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January 2010

Pharrell’s Keynote Speech At MIDEM 2010

Here is Pharrell’s 40 minutes speech at MIDEM where he has said that he’d been working with Jay-Z again for his next album and that we should forward for a special project in September, thanks to SLRS.

‘There are a lot of genius’ in the world, I’m not, I just pay attention to that empty space of curiosity for something that doesn’t exist but you would love to have it’

Pharrell Presents Artist Of Decade Award To Beyoncé At 2010 NRJ Awards

PharrellPharrell Williams appeared at MidemNet this morning, and told the music industry that it had to embrace technology without trying to control it. ‘I think Steve Jobs made it very clear it’s all about technology, and if you’re the one that’s riding that horse, you’ll get to your destination. If you’re walking behind, you’re a follower,’ he said. Williams also described illegal downloading as “just taste-testing”, saying that music fans shouldn’t be demonised for trying to hear new music any way they can. ‘People have so many options and choices, we should allow them to taste-test, to decide if that’s something they wanna be involved with – from technology to products to food.’

On my way to France
On my way to France 2




Update: January 7th
Pharrell Williams
has signed up as a keynote speaker at MidemNet on Jan. 23. The digital music business conference takes place in Cannes from Jan. 23 to Jan. 27. The producer and vocalist will speak about the opportunities of fan relationship development in the digital era and working with brands. Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien has already been confirmed as a speaker at MidemNet on Jan. 23. The conference begins the day before the MIDEM music market and conference, which runs Jan. 24 to Jan. 27 in Cannes.


Clipse – The AOL Session (2010)

Clipse have been on AOL for a AOL Session where they perfomed some tunes from ‘Til The Casket Drops’ and some old tunes such as Grindin’& Mr. Me Too, thanks to Alkashi.

Clipse – Champion

Clipse – Popular Demand

Clipse – I’m Good

Clipse – Door Man

Clipse – Mr. Me Too

Clipse – Grindin’

D.A.’s New Concierge Service Phones

Mariah Carey – Making Of Say Something Part 1

Thanks to Spaceman.

Mariah Carey – Making Of Say Something Part 2
Embedding disabled by request.

Pharrell – Number One feat. Snoop Dogg (Live)

Nice performance by Pharrell and a Freestyle by Snoop Dogg on the tune, thanks to Pharrell-26.

Stevie Wonder Wanted To Be On Thicke’s ‘Sex Therapy’

Robin Thicke & Stevie Wonder On The Steve Harvey Show

You know you’ve made it when Stevie Wonder asks to be on your album. Robin Thicke visited Steve Harvey’s radio show last month where Stevie told his younger peer that he wanted to be on his Sex Therapy album. “Robin, I am a little jealous ’cause I wanted a song on this album,” he told him. “Can we go back in time?”


Clipse – Freedom (Video)

Directed By Shomi Patwary.

Kenna, Lupe & Mike Shinoda Working On A Haiti Tune

Kenna, Lupe & Mike Shinoda
just announced via Twitter that he’s working with Lupe & Mike Shinoda on a Haiti Relif tune to support the people of Haiti.

Lupe Fiasco – I Gotcha (Live At Coachella)


Pharrell Williams, Sting, Dave Matthews & Vince Gill – I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles Cover)

Pharrell Williams on drums, Sting on bass, Dave Matthews on rythym guitar and Vince Gill on lead guitar, this performance right here, that is what I have been searching for IN YEARS, here is it finally !!!

Pharrell, Sting, Vince Gill & Dave Matthews
Pharrell, Sting, Vince Gill & Dave Matthews
Pharrell & Dave Matthews
Pharrell & Dave Matthews
Pharrell, Sting & Dave Matthews
Pharrell, Sting & Dave Matthews

Tim Dougill’s Chester French UK Interview

Dougs (Tim Dougill) from the Socks, Dougs & RocknRoll radio show on interviews American band Chester French, keep an eye out for their new single with Diddy & Jadakiss – “Ciroc Star”

Chester French UK Interview Part 1

Chester French UK Interview Part 2

Pav Div Previews The Neptunes Produced ‘Broccoli’

Update: January16th (2010)

Pac Div previewed 1 of 4 Neptunes tracks Live From The Lions Den West Coast Hip Hop Supafest, Pure II from their debut album Grown Kid Syndrome (2010) (Due (Summer) called ‘Broccoli‘ They sampled their own track from “Mayor” from the second verse. Check it out, its pretty dope. Thanks to Flipbundlez.

Pac Div – Broccoli feat. Pharrell (Live)

Pac Div – Broccoli feat. Pharrell (Live)

Pac Div – The Mayor

Pac Div – Grown Kid Syndrome (2010) (Summer)
– Broccoli feat. Pharrell (+ 3 Tracks)


Alyssa Bernal – Hey Soul Sister (Train Cover)

Alyssa is covering Train’s ‘Hey Sol Sister’.

