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May 2010

Justin Timberlake – Last Night (Remake Instrumental)

Now listen to this awesome remake of Justin Timberlake’s Last Night by ChrisJustinParr from Canada, I don’t really post remakes but I just had to show u guyz this remake here, sounds almost exactly the same as the original, check it out. Thanks to Neptunian

Justin Timberlake – Last Night (Remake Instrumental)

Alyssa Bernal Is Mastering Her Album

Alyssa Mastering Album

Reflection Eternal – Get Loose feat. Chester French (10′)

Here is the Chester French & Talib Kweli/Hi-Tek’s Reflection Eternal collaboration from their new album Revolutions Per Minute, pretty nice tune.

Reflection Eternal – Get Loose feat. Chester French (10′)


The Neptunes In The Studio With Will Smith

The Neptunes, Will Smith & Game
So, what the heck is this now ? A Possible Game & Will Smith collabo produced by The Neptunes? A Recording session for Will Smith’s new studio album? Well, The Neptunes are really on fire these days that is for sure, lol at Pharrell doing the ‘SHHHHT look here it’s Fresh Prince yall aint ready’ sign.

N.E.R.D. At Victoria’s Secret

Vicctoria's Secret 3
Vicctoria's Secret 2
Vicctoria's Secret


Eye To Eye With N.E.R.D.


N.E.R.D. – Shots (LMFAO Cover)

At The Secrect Show With Asher Roth, thanks to Estevan.


Pharrell Williams’ Net Worth $77.5 Million

Pharrell Williams
If you’re wondering how much net worth Pharrell has, well according to Pharrell has an estimated net worth of $77.5 million.


Game Ends Beef With Jay-Z, Talks Dr. Dre & Pharrell

Game & JiggaCompton Rap star Game is gearing up for his fourth major label, R.E.D. Now due on June 29, the Interscope/Aftermath/Star Trak release is executive produced by Dr. Dre and Pharrell Williams. With two of the biggest music producers of all time working on the same album,

HipHopDX recently asked Game how he achieved a sonic balance between the N.W.A. alum and The Neptunes heatmaker. “It’s hard to say,” answered Game on how R.E.D. juggles Dre’s signature melodies with Skateboard P’s explosive percussion style. “With this album, number one, I want to let everybody know that I’ve been totally blessed by the Rap gods: Biggie [Smalls], 2Pac, [Jam Master Jay], Guru and whoever.”

The Black Wall Street Records founder elaborated on what exactly he meant, “They’ve made sure that this album is goin’ to be successful by putting me in the studio with Pharrell, who I hadn’t worked with, but wanted to work with every day in my life [leading up] to this album, and then reuniting me with [Dr.] Dre and the Aftermath camp – and then, to be able to create an album with those guys and [have them] both coexist without any problems, steppin’ on any toes and both liking what the other guy is doing and just the collaborative effort, it’s been real, real big to me. I think on the date when people get my album, it’s gonna make sense. It’s gonna make a lot of sense.” Dr. Dre and Pharrell have previously worked on the same album, such as Snoop Dogg’s The Blue Carpet Treatment and Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come, both released four years ago in 2006.

Game recently announced that he will end his feud with Jay-Z. He admitted that he, Pharrell, and Dr. Dre all thought that the beef with Jay wasn’t beneficial to his future. He has beefed with big names like 50 Cent and Jay-Z, but he revealed his only regret when it comes to beef has nothing to do with either. He told yahoo: “As far as Jay, he’s a good friend of Pharrell’s and he worked with Jay recently. I decided, along with [Dr.] Dre and Pharrell, that being at odds with him wasn’t beneficial to what we’re trying to do in the future, so later for that.”

Apparently doesn’t regret beefing with Jay-Z or have any regrets to anything he said during the feud. However, he did state that he regretted certain lines he let fly while involved in the beef. Surprisingly, the lines don’t revolve around Jay-Z but are targeting his wife Beyonce. “Maybe I stepped over the line because I listen to Beyonce’s music. My girl listens to Beyonce’s music. All girls do. So, when I did that, I got rained on by like, it was like a chick army at my next show. Plus, I didn’t really mean that much harm, man. It’s just Rap, man.”


