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November 2009

The Neptunes Didn’t Make It On Rihanna, Birdman & Kid Sister

Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’, Birdman’s ‘Priceless’ and Kid Sister’s ‘Ultraviolet‘ all leaked this week and as y’all have already noticed, none of The Neptunes produced tracks ended up on those releases.

Kid Sister – Ultraviolet (2009)
Kid Sister - Ultraviolet (2009)
Kid Sister explains why The Neptunes didn’t make it on her debut album. “This album is a body of work. Those tracks didn’t come together in time for us to incorporate them into this album. Think about a family album… You’re paging through a scrapbook, you need some cohesiveness. They weren’t quite there yet, but there’s promise,” said the 28-year-old, born Melisa Young. But make no mistake about it. Those songs will likely be heard somewhere down the line. “When I saw Pharrell, he was like, ‘I’m so behind you,’ so I’m sure that’s not the end of those tracks. They’re going to find a different home somewhere, maybe a commercial.”

Birdman – Priceless (2009)
Birdman - Priceless (2009)
And obviously The Neptunes didn’t make it on the Birdman album because according to several sites Birdman had the mixtape tune ‘Champion‘ on his album listed, which already leaked from a Birdman mixtape but that tune couldn’t get it on Priceless because that was a Clipse tune from the beginning, off Clipse’s upcoming album ‘Til The Casket Drops‘ Due December 8th. But how come that tune leaked with Birdman on it? Well, I guess Birdman got the actual Clipse tune and just spitted over it for his mixtape with adding Mack Maine on it and leaving Pharrell on the hook, but according to the Til The Casket Drops Snippets, the Champion tune has been changed a bit from what we’ve heard before. That’s not the first time that an actual album tune made it on a mixtape way before its release date by a different artist, remember B. G. – ‘Bout To Blow feat. Pharrell from 2007, well yeah, same stuff happened to that tune, B. G. somehow got that Nelly tune and spitted over the tune then I removed the dj from the mixtape and people thought its a B. G. tune off his upcoming album, then people actually complained why Nelly stole B.G.’s tune when Nelly’s album came out lol. At the end Birdman never worked with The Neptunes for his ‘Priceless‘ album.

Rihanna – Rated R (2009)
Rihanna - Rated R (2009)
And about Rihanna, i don’t know about that but The Neptunes probably didn’t fit in the Pop Album concept.

Summit On The Summit Boot Camp Episode Thre

Second night of the Boot Camp…the Guru sings a motivational song to get Kenna and Lupe in the right mindset for the climb. Not sure if it got through to them…




Clipse ~ Interview

ClipseThe resilient spirit of the Thornton Brothers has helped to sustain The Clipse movement towards greatness. While snatching similes and pushing metaphors, The Clipse have always represented unadulterated Hip-Hop. Lord Willin’ and Hell Hath No Fury are the foundation upon which they are erecting their lyrical longevity. Constructing audible landscapes built on captivating beats, The Clipse has chronicled everything from dealing to dissatisfaction. With the December 8th release of Til The Casket Drops, they begin to share their delight.

Staying busy amid an extensive promotional tour, The Clipse grants Yo! Raps an in depth interview in which they discuss everything from their Hip-Hop beginnings to their health care. Til The Casket Drops is coming in December and Malice is in the process of penning his book, Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked. Even though their schedule is hectic The Clipse appreciates and will always take out time for their fans.

Yo!Raps: Thinking back, do y’all recall when you truly believed that you could transform your passion for emceeing into a substantial profession?
Malice: We’ve always been fans of Hip-Hop. Around that time [late 1990s] – with Pharrell and Chad, being from Virginia, and with Teddy Riley coming to Virginia – those dudes let us see that it was tangible. We would always make demos at Chad’s house. We’d make the demo, he’d listen to it and he’d chop it. It gave us a lot of hope that this thing could really go down; because, the music was dope. The lyrics were dope, you know, it was better than a lot of the stuff that was out at the time. So, we really believed that someday it would happen.

Y: Lord Willin’ and Hell Hath No Fury are both regarded as classic material. According to The Clipse, what constitutes a classic album?
P: Honestly, a classic album is when the beats and the rhymes match so well, that the fans and everybody who listens to it, actually feels like they’re in the album with you. We definitely try to reach out and make sure that everybody is touched when they hear it [our music]. If it doesn’t evoke any type of emotion in you, then nine times out of ten, it can’t be classic.


Pharrell’s 2003 Ferrari Enzo For Sale

Pharrell's FerrariPharrell's Ferrari 2

This black Ferrari Enzo is rumored to be owned by Pharrell Williams a 2003 Ferrari Enzo that is black on black with carbon fiber interior. The doors go up on this luxury exotic just like on current model Lamborghini’s and the V12 is nothing short of brilliant. There are only 400 of these cars produced worldwide and it is a collector car for sure. This particular Ferrari Enzo has very low milage too at under 1,000 miles. The Enzo was named after the founder of Ferrari : Enzo Ferrari. Arguably the only other Ferrari more extreme than this is the Ferrari FXX which is the successor of this super luxury exotic. Should have held on to this one Pharrell… Bidding is now at $950 k. The car is located at Formula One in Miami Florida.


Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy (Video)

Clipse – I Cussed ‘Em Out A Little

Future Vision With NERD

Thanks To Fantastical.

Clipse Announced As Performers For 2009 MTVU Awards Show

Clipse - I'm Good  T-Shirt

The list of nominees reads like an iPod party mix, so naturally, the 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards have lined up an eclectic list of performers and presenters too. Passion Pit and the Clipse featuring Cam’Ron and Rick Ross have just been confirmed to perform at the sixth-annual Woodies, joining already-announced acts Death Cab For Cutie, The Dead Weather and Matt & Kim. Breakout Woodie nominees Passion Pit will be performing their breakout single “The Reeling,” while the Clipse will take on a pair of tracks, teaming with Cam on “Popular Demand (Popeye’s)” and Ross for “I’m Good.”

The 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards will take place this Wednesday at the Roseland Ballroom in New York. The show will then premiere Friday, December 4, at 10 p.m. ET on mtvU, MTV, MTV2 and Palladia. Winners in all Woodies categories — like Woodie of the Year, the Breaking Woodie and the Left Field Woodie, to name just a few — are determined by you, the college music fan. Voting is still open through Monday over at and don’t forget to Vote for Kenna for The Good Woodie Award. Go Here to vote for Kenna.


Thicke Planned To Open Up For Michael Jackson

Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke
was invited to perform at Saturday night’s Joslin Diabetes “High Hopes Gala” at the Seaport Hotel where he talked about hows been working with Michael Jackson back in 2004 on “Fall Again” for the “Ultimate Collection” and revealed that he was planned to open up the London concert for Michael Jackson with two performances. “It’s me singing all the background. I was 21 years old when that happened. That was the coolest moment,” he said. “He had asked me to open up for him in London for two performances. It would have become the coolest moment ever.”


Ryan Leslie – Something That I Like feat. Pusha T. (Live)

Check out Ryan performing Live “Something That I Like” featuring Pusha T. at 04:50.

Pharrell & Chester French Attend MOCA 30th Anniversary Gala

Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Gavin RossdaleChester French At MOCA
The Museum of Contemporary Art held its 30th anniversary gala last night (November 14) in Los Angeles, and the stars came out to celebrate. Among the beautiful people in attendance was one of music’s most beautiful couples, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. They posed inside the gala with pal producer/musician Pharrell Williams. Others making an appearance were Lady GaGa, who also performed, Ciara, John Legend, Francesco Vezzoli, Peter Dundas, Takashi Murakami, Brett Ratner, Christine Teigen and Christine Teigen.
Pharrell Williams, Brett RatnerPharrell Williams, Takashi Murakami