Pusha & Pharrell In The Studio

Pusha & Pharrell
Are they already working on new Clipse material or is this a remix or will Pusha T. be featured on the new N.E.R.D. album Instant Gratification? We’ll see.


Clipse At The Playboy Mansion On NYE

Clipse Playboy 3
Updated: January 15th

Here’s the video off Clipse‘s Playboy Mansion appearance.


Updated: January 7th
Clipse have spent New Years Eve at the Playboy Mansion while they’re planning to shot a video for “Freedom” this week and next week they’re shooting “Champion” with Allen Iverson and Michael Vick and apparently there’s also a “Showing Out(Remix) with a special guest, probably the Drake version from the original version.


Clipse Playboy

Alyssa Bernal – Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)

Here’s finally another Alyssa Bernal cover, this time around she covers ‘Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, check it out.

Pharrell & Kaws At Talk@Playground

I guess this has been shot when Pharrell met Kaws back in 2009 September 20th when Pharrell arranged an Art Show for Kaws, pretty interesting interviews right there. Thanks to Leo and major props to Ana for the Youtube links.

Talk@Playground With Pharrell Williams & KAWS 1

Talk@Playground With Pharrell Williams & KAWS 2

Talk@Playground With Pharrell Williams & KAWS 3

Talk@Playground With Pharrell Williams & KAWS 4

Talk@Playground With Pharrell Williams & KAWS 5

Talk@Playground With Pharrell Williams & KAWS 6

Talk@Playground With KAWS



Lil’ Wayne – Smackdown feat. Pharrell (No DJ)

Pharrell & Lil' Wayne
Here is another tune from the Rebirth Session that has been recorded back in June 2009 which just leaked with Tags on it. I managed to make the tune longer and to remove the tags, check it out.

Lil’ Wayne – Smackdown feat. Pharrell (No DJ)


Lil’ Wayne – Rebirth (Studio Session) (2009)
– Ay Man feat. Pharrell
– Smackdown feat. Pharrell
– Troublemaker feat. Pharrell, Jae Millz & Gutta Gutta
– Yes feat. Pharrell

Drake: Pharrell Is One Of My Idols

Here is an old school video by Aubrey Graham before he was Drake where he says that Pharrell is one of his Idols around the 2 minute mark. Thanks to BucketOfNachos.

Pharrell To Replace Simon Cowell On American Idol In 2011?

Idol Judges
American Idol
announced that season 9 of American Idol is Simon Cowell’s last. The outspoken, quiet but crude judge will be replaced in the 2011 season of American Idol, though the replacement judge has yet to be chosen. American Idol has, however, released a few options for Idol fans to banter over. They are listed below, along with a brief description:

Linda Perry: The megaproducer (and former 4 Non Blondes frontwoman) is reportedly a perfectionist in the studio and has helped powerhouse vocalists like Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Adam Lambert reach impressive artistic heights. Knowledge of what it takes to make a hit record combined with live performance experience could make her an interesting, offbeat choice. And wouldn’t it be refreshing to see a woman in the role of judges’ panel tough-guy?

Pharrell Williams: Like Perry, Williams (as one half of the Neptunes) has written and produced an impressive collection of chart-toppers (for Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Jay-Z, and Justin Timberlake), and he, too, has plenty of on-stage experience thanks to his stint in N*E*R*D. So in other words, he’s more current than Randy, hipper than Simon, and less infuriating than that table-banging monster. Talk about a win-win-win!

Quentin Tarantino: He was pretty terrific guest-judging “Movie Soundtrack Night” during season 3, and if Seacrest can do a morning radio show, E! News, red-carpet coverage, and produce that stank Kardashian show while hosting Idol, surely Tarantino can juggle a little movie directing with his new critiquing duties, no?

Ben Folds: My colleague Ken Tucker already made the Folds-as-Idol-panelist case after his gig on NBC’s The Sing-Off (while PopWatch tastemaker Wendy Mitchell wanted to give the guy his own show!). Plus, several of you gave Folds a shout-out in the comments section of my “Idol will be okay!” blog item yesterday. But as someone who was out of the country for much of the show’s run, I have to ask: Is Folds acerbic enough to do the job properly?

Madonna: Okay, so she has a sort-of British accent, but let’s not DQ her from the gig just yet. Think about it: Her Madgesty is cantankerous and outspoken, completely comfortable with a massive audience, and as the former head of Maverick Records, has a good idea of what it takes to launch a major-label artist (like Alanis Morissette, for example). Plus, you just know she’d kill for a venue to keep her pop-cultural relevancy well into her 60s. I’m kind of loving this prospect, and if it happens, I’d like to be rewarded with a five-figure salary and a producer credit from Simon Fuller.