Robin Thicke – It’s In The Mornin’ feat. Snoop Dogg (Video)

Making Of Robin Thicke’s ‘It’s In The Morning’


25 Most Wanted Outlaws In Hip Hop

as The Burrow Gang

Reuben “Rube” Burrow and his brother, Jim, turned to crime after the crops on their farm went bad. Though their first train robbery in December 1886 didn’t turn a massive profit, they formed a gang and eventually became the most successful train robbers in the Old West since Jesse James and his crew. Similarly hip-hop’s brothers, Gene “Malice” Thornton and Terrence “Pusha T” Thornton, better known as the Clipse took to a life of rhyme as an alternative to pushing banned product in the streets. The cocaine rap pros made a big splash with their first release Lord Willin’ in 2002, then in 2006 formed The Re-Up Gang record label for the release of their critically acclaimed sophomore album Hell Hath No Fury.


Rap-Up Previews Five Tracks Of N.E.R.D.’s ‘Nothing’

Originally, Pharrell, Chad, and Shae planned on calling their fourth album Instant Gratification, which would also feature a female vocalist named Rhea, who was supposed to usher in the revolution. Despite a name change and Rhea’s absence, a musical shift is apparent. On The Neptunes-produced tracks, nostalgia for ’70s R&B, dance, and funk take charge. Hip-hop takes a back seat as Pharrell exercises his pipes. The production is more prevalent than the lyrical content, yet the trio has deviated from the party hard, crash harder dejection to focus on songs about love, heartbreak, and victory. highlights five tracks from N.E.R.D.’s newest release.

01 – Help Me
There is a strong Otis Redding meets Ricky Fanté meets Raphael Saadiq feel to this song. While Pharrell is drowning in sorrow claiming the “cold doesn’t stop when you cry,” horns wail and a cloud appears bringing a thunderstorm. “Cold can only be killed but never absorbed,” a lamenting listener will hear while drowning in relative sorrows.

02 – Make You Feel Good
This song has the extraterrestrial, spatial sound that N.E.R.D. is known for with a simple melody contrived to “make you feel good.” While this record probably isn’t a song that shouts “Get up and dance!” the four girls hired to dance on tables during the listening session may beg to differ.

03 – I Seen The Light
A sizzling beat clamors behind a memorable melody for yet another love track about meeting “the one” and seeing the light. Why it sounds like “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day is up to the ethers.

04 – Party People
By the end of this song, one might ask, “Wait, which girl do you need one more time?” In the background, there is the recurring phrase, “What I need, what I need is that girl there.” Redundant, yet meant to create a brain imprint, this uptempo track is made for dancing.

05 – Hot & Fun feat. Nelly Furtado
N.E.R.D.’s first single may not necessarily be prime club material, yet it is perfect to pump through speakers at a packed stadium. The song, which features the musical stylings of Nelly Furtado, is fun, upbeat, and catchy. “It’s a new day, life as you know it has changed,” Pharrell says toward the song’s close.

N.E.R.D. – Nothing (2010) (July 6th)

Producers & Guests: Ben & Ted (aka Mansions On The Moon), Yelawolf, Kenna, Nelly Furtado…
Confirmed Tracks
– Hot & Fun feat. Nelly Furtado
– Party People
– Help Me
– Make You Feel Good
– You’re So Perfect
– I Seen The Light
– You’re The One (+ 8 Tracks)


N.E.R.D. Excited About ‘Positive Aspects’ Of Touring

‘It’s particularly rewarding to just go out and express this stuff live,’ Pharrell says of trek for Nothing. N.E.R.D. have been touring relentlessly in the two years since the release of their last album, Seeing Sounds, playing alongside the likes of Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West. So, with the release of their fourth album, Nothing, on June 15, you would think they’d take a break. But when N.E.R.D. stopped by MTV News on Tuesday (May 4), Pharrell explained that their new work was partially inspired by their constant interactions with fans, and vice versa. “For me, it’s particularly rewarding to just go out and express this stuff live and to see the reaction.

To see your wishes confirmed that someone was touched by it, that someone got hired because of what they heard on this album or somebody had a better day or someone was assisted through a grieving moment from listening to this album. All the positive aspects — that’s a good thing,” he offered. “And, of course, when there are babies made to the N.E.R.D. music — responsibly.” The guys don’t plan to rest anytime soon. They are set to join select dates on Erykah Badu’s Out My Mind, Just In Time tour and are also planning to visit various festivals throughout Europe and stage a few shows at home here in the States. Pharrell urged fans to be prepared.

“Go online, go to so that you understand the things that you need. You’ll need more than just a water bottle for our shows, at least in the festivals overseas. … Get your stretches in — the EMTs are always on the side, because people pull muscles and stuff. And not bragging at all, I’m just telling you, dude — fat, black, white, skinny, gay, straight, I don’t know how they treat you elsewhere at their shows, I don’t know how they treat you in streets, [but] I know how you feel when you’re going to leave that N.E.R.D show. And trust me, when they ask you what it was like, and could you describe it, could you ever put it into words — you’re going to say, ‘Nothing.’ ”


Natasha Ramos Is No Longer With Star Trak

Natasha Ramos & NERD
According to Natasha Ramos’ cousin Goobersnattch, Natasha is no longer signed to Star Trak. “Much like Vanessa Marquez, her deal ended with Star Trak and she’s decided to pursue other endeavors. It didnt end bad. There’s no bad blood/beef/etc etc”. He also revealed that she’s been working on new music ‘that she’s writing and from what I’ve heard…its AMAAAAAAZING. I cant wait for you guys to hear it’.


The Neptunes In The Studio With Tyga

Tyga & Pharrell
The Neptunes
have been really busy this year, they’ve just been in the studio with Young Money Entertainment signee and the cousin of Travie McCoy, Tyga to work on his second studio album titled ‘Careless World’ and according to Teyana Taylor’s twitter, the track they did is called ‘Raw’ and is featuring Game & Snoop Dogg. Thanks To skateboard & yezz1r.

‘TEYANATAYLOR @ the stu wit @ihategame @Tyga & skateboard P!!! Listining to Tyga new single ft game, Pharrell & snoop called “RAW” this is crazyyy smh’.

Tyga – Careless World (2010)
– Raw feat. Game & Snoop Dogg

Pharrell ‘Sworn To Secrecy’ On Jay-Z Project, Spills Clipse Details

PharrellThe hitmaker dishes on upcoming collabos with the Game, Rick Ross and others, in Mixtape Daily. The great Skateboard P has a message for you: The N.E.R.D. tour is coming soon to a venue near you. “Just be prepared when you come to the show,”

Pharrell Williams told MTV News earlier this week, sitting next to his N.E.R.D. brethren, Chad Hugo and Shay. “You’ll need more than just a water bottle for our show, at least in the festivals overseas. You’ll need more than a water bottle. You’ll need a towel. … Get your stretches in. The EMTs are always on the side, because people pull muscles.” Pharrell said his group’s shows are so fresh, fans will be speechless: “When they ask you what it was like and can you describe it and could you put it in a word, you’ll say nothing.”

The guys were able to come up with some words to describe their upcoming album, Nothing. “It’s the ultimate spring, summertime record,” Shay said. “It’s the festival record. It’s a fun record and it’s geared towards the women. What woman doesn’t want to put on their sundress and stroll through SoHo and have that as their theme music?” Pharrell and Chad have been lacing their peers with some theme music lately. The Neptunes have been back in the lab with Jay-Z, and the duo also worked on Drake’s Thank Me Later and Game’s The R.E.D. Album. Pharrell also recently did 12 tracks with Asher Roth and has studio sessions with J. Cole. “I just wanna do things I really like and really love,” Pharrell said. “I want to do it because I really love it.”

