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May 2010

N.E.R.D At The CLIO Interactive & Innovative Awards

N.E.R.D CLIO Interactive & Innovative Awards 2
N.E.R.D CLIO Interactive & Innovative Awards
N.E.R.D CLIO Interactive & Innovative Awards 3


Brooklyn Machine Works x Moncler x Bionic Yarn

Pharrell on his Brooklyn Machine Works BMX with his Moncler vest made of Bionic Yarn.
Pharrell On His Brooklyn

* Going Feral With Pharrell

Yesterday, we photographed Pharrell Williams and the guys from N.E.R.D for our September issue. Working with Pharrell is never disappointing. He brings so much energy and passion to everything he is involved in—on set, he kept everyone entertained and engaged with his humor and dynamic sense of style. N.E.R.D.’s on a psychedelic trip for their new album and their style has gone a bit tribal. So we thought, what better than to look to Mongolian tribesman and Native American witch doctors for inspiration?

N.E.R.D. 2
I was feeling inspired by these Mondino portraits… Needless to say, we pulled tons of fur pieces, which made for lots of fun in the fashion closet while we were prepping the shoot the night before.  Obviously, Pharrell’s look wasn’t quite so heavy. And all the guys added their own eclectic sense of style to the shots, which allowed us to capture something really unique. I can’t wait to share them with you in September.


Pharrell Calls Lynn Hirschberg An Original Gangster

Pharrell & M.I.A.Pharrell Williams knows just about everyone. He knows MIA, obviously, but he also happens to know Lynn Hirschberg. We had the chance to break the news to him about the pretty entertaining spat that’s brewing between the New York Times writer and her latest subject over this article, and his reaction is also pretty entertaining. Before we even explained the details of Maya’s Twitter antics to him, Pharrell exclaimed, “She’s an OG!” at the very mention of Hirschberg’s name.

After hearing the story, Williams, who was delightfully shocked, said bluntly. “She fucked with the wrong person.” We agreed, but then wondered if he meant Lynn Hirschberg, or MIA. “MIA, man! Do you have any idea how much weight Lynn pulls!?” We’re pretty sure he was making a joke, but if anyone would know that, it’d probably be Pharrell.


Alyssa Bernal Performing ‘Here You Are’ With New Band

Here is Alyssa Bernal’s latest Youtube video performing the ‘Here You Are‘ tune from her upcoming album with her new band!

N*E*R*D x L.A. Leakers Interview


Pharrell Confirms Working On Rhea’s Band, Shae Signed Mansions On The Moon & Christian Rich

has been on the Morning After Show With Angela Yee where Pharrell confirmed that he’s working on Rhea’s band’s album called “Jealous LoveR” and that Shae has signed Mansions On The Moon & Christian Rich, check out the Radio Rip, thanks to SLRS.

N*E*R*D On Morning After Show With Angela Yee (10′)

Angela Yee & Rhea
Angela Yee & Rhea

Christian Rich
Christian Rich

Mansions On The Moon
Mansions On The Moon

Pharrell: People Are Going To Be Shocked Of Kanye’s New Album!

Pharrell, JD & Kanye
The vagabond known as Kanye West finally reappeared in the United States this past weekend in Soho with Virgil Abloh and Don C. Later that night Kanye, Kid Cudi, and Plain Pat all hit up the CV Lounge and previewed four new tracks from West’s upcoming album. Now from what I hear from my sources, everyone at the listening session was sworn to secrecy, but this is what we do know. Rumor has it that the name Good Ass Job, may not even be the name of the album. There is a title of the album floating around which has been sworn to secrecy by Ye’s inner circle, but Good Ass Job, which West said would follow Graduation in previous albums and live shows, might not be the name of the album after all. Another tidbit which was heard about Kanye’s album is that one of the tracks that was premiered at the CV Lounge this weekend was a joint called “That’s My Bitch,” we can only assume that song is an ode to Ye’s muse, Amber Rose.

DJ Premier, DJ Semtex, and Pharrell are all also some of the people who can testify to the new direction of Mr. West’s music and all have had the same sentiments about Ye coming back to “shock” people. Pharrell is quoted with saying: “I had the chance to listen to the new Kanye West album. I think that people are going to be shocked. His precedent was crazy, this new one goes even farther.” DJ Semtex agrees with Pharrell sentiments stating, “All I can say is it is banging. If that’s a taste of what’s coming on the album, he has smacked it. Lyrically….he is saying things like, ‘Wow, he said that?’ It is going to shock everybody, the first record.” Also there are rumors circulating that Kanye will perform his new single at his June 8th fundraiser in Chicago, which also happens to be his birthday. The plot thickens…


Pharrell In Cannes

Pharrell Williams, Martin Scoresese & Shae Haley

Updated: May 18th
Pharrell Williams & Oliver Stone
dressed down in denim shorts and a BBC jacket at the glitzy Vanity Fair and Gucci party honoring director Martin Scorsese during the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cannes, France, on Saturday (May 15). Skateboard P mingled with the rich and famous, including Naomi Campbell, her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin, and director Oliver Stone
Pharrell Williams & Martin Scorcese
Pharrell Williams, Naomi Campbell & Vladimir Doronin

N*E*R*D In Cannes


N*E*R*D x DJ Reflex Interview

Asher Roth Hopes To Follow Pharrell’s Footsteps

Asher Roth & Chad Hugo
Since releasing his mixtape earlier this year, the first release since his debut album, Asher Roth hopes to follow in the footsteps of his producer Pharrell. “When you go and work with people, you never know if you’re going to have good chemistry, but Pharrell is a very smart person and very versatile,” he said. “He was just fun to be around and I’m all about working in a fun environment.”


N*E*R*D x Pop17 Interview

Very funny interview right here.

Natasha Ramos – Til The Morning

Natasha Ramos
This is another Neptunes track from her debut album Show & Prove (2008) called ‘Till The Morning‘, but the tune was given to Mary J. Blige for her ‘Growing Pains’ (2007) album and is slightly different then the Mary J. Blige version, thanks to goobersnattch.

Natasha Ramos – Til The Morning

Mary J. Blige – Til The Morning


Big Sean Talks ‘Donald Trump’

Pharrell & Big Sean
Earlier this year, Sean was named one of XXL’s Freshmen 10, and MTV News caught up with the Detroit rapper on the set of the cover shoot for the magazine’s buzzed-about issue. Sean opened up about his upcoming project (still without a release date), saying it represented more to him than just getting on. “I’m calling it Finally Famous because, basically, that’s how I live,” Sean explained. “I feel like when you’re famous for something, you’re being recognized for it. I threw that ‘finally’ in front of it just to symbolize and point out the struggle that I always had to go through.””Man, it’s unreal. I used to tell people that I used to ride to high school listening to Kanye,” Sean recalled.

Listening to people like Pharrell, and looking up to people like L.A. Reid, so getting a chance to know them now, to work with them, to do business, that’s unbelievable. It’s like super dream come true.” The “Supa Dupa” MC’s debut will feature collaborations with most of his G.O.O.D. family, as well as Drake and The-Dream, but he was excited about a track he recorded with Pharrell called “Donald Trump.” “Donald Trump‘ is more inspirational. It’s just about, like, reaching a certain point of success. Like Pharrell is singing on the hook, ‘I’m trying to stuff it till I can’t get no more/ I’m talking Donald Trump level.’ He’s not even necessarily talking money — he’s talking knowledge and power and all of that.”


Big Sean – Donald Trump feat. Pharrell (Snippet) (08′)

Pusha T.’s Birthday Party In VA

1. Clipse
2. Chad Hugo, Tahiry & Pusha T.
3. The Guests
6. Chad Hugo
4. Pusha T.
5. Malice
Thanks To WhyPR.


Rye Rye Talks Debut Album, Meeting M.I.A., & Working With Pharrell

The Neptunes & Rye RyeRye Rye has been recently interviewed by Rap-Up where she revealed that Tyga will be featured on one of the Neptunes produced tracks. Her energetic debut album Go! Pop! Bang!, is due this summer, collaborating with M.I.A., The Neptunes, Tyga, Blaqstarr, and Diplo, Thanks to skateboard.

Rye Rye Rap-Up TV Interview Part 1

Rye Rye – Go! Pop! Bang! (2010)
– Untitled feat. Tyga (+ 1 Track)



Christian Rich Managed By Shae, Decadence Artwork Cover

This is Christian Rich’s Artwork Cover of their upcoming Mixtape ‘The Decadence’ due May 31st “The artwork meaning is simple. It’s about the word “Decadence,” which in part means decay, but also an uprising. So the cover depicts a world where the people at the bottom are decaying and the people closer to the top are rising, hence a new start. As you see, the creatures at the bottom are crying and sad, while the ones above them are smiling and crying tears of joy. We tried to recreate a fictional world to set the tone for “The Decadence.“Modi from revealed that Christian Rich is rocking with Star Trak and that Shae is managing them! Check out their latest single below, thanks to Modi.

Christian Rich – The Decadence (2010) (May 31st)
– Victory feat. Pharrell


Christian Rich – Lady Uf The Night feat. Y-O of U-N-I


Teyana Taylor – Switch It Up (New Version)

Pharrell & Teyana
Here is a new version of Teyana Taylor Neptunes produced track ‘Switch It Up’ (Still Live Though). This was taken from her 2009 Mixtape ‘Teyana Taylor Star Trak Presents… From A Planet Called Harlem (The Mixtape)’ which pathetically included this 2 year old Live Version of ‘Switch It Up’ from Teyana’s Album Rap-Up preview party. We had already a Live Version but with a low quality, this is a better version, check it out.

Teyana Taylor – Switch It Up (New Version)

Jagged-Edge – Dance Floor (Not Neptunes), Credits

Jagged-Edge – Dance Floor

According to, the 2003 tune from Jagged Edge Dance Floor’ is produced by Melvin Coleman and not by The Neptunes, a nice ripoff though (Removes Dance Floor From Neptunes Folder), thanks to G’.

Jagged-Edge – Dance Floor
Ray Holton
Melvin Coleman


Lupe Fiasco Talking About The Neptunes On Slamxhype Interview

Check out this video where Lupe is talking about The Neptunes (Part 07:25) and climbing Kili with Kenna and Company.

Lupe Fiasco x Slamxhype Interview


Robin Thicke Serenades 2010 Playboy Playmate Of The Year

Robin Thicke & Hope Dworaczyk
Playboy founder and legend Hugh Hefner last night officially unveiled the 2010 Playboy Playmate of the Year, stunning 25-year-old Texan Hope Dworaczyk (also the April 2009 Playmate of the Month), in a celebration at Rain in the Palms that also included music and dance performances, red carpet arrivals, videos and previous PMOYs. Three-time Grammy winner Robin Thicke, who watched The White Tie Affair from a balcony far above Rain before taking the stage, performed a set that included a dedication of “Lost Without You” to Dworaczyk, who was perched atop a black piano for much of the performance. Two things about Thicke: He sweats a lot (he doesn’t seem to favor breathable fabrics), and his hips don’t lie. Robin Thicke = soulful sex, if that makes sense.


N*E*R*D At Drais Hollywood

Thanks to sibylle.

Affair – Rider

Here is another tune of Star Trak’s Girl Group ‘Affair’ with the track ‘Rider‘, thanks to goobersnattch.

Affair – Rider


Teyana Taylor Joins New Group Called ‘UGLY’ {(U)nderneath (G)reatness (L)yes (Y)ou}

Teyana Taylor
Apparently Teyana Taylor joined a band called ‘UGLY(U)nderneath (G)reatness (L)yes (Y)ou. according to her twitter account and check out their first single called ‘Wasted’, thanks to MartianSky.

UGLY – Wasted


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