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June 2010

Pharrell Williams, Expressionist

Pharrell Williams talks about the lack of news sources for the youth demographic of 14-20 and how this inspired the creation of with his partner, Mimi Valdes, thanks to friendswelove.

Despicable Me (Premiere)

Despicable Me (Premiere)
Hitting the yellow carpet rolled out in front of the Nokia Theater on Sunday afternoon, June 27, the leading lady of “iCarly” opted to wear a little black dress and a loose hairdo when attending the special screening event. Miranda Cosgrove chose to stay classic when attending the Los Angeles premiere of “Despicable Me“. The brunette beauty wasn’t the only young star coming to the special screening event. Her fellow voice actresses, Elsie Fisher and Dana Gaier, as well as other cast members including Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Jack McBrayer and Mindy Kaling were also seen posing on the yellow carpet. The premiere also saw the attendance of several other young stars. Joey King, Joseph Castanon and Ryan Ochoa were among those spotted on the yellow carpet. Some of the adult stars present, such as director Chris Renaud, Maria Canals Barrera as well as Noah Wyle, brought along their children.
Despicable Me (Premiere) 2 (Pharrell & Producer Chris Meledandri)
Despicable Me (Premiere) 3 (Pharrell & Elsie Fisher aka Agnes)
Despicable Me (Premiere) 4


Chicago Rockband OK Go Wants To Collaborate With Pharrell

The State took some time to chat with OK Go’s bassist Tim Nordwind a few days after the premiere of their new video, “End Love.” Tim has been asked with what artists they would like collaborate with and Tim Nordwind said: “There’s a bunch. We’re probably going to be putting out a remix album in the fall. We’ve been able to work with some people we really like a lot. [As for] people I’d still like to work with, I really like Daft Punk a lot. I hope to work with them in some capacity. I think Pharrell Williams is really awesome. I like Pharrell a lot.”


New BBC Lookbook 11

BBC Lookbook 11
New BBC Lookbook Part 11.

N*E*R*D Live On Canal+ (Updated With Embed Videos)

N*E*R*D have been guest on French TV Canal+ where they talked about the album, Pharrell’s collaboration with Uffie, Pharrell’s Tank Chair and performed afterwards their new single Hot-N-Fun, thanks to Alkashi.

N*E*R*D – Hot-N-Fun (Live On Canal+)


Despicable Me OST Preview ‘Snippets’

Despicable Me 2
So all tracks of the Despicable Me OST have leaked and all I can say is dope! Despite the two vintage No. 1 disco hits from 1976, by The Bee Gees (“You Should Be Dancing“) and The Sylvers (“Boogie Fever“) and the unmastered tune ‘Despicable Me’ by Pharrell from 8 months ago that we’ve heard before, overall there are (if y’all remember) 3 versions now of the ‘Despicable Me’ tune. The first version leaked 8 months ago unmastered, then an alternate version leaked months later with different changes on the tune and now the OST Version contains some kids vocals on the track, check it out.
Pharrell – Despicable Me (OST Version) (Snippet)

Pharrell – Despicable Me (Alternate Version) (10′)

Pharrell – Despicable Me (1st Version) (09′)

The other three Pharrell tracks ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’, ‘Prettiest Girls’ and ‘Rocket’s Theme’ (Rocket’s Theme? Is he refferin to …) are The Neptunes we all know, those characterized flat, punchy drums with the synthesizer riffs including Pharrells falcetto voice that we all missed for all this years, especially on the Good Times tune ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ is just fantastic.
Pharrell – Fun, Fun, Fun (Snippet)
Pharrell – Prettiest Girls (Snippet)
Pharrell – Rocket’s Theme (Snippet)

Pharrell & The Monroe Sisters
Then there is The Neptunes track ‘I’m On A Roll’ by the sisters Destinee & Paris (formerly of Interscope’s Clique Girlz) sounds like a tune that will appear also on their debut album which is coming later this year, cuz I remember that they did more than one tune in the studio, pretty nice tune.
Destinee & Paris – I’m On A Roll (Snippet)

Pharrell, Lupe & Minions
And theres The Minions – Minion Mambo, I could be wrong but I think Lupe Fiasco is the one rapping in that Minions voice , because Lupe Co-Wrote that tune and it sounds like Lupe style, don’t y’all think, anyways check it out.
The Minions – Minion Mambo feat. Pharrell (Snippet)

Robin Thicke, Pharrell & Game In The Studio

Its allways dope having Robin Thicke on a Neptunes track. This is the tune we all seen seven months ago on youtube with Game & Pharrell drinking wine and working on ‘My Life’ and I think they’ve planned first to release this on Game’s album since Game has been in the studio that time, but I could be wrong, great tune.
Robin Thicke – My Life (Snippet)

Agnes aka Elsie Fisher

This is the last Neptunes track off the Despicable Me Soundtrack performed by the little cute girl Agnes played by actress Elsie Fisher, a pretty fun record.
Agnes – The Unicorn Song (Snippet)

Overall, a dopeass Soundtrack which will be out in July 6th, can’t wait to get the whole thing. You can purchase the Despicable Me Soundtrack for $10.00 on I just cant wait now to hear the actual  Score of Despicable Me since Pharrell composed it!

Despicable Me OST
Despicable Me Soundtrack (2010) (July 6th)

01 – Pharrell – Despicable Me (The Neptunes)
02 – Pharrell – Fun, Fun, Fun (The Neptunes)
03 – Destinee & Paris – I’m On A Roll (The Neptunes)
04 – The Minions – Minion Mambo feat. Pharrell (Co. Written By Lupe Fiasco) (The Neptunes)
05 – The Sylvers – Boogie Fever (Freddie Perren)
06 – Robin Thicke – My Life (The Neptunes)
07 – Pharrell – Prettiest Girls (The Neptunes)
08 – Pharrell – Rocket’s Theme (The Neptunes)
09 – The Bee Gee’s – You Should Be Dancing (Albhy Galuten)
10 – Agnes – The Unicorn Song (The Neptunes)

Product Details
* Original Release Date: July 6, 2010
* Release Date: July 6, 2010
* Label: The Neptunes
* Copyright: (C) 2010 Star Trak, LLC
* Total Length: 35:04
* Genres: Soundtracks/General



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