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Tyler, The Creator aka Baby Milo (Forum Member) Is Blowing Up, Working With The Neptunes/Kenna


Diplo, M.I.A., Janelle Monae, Drake, Al Sween, Nosrevia, Frosty-C, DJ Benzi, Keri Hilson, Mahogany and Tyler, The Creator. What do they have all in common, well all those people above used to post on this Forum or come on the IRC Channel #theneptunes on (EFnet, now Rizon) and now they’re all successful. We had them coming to the chatroom #theneptunes and the Forum from the period of 2002 til present. M.I.A., Diplo, Janelle Monae, Drake and Keri Hilson needs no introduction, Al Sween is Akon’s producer working with Akon, Young Joc & Lil Kim, Nosrevia is making money producing, Frosty-C aka Animal is Danja’s protege, Mahogany is an A&R and also works on Concrete Loop and Tyler, The Creator aka Babymilo still comes on the Forum and the IRC channel.

It’s safe to say that they all lurked for the newest neptunes shit back in the day. This site has an above average amount of people who suceed in their goals, I wonder who will be next? You got it right, its Tyler, The Creator. Tyler (20) is an American rapper and record producer from Los Angeles, California. He is the leader of the hip hop crew OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) who is blowing up faster than the speed of light right now. He just signed to XL Records, got co-signed by Kanye West saying that “Yonkers Is The Video Of 2011” , has been already on the cover of the Billboard Magