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June 2010

New BBC Lookbook 11

BBC Lookbook 11
New BBC Lookbook Part 11.

N*E*R*D Live On Canal+ (Updated With Embed Videos)

N*E*R*D have been guest on French TV Canal+ where they talked about the album, Pharrell’s collaboration with Uffie, Pharrell’s Tank Chair and performed afterwards their new single Hot-N-Fun, thanks to Alkashi.

N*E*R*D – Hot-N-Fun (Live On Canal+)


New N*E*R*D Track Confirmed, ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’

NERD In France
Here is another track name by N*E*R*D from their  album ‘Nothing’ that has been confirmed by, so I might be wrong but I think this is the whole N*E*R*D tracklist right there because I remember Pharrell saying that the Nothing album will have 15 Tracks.

NERD - Nothing (2010)
N*E*R*D. – Nothing (2010) (September 7th)

Producers & Guests
: Ben & Ted (aka Mansions On The Moon), Yelawolf, Kenna, Nelly Furtado, Christian Rich…
Confirmed Tracks
– Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado (Single)
– Party People
– Help Me
– Make You Feel Good
– Victory feat. Christian Rich
– You’re So Perfect
– I Seen The Light
– You’re The One
– Fuego
– For Sure
– The Man
– God Bless Our Soul
– Perfect Defect
– Nothin’ On You
– The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Added New)



Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love feat. Marvin Gaye & Kanye West (Blend)

Awesome Blend right there, check it out!

Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love feat. Marvin Gaye & Kanye West (Blend)

Questlove’s Celebrity Stories With The Neptunes

Questlove has been recently on hypnagogics where peeps have the opportunity to ask him about some funny celebrity stories he could tell us, so you can read a bunch of interesting celebrity stories by Questlove such as the Chad Hugo & Pharrell Williams stories at

Questlove’s Babyface Story
In response to a ‘Babyface’ story, Questlove revealed that Babyface’s There She Goes has already been made back in 1998 but its been released three years later in 2001 on Babyface’s Face2Face album. “he did play me a demo of “there she goes” that he did with the tunes.”

Babyface – There She Goes feat. Pharrell

Questlove’s Chad Hugo Story
the roots come to va to get two joints from the tunes. we actually work on the beat that is Beyonce’s “Green Light”. chad is next door working on what will soon be “Ride Around Shinnin’‘” with the Clipse. i tell (Phar)rell “i want a jawn with some crazy jeru noise shit like THAT shit” (the song has an open piano swirl)— so chad hears the shit we working on and then he gets an idea… grabs his horn….and he does the same 4 horn squeals that tribe did on the “can i kick it remix”…. perfectly! he invited me to the room while riq wrote to the beat–played me new N*E*R*D and Clipse and Kenna shit. i wound up drumming on 3 joints. he was amazed i did them shits for free.”


Pharrell Remembers Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
As incredible as it may seem, a year has passed since the sudden death of King of Pop Michael Jackson, as the singer was preparing for the blockbuster This Is It world tour.  Recently, N*E*R*D frontman and producer Pharrell shared his feelings on the loss of one of the most prolific, popular artists of modern music. “[Jackson was] one of the greatest entertainers of all time, there’s no way to measure that,” Pharrell said. “Unreal and unmatchable.” Pharrell argued that Jackson was far ahead of his time, and managed to make it big before many of the advantages today’s artists take for granted – digital music distribution and promotion via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc. – were available.

“He was ahead of technology, he was doing things that sort of set the standard for the way we do things today,” explained Pharrell. “You know, we all measure our star next to his, which is more like a sun.” But Pharrell’s comments weren’t just those derived from worship from afar; the musician met Jackson several times and said the star’s personality was unforgettable as well. “The times that I got to meet him and we got to hang out and talk a little bit, I am thankful for every episode,” Pharrell said. “And he’s a funny guy too. He’s like super, super duper funny.” Pharrell also noted that Jackson was a tireless worker who shone on stage. “That guy went through so much and so his only time to really be free was to go let it out on stage,” he said. “You got to see vigor in it’s purest form, so of course I nod to that dude. He’s the best.”


Pharrell At Colette Moncler Collection In Paris

Pharrell Williams
concluded the launch of his Pharrell x Moncler collection with an intimate opening party at Paris’ colette. The event included Pharrell and fellow members of N*E*R*D, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley. The eco-friendly collection embodies both a progressive approach to sustainable fashion as well as a Moncler’s own signature aesthetic. Pharrell said he made the fabric with bio-thread (that’s recycled plastic, yo). “I wanted it to look futuristic, not military,” he said. I especially dug, in addition, were his personal accessories, like the glittery-gold climber’s hoop Cosmic Blossom, as well as the reversible medallion with a Murakami character, the back side bearing a peace sign.—
Moncler 2

Pharrell At Colette Moncler Collection In Paris

Moncler 3
Moncler 5


Pharrell AT Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2011

Lupe Fiasco, Antoine Arnault, Pharrell Williams & Yves Carcelle Louis Vuitton Men's RTW Spring
Pharrell [Williams] dragged me out. There are a lot of swanky people here,”
said Lupe Fiasco, who took a front-row seat at Louis Vuitton’s men’s show on Thursday. Fiasco said he just wrapped up his tour in the U.S. and was “plotting” his rounds in Europe. Until then he’s keeping busy with a few fashion projects of his own. “I’m launching a jewelry line called Setlist & Rider in about two months,” Fiasco said, adding his men’s fashion label, Trilly & Truly, was still going strong. “Vuitton’s been so good to me, I like to support it whenever I’m in town,” said Williams. (Even if he’s in town for an event with Moncler.) A new N*E*R*D. album, out in September, will be “hippie, like this,” he said, pointing to the beaded belt he wore. Meanwhile, another multitasker, French actor, writer and theater director Pio Marmaï — who just wrapped up filming “Contre Toi” [or “Against You”] — said he was adding a new feather to his cap: “I’m building two motorcycles.”
Antoine Arnault, Pharrell Williams & Yves Carcelle Louis Vuitton Men's RTW Spring


Game Still Working On R.E.D., Pharrell “Brought The Peace.”

Game was recently on with Jenny Boom Boom and in the interview he first talked about his new “R.E.D.” album and how Pharrell “brought the peace.” Being “removed from the drama” and “coming in peace,” Game talked about how he feels Dre removed himself from the drama, during his beef with 50 Cent. Game then talked about the G-Unit group (including him and Young Buck) breaking up was a loss for everyone adding that if they would have stayed together, they could have easily sold over a 100 million records and Game is still working on R.E.D. album, this time he’s with Drake and Cool & Dre in the studio according to his twitter. “In the studio wit the lil homie @drakkardnoir & @coolanddre n all I can say is R.E.D. album…….. Track #2”


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