Who do you think will replace Simon Cowell?


Kid Cudi Changes Album Name To ‘Cudder & The Revolution Of Evolution’

Kid Cudi
Update: January 14th

Kid Cudi recently announced that he will be renaming his upcoming sophomore release. The Ohio native, whose hit ‘Day ‘N’ Night‘ launched him into the limelight in 2007, previously stated that his new album would be entitled ‘Cudder,’ a play on his name, but has now modified it to ‘Cudder & The Revolution Of Evolution.’ Cudi, who is nominated for three Grammy awards this year, has already recorded songs with Snoop Dogg, Travis Barker and Pharrell for his second effort. The rapper will also appear in the upcoming HBO series ‘How to Make it in America‘ — a New York City version of executive producer Mark Wahlberg’s popular show, ‘Entourage.’


Update: January 9th
Kid Cudi talks around 1:14 about a “Monstrous Club Joint” he just finished with Pharrell. Thanks to pappoo.


Rapper Prophetic Gets Endorsement From Pharrell

After blowing up his home scene in 2008 with Mo’ Profit, Mo’ Progress, Milwaukee MC and Umbrella Music Group label owner Prophetic spent 2009 getting himself discovered beyond city limits, most visibly with Pharrell, who recently pledged his endorsement on YouTube. Prophetic’s combination of conscious-style lyricism and club appeal has made him perhaps the only act that can stand on both sides (north and east) of Milwaukee hip-hop. His ability to cross over to the business side of the rap game is what makes him Milwaukee’s best bet for a national breakout at the dawn of 2010. The A.V. Club caught up with Prophetic before his January 15 show at BBC to talk about what’s next.

The A.V. Club: That YouTube video with Pharrell got the scene buzzing. What’s your relationship like with him?

Prophetic: We’re really just two artists that have become fans of each other. Basically, he came across my music and liked it. It’s a nice relationship. He’s introduced me to a couple people, a couple places, a couple magazines—basically showing me different avenues I can go though in order to gain better exposure. It’s basically just like I have a friend in a nice place.

Pharrell shows his support for Prophetic backstage at the Blueprint 3 Tour, Champaign, IL.


Sierra Swan – Demise Of Love (Chad Hugo)

Here is another Sierra Swan tune produced by Chad Hugo called ‘Demise Of Love‘ off Sierra Swan’s second album Queen Of The Valley from 2008.

Sierra Swan – Demise Of Love (Chad Hugo)

Rhea Still On Star Trak, But With N.E.R.D. ?

Updated: January 12th
confirmed today via twitter that she is still with Star Trak, but with N.E.R.D.? We’ll see.

“It’s all good in my world for those who asked…still on Trak :-) lessons learned, music is still my passion, life goes on…no regrets.”


Updated: January 7th

Hi My fellow Neptunians and welcome to 2010, I would first like to apologize for the lack of updates these days, I have been busy a bit with all the holidays etc, anyways it’s 2010 and we’re lookin forward for some new (old) Neptunes Projects this year such as the new Kenna Album (Songs For Flight Due August), Christina Aguilera, Bran’ Nu (Brandy’s Hip Hop Project), Cassie’s ‘Hide’, Incubus & Good Charlotte (the rockside of The Neptunes), the Despicable Me Project, Game’s R.E.D. album and the new N.E.R.D. album ofcourse Instant Gratification, just to mention a few. To get the full Upcoming Projects List
click Here! As many of y’all noticed already, The Neptunes Production List is gone, yeh I accidently deleted the whole list, but I managed to get the whole list back and it will be re-posted soon, thanks to the guys on the forum.

As y’all already heard, Pharrell Williams has reportedly decided to drop Rhea, the female singer, from his rap slash rock group N.E.R.D., according to multiple reports. Although there hasn’t been an official statement released, the website Bossip is reporting that Rhea was kicked out of the group “because they didn’t think her sound matched with N.E.R.D.’s style, which I don’t understand, because she never really did. Her sleeping around was also a problem.” The source for Bossip confirmed that although Rhea claims to be in her twenties, she is actually thirty-two.

Last October Pharrell confirmed that Rhea was added to N.E.R.D. “Musically, we’re just somewhere else [with her],” Pharrell said in an interview. “The music is now very 3-D. It’s something you have to hear. But you’ll see. We’re definitely somewhere else. I want to leave that impact moment for when you purchase your download and you purchase your CD. The music is very three-dimensional. We’re just really excited. We feel like N.E.R.D. has always been the punks of hip-hop and the outcasts of alternative music — just a little different. But this time, we’re taking no prisoners…Now you have this little Tinkerbell that’s just stepped in and has been amazing…It’s made it a fun process. We can go in so many more directions, because we have the vocal support.”


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