The Clipse: “I’m not sure what their plans are. Whatever they wanna do, we’re always 100 percent onboard to help. They wanted to make a super street record for the last album, that’s what we did. You know what it is about Pusha? He can make radio records if he wants. But what you have to love about the guy because he’s such an artist, he wants to make ‘Popular Demand‘ all day long. He wants to make that all day long. Listen, all Pusha wants to do is drive in a CL 600 drop, make ‘Popular Demand‘ all day and count money. He may be mad at me for saying that, but it’s really all I think about when I think about him. There’s so many other aspects to his life, but the guy, that’s what he likes. That’s why in my opinion he has some of the most venomous 16’s. His 16’s are crazy, because of his affinity for spending money, fast cars and rap.”

On Drake: “We have [worked with him]. It was a great record.”

On Game: “It was crazy, because you walk in the studio and it’s 15 to 20 7-foot dudes. All of his friends are giants. I’m in there like Webster. Like Emmanuel Lewis, looking up at everybody like, ‘Yeah, OK, cool.’ It was kinda otherworldly. Except me and my engineer, we’re the only two regular humans. These guys are like giants. But the most creative sessions ever.”

On Rick Ross: “Puff just said something to me last night [about Ross’ album]. You can only imagine where that’s going. Great places.”

On Fat Joe: Fat Joe? Any time. Joey Crack has been in the game for a long time, since ‘Flow Joe.’ He’s had a run. You cannot count him out. Every time you’re prepared to, he’ll go and find one. He knows how to make a record.”

On Jay-Z: “The guy is 40 and had a #1 record, and he sold more records than anybody in hip-hop at the time his album came out. And it’s still selling. The one thing we’re allowed to say [about our new collaboration] is he and I said that we’re sworn to secrecy.”


Jeezy – I’ll’In feat. Clipse (10′)

young jeezy
: Judging from the response on the Internet, the one line from the song that plenty of people heard is, “Tell Hova don’t pass the crown so soon, Unless he got a crown for every writer in the room/There’s too many spirits on these ghostwritten tunes, So you can’t crown the heir until you séance the room.” Can you clarify exactly what you meant by that?

Pusha T.: I actually wrote my verse [around the time] “D.O.A.” dropped. I just feel like there are a lot of new artists in the game that still have to prove themselves. You hear so much talk about who’s next and who’s up next and who’s the man and so on and so forth. In all fairness, I feel like Jay-Z is still relevant. He’s still the rapper. He’s the crown-holder right now. But, you know, he cosigns plenty of artists all the time, so I just wanted to tell him not to pass the crown too soon because we don’t know enough about these artists yet. We need to do checks on them first and see what they’re all about. Obviously, ghostwriting is a very big thing going on, too. So we gotta see who the man is behind all of these joints if that’s what’s going on.

Yeezy – I’ll’In feat. Clipse (10′)


Pharrell At The White House

Pharrell had the opportunity to meet US president Obama this week at the White House as well as Rosario Dawson & others.
Pharrell & Obama
Pharrell At The White House
Pharrell At The White House 2


Keri Hilson – Black Cloud (Chad Hugo) (08′)

Keri Hilson, Chad Hugo & Alesha Dixon

This is actually a demo recorded for Alesha Dixon, Ex-member of UK Garage girl group Mis-Teeq produced by Chad Hugo, for her 2nd Studio album The Alesha Show which came out in 2008. It was als0 supposed to be a single. The Sun actually wrote about Alesha being in studio with Chad Hugo two years ago but afterwards the article got deleted or has been untraceable at that time, so I thought that’s just another spoof of The Sun but nah I was wrong. “Alesha  has also recorded a new single, Black Cloud, due out in October. The song was written by Chad Hugo who also produced the track as half of The Neptunes.” By the way, I managed to remove the bloody DJ and Shouts from the tune and made it longer, check it out.