Clipse – Popular Demand feat. Pharrell & Cam’Ron (Video Premiere)

Pharrell Develops Musical Backdrop For GAP TV Spots, Collaborates With GAP Clothing Line

Pharrell Gap

Building on the momentum of the 1969 denim launch, Gap launched a new holiday marketing and advertising campaign last night designed to be uplifting and inspiring, ultimately drawing more customers into its stores. The campaign offers a fresh voice featuring choreographed dancers and models belting catchy holiday cheers about defying convention, and captures the essence of Gap’s roots but also looks forward with an optimistic eye on America. Called “Holiday Cheer,” the multi-faceted campaign sets an optimistic tone and encourages customers to break from convention by wearing Gap clothes however they want and celebrate the season in their own individual way.

Pharrell – Go Ho Ho (Gap Holiday Cheer Commercial)

The Gap campaign highlights dancers wearing Gap’s holiday product line inspired by “classic cozy cabin” – an urban unconventional modern take on the coziness and comfort of the American log cabin. Created in partnership with Crispin, Porter, and Bogesky, the television spots directed by Michael Gracey are irreverent and culturally relevant. Gap collaborated with recording artist and producer Pharrell Williams to develop the musical backdrop for the TV spots.

GAP 40th Anniversary Campaign

Pharrell also has teamed up with the clothing staple Gap on a bio-friendly clothing line called “Do The Right Thing.” The line will be sold at Gap pop-up locations. The pop-up store involves opening a temporary storefront in a chic location with lots of foot traffic, and is usually stocked with concept or limited edition wares. It’s a phenomenon that has become a popular Fashion Week gimmick over the past several years. The “Do The Right Thing” collection is part of Gap’s 40th Anniversary Celebration. One feature that makes the items from Pharrell’s collection unique is the material used to fabricate them.

The name of the stuff is “Bionic Yarn,” which is a product of Pharrell’s own textile company, that is spun from recycled bottles. Some of the items created for this collection include: footwear, a duffle, shirts, and a hoodie. The Gap pop-up store currently carrying Pharrell’s collection is located on Carnaby Street in London. The shop opened on September 12th, and will only be open for a few more days. For those who find themselves in London over the next couple of days, feel free to stop by this make-shift Gap location and peruse Pharrell’s designs, as well as the rest of the 40th anniversary collection.
Pharrell GapPharrell Gap 2Pharrell Gap 3

Here Is The MP3 Of  Pharrell – Go Ho Ho (Gap Holiday Cheer Commercial) For The Collectors.
Pharrell – Go Ho Ho (Gap Holiday Cheer Commercial) (MP3)


Summit On The Summit HP TV Commercial (Extended Version)

Summit On The Summit Boot Camp Episode Two

Previously ->

Vote For The Best Clipse Cover Art

After the release of the Til The Casket Drops album cover art, Complex did a feature on the Clipse’s cover art from all 3 of their albums. You can vote on which album artwork is your favorite out of the 3 on the complex site.

Clipse – Lord Willin’ (2002)
Clipse - Lord Willin' (2002)
Illustration By: Vicki Berndt
Design By: Courtney Walter
For their official debut, the Thornton brothers went with an illustration that shows them riding through Virginia Beach with black Jesus in the back seat. Damn, he couldn’t get shotgun?

Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury (2006)
Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury (2006)
Photography By: Jonathan Mannion
Design By: Courtney Walter
What better way to convey the crack music inside than by photographing Pusha and Malice with a kitchen stove? The international currency on the wall was definitely all obtained through legal channels.

Clipse – Til The Casket Drops (2009)
Clipse - Til The Casket Drops (2009)
Illustration By: KAWS
He’s already done cover art for all of their 2009 singles—“Kinda Like A Big Deal”, “All Eyes On Me” and “I’m Good”—and KAWS continues the up-close graphic motif on the official album art, which shows a pink casket and the artist’s signature X’s.


Robin Thicke ~ Interview

Clipse – Doorman feat. Pharrell (Official Video)

“If Hell Hath no Fury was the Clipse’s ominous we’re-going-to-stand-in-the-shadows-behind-this-door-and-whisper-threats-to-you album, then Til the Casket Drops is shaping up to be the album where Malice and Pusha repeatedly punch us in the face very publicly. Granted, we still don’t have much to go on, but “Door Man” is a big budget Khaled-era single filtered through the Neptune’s weird sensibilities. Meaning the outer space synths are louder, the noise that sounds like a jug whistle is more prominent and the Thornton brothers’ foreboding is replaced by confrontation. Not the best Clipse single, but an interesting direction anyway.”


Drake Talks ‘Thank Me Later’, Enlists The Neptunes

Rhea, Pharrell & DrakeYoung Money rapper Drake recently spoke on his highly anticipated debut album ‘Thank Me Later’. Drake revealed to Rap Up that his album is still in the early stages and divulged some of the artists he has reached out to for his solo project. “I sat down with Pharrell for a couple days, but it was very, very early in the recording process, so I wasn’t sonically sure what I wanted,” Drake revealed. “I’m about to sit with Timbaland.

Kanye and me have a lot of work to do together, and then other than them, just [Noah “40” Shebib] and Boi-1da who did the majority of [So Far Gone] with me.” Drake also revealed that the first single off his album will not be ‘Shut It Down” with R&B crooner The-Dream as previously reported. “No, it’s not the first single,” Drake divulged ” It deserves to be a single at some point, but it’s not the first single.” Drake hopes to have ‘Thank Me Later’ in stores in February but the album has no official release date.


Drake – Thank Me Later (2010) (February)
– Untitled

Shakira Says Neptunes Helped Her Experiment On She Wolf

Songstress describes how she combined several influences and made them ‘coexist.’ Shakira’s latest singles, “She Wolf” and “Give It Up,” are just a taste of the new direction the singer is taking in her November 23 release, She Wolf. Though she’s never been a conventional pop star, to say the least, the Colombian songstress says that this album is pushing the boundaries, with the help of producers like The Neptunes and Wyclef Jean. “[Pharrell] was very open,” Shakira told MTV News. “He’s a very smart guy. He gets me. He understands what I’m about, what I stand for musically and artistically.

He knows that I like to combine influences from different worlds and make them coexist under the same roof.” The new album is her most electronic so far, and it draws influence from a variety of different locations, including Colombia, India, the Middle East and Jamaica. She hopes that it keeps that fusion element she likes so much. “I like to experiment and see how all these things can survive within a pop record, and working with Pharrell is a great experience,” she said. “He’s very fast, and I’m kind of slow, take my time. But working with him was great. I really learned a lot. … As well with Wyclef Jean. He’s a great friend and a great artist. He’s pure and real; he’s a real musician.”


Kenna To Release EP’s After Or During ‘Songs For Flight’ 2010

Update: November 12th
According to Kenna’s Twitter, he said that he’ll release the EP’s after or during ‘Songs For Flight’s’ release next year, because it took him a lot of time with his  Summit On The Summit Project. “SOTS took a lot time… The EP’s WILL BE released, but probably after or during Songs For Flight’s release next year”


Land 2 Air Chronicles (2010)
– Part 1 (Self-Reliance) (EP) (Kenna)
– Part 2 (Imitation Suicide) (EP) (Kenna & RJD2)
– Part 3 (Genius) (EP) (Kenna)

Make SureThey See My Face Outtakes (EP) (2010)
Featuring The Cool Kids, Questlove, Mike Shinoda, James Valentine (Maroon 5)

Songs For Flight (2010)

Update: 25th July
According to Kenna’s Myspace site , he is about to release  the first part of the  Land 2 Air Chronicles, the “Imitation Is Suicide” on Pre-Sale on August 11th. Kenna’s Online Store.

24th July
It was about time to see Kenna’s face again. Kenna is finally releasing his Land 2 Air Chronicles this September with Chad Hugo & RJD2 based on Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Self-Reliance”.Self-Reliance is an essay written by American Transcendentalist philosopher and essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson. It contains the most solid statement of one of Emerson’s repeating themes, the need for each individual to avoid conformity and false consistency, and follow his or her own instincts and ideas. Emerson’s ideas are considered a reaction to a commercial identity; he calls for a return to individual identity.

Emerson presupposes that the mind is initially subject to an unhappy nonconformism. However, “Self-Reliance” is not anti-society or anti-community. Instead, Emerson advocates self-reliance as a starting point, not as a goal. From 1836 into 1837, Emerson presented a series of lectures on the philosophy of history at Boston’s Masonic Temple. These lectures were never published separately but many of his thoughts in these lectures were later used in “Self-Reliance” and several other essays.

Kenna – Imitation Is Suicide (RJD2)

Kenna – Imitation Is Suicide (RJD2) (MP3)

Pharrell Introducing Alyssa Bernal At Jay Z’s Sold Out Show

Chester French Merchandise Store

Chester French
Chester French finally opened The Chester French Merchandise Store with offering a small selection of the t-shirts they’ve previously only sold on tour, including the First Ever Chester French T-Shirt. In the upcoming weeks and months, they’ll be adding more designs and products. All orders will be shipped with a copy of Chester French new single ‘C’mon (On My Own)’ with limited-edition purple condom packaging. All shirts are printed on 100% cotton Tultex “girly” shirts. Note that they are cut to fit, not boxy like the picture. More guys and girls sizes and other colors coming soon. You can order them on

Geisha T-Shirt (Guys) for $20.00
Geisha T-Shirt (Guys)

The First Ever CF T-Shirt (Guys+Girls) $20.00
The white logo on this black T was the first Chester French logo, retired in 2008 when they’ve upgraded to the current monogram. They made these shirts for their first ever tour, with NERD.
CF T-Shirt (Guys & Girls)

Grey Logo T-Shirt (Girls) $20.00
This is their classic Chester French lockup logo T in Grey. The first shirt we ever made with their official logo.
Grey Logo T-Shirt (Girls)


Robin Thicke Site Updated

Sex Therapy
The Robin Thicke Site has been updated with the Sex Therapy Concept Artwork, check it out.


The L.A. Times Live Review ‘Jay-Z & NERD At UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion’

“When it came to high energy, though, it would have been difficult for any of the acts to compete with NERD. The band, fronted by the Neptunes’ Pharell Williams, doesn’t have the same album sales as the artists it produces, but group’s fan base is loyal, judging by how easily concertgoers transformed the arena into a raucous mosh pit. Playing for an hour, the genre-bending rockers ran through such hits as “Lapdance” and “Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom),” with Lupe Fiasco joining them on the latter track. Williams‘ raspy falsetto was sometimes lost in the massive mix, but the presence of female vocalist Rhea added a strong, sexy edge to the songs.”


Rap-Up.Com Reveales Thicke’s ‘Sex Therapy’ Album Cover

Sex Therapy
just revealed Thicke’s Album cover of the new album ‘Sex Therapy’ (Due December 15th) which will be available in two versions. Sex Therapy: The Experience & Sex Therapy: The Session, does this mean he’ll release a double disc, we’ll see. also revealed that Jasmine Sullivan will be featured on the album among others.

Robin Thicke – Sex Therapy (2009) (December 15th)

Producers & Guests: Jeffrey Bahsker, The Surf Club, The Neptunes, Swizz Beatz, Danjahandz, Ms. Lago, Polow Da Don, Jay-Z, Teddy Riley, Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj, Game, Jasmine Sullivan…
Confirmed Tracks
– Sex Therapy (Polow Da Don)
– Untitled feat. Snoop Dogg (Teddy Riley)
– Shake It For You Daddy feat. Nicki Minaj (Polow Da Don)
– Meiplé feat. Jay-Z


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