants Yo! Raps an in depth interview in which they discuss everything from their Hip-Hop beginnings to their health care. Til The Casket Drops is coming in December and Malice is in the process of penning his book, Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked. Even though their schedule is hectic The Clipse appreciates and will always take out time for their fans.

Yo!Raps: Thinking back, do y’all recall when you truly believed that you could transform your passion for emceeing into a substantial profession?
Malice: We’ve always been fans of Hip-Hop. Around that time [late 1990s] – with Pharrell and Chad, being from Virginia, and with Teddy Riley coming to Virginia – those dudes let us see that it was tangible. We would always make demos at Chad’s house. We’d make the demo, he’d listen to it and he’d chop it. It gave us a lot of hope that this thing could really go down; because, the music was dope. The lyrics were dope, you know, it was better than a lot of the stuff that was out at the time. So, we really believed that someday it would happen.

Y: Lord Willin’ and Hell Hath No Fury are both regarded as classic material. According to The Clipse, what constitutes a classic album?
P: Honestly, a classic album is when the beats and the rhymes match so well, that the fans and everybody who listens to it, actually feels like they’re in the album with you. We definitely try to reach out and make sure that everybody is touched when they hear it [our music]. If it doesn’t evoke any type of emotion in you, then nine times out of ten, it can’t be classic.


Pharrell’s 2003 Ferrari Enzo For Sale

Pharrell's FerrariPharrell's Ferrari 2

This black Ferrari Enzo is rumored to be owned by Pharrell Williams a 2003 Ferrari Enzo that is black on black with carbon fiber interior. The doors go up on this luxury exotic just like on current model Lamborghini’s and the V12 is nothing short of brilliant. There are only 400 of these cars produced worldwide and it is a collector car for sure. This particular Ferrari Enzo has very low milage too at under 1,000 miles. The Enzo was named after the founder of Ferrari : Enzo Ferrari. Arguably the only other Ferrari more extreme than this is the Ferrari FXX which is the successor of this super luxury exotic. Should have held on to this one Pharrell… Bidding is now at $950 k. The car is located at Formula One in Miami Florida.


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