Keri Hilson – Black Cloud (Snippet) (08′)
Keri Hilson – Black Cloud (Chad Hugo) (No DJ) (08′)

Clipse To Release Solo Albums

It was bound to happen sooner or later. With three albums together solidifying their status as a rap duo, Malice and Pusha T., collectively The Clipse, are now looking to branch out and create solo projects. During a recent performance the younger Thornton brother, Pusha, made the announcement of releases coming in 2010, which included another Re-Up project, Ab-Liva project and solo efforts from The Clipse. In terms of working titles and release dates for the upcoming work from Clipse and Re-Up Gang, the most that can be said is to expect to hear noise before the year is over. Check the video below. thanks to darrenlaking.


Anna Wintour’s Met Gala With N.E.R.D., Diddy, Oprah & Co.

Met Gala
, Diddy, Oprah & Co. met at the Fashion’s biggest event of the year, the Met Gala by british fashion editor Anna Wintour. “I like tequila and I will have a few shots this evening!” the Oscar de la Renta-clad talk show host — who co-chaired the fete with Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour.“She doesn’t get, you know, crazy, but she enjoys a good tequila shot!” Winfrey, 56, told she decided to wear her hair curly so it would last through the night. “This is my hair down and me partying!” she said. Indeed, an Us eyewitness spotted her at Vogue’s soiree at The Mark Hotel “dancing on a banquette with Diddy and Pharrell.”, Other guests include Usher, Katy Perry and british actor Bill Nighy.
Met Gala 5
Met Gala 6

The Neptunes On Juan Epstein & Cipha Rosenberg Show

The Neptunes On Juan Epstein & Cipha Rosenberg Show
Pharrell, Chad & Shay have been at the Juan Epstein & Cipha Rosenberg Show or whatever is that show called where they been discussing for over 45 minutes a lot of funny and interesting things such as The Neptunes Classics to Drake’s Studio Session, here are some things they’ve revealed. They told Chad Hugo that he is the “Talented Neptune” and if he showed Pharrell how to play keys and drums but he friendly denied everything and said “that’s not true”. He revealed that he didn’t really played the Saxophon on BLACKstreet’s ‘The City Is Mine’ “that was a keyboard” and that he got paid $128 for it.

Pharrell said that his favourite track from “In My Mind’ “That Girl with Snoop Dogg is but that he hated the album “it shoulda been instead a Clones 2”. They also talked about Guru’s passing away “I’m really hurt, I knew him he was a good dude, we’re on the same label, Virgin” they emmediatly switched to the old school Hip-Hop and Wu-Tang Clan then. Skateboard P has been asked If they ever did some records with the Wu-Tang Clan exept Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Pharrell revealed that they were supposed to work with Method Man and that there will be a a possible Redman collabo soon “We ran into redman the other night” and they talked about the Drake tune that they did called “Dirty Looks” but rumour has it it won’t be on the Drake’s album, check the whole 45 minutes, thanks to SLRS.

The Neptunes On Juan Epstein & Cipha Rosenberg Show


Lupe Fiasco Says No CRS Album

As fans continue to wait on Lupe Fiasco’s upcoming third album, L.A.S.E.R.S., which is STILL without a release date, not even he knows at this point when it’s really coming out, yet another possible project has been placed on the bench for good. Originally planning to team up with Pharrell Williams and Kanye West to create an album, C.R.S. Child Rebel Soldier, that project, according to Fiasco, is no longer happening. I don’t really believe Lupe Fiasco because he kinda looks like he doesn’t even wanna talk about CRS like always before, he just ignores the reporter to make it short, so yeh time will tell, thanks to darrenlaking.

Lupe Fiasco Says No CRS Album


BBC Ice Cream Fall/Winter 2010 Preview

New Fall/Winter BBC Ice Cream 2010 Preview. Last week Pharrell and BBC Ice Cream hosted a preview for the line’s Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. While the line has matured a little (which is a good thing) the new collection keeps to the core values of that ‘Billionaire Boys Club’ lifestyle. Space age inspiration is still strong in the line but colors are a bit more tame and the cuts have matured. In accessories, most pieces are still very much youth oriented but there’s something for everyone in terms of the footwear. Take a look below and let us know if there are any pieces you like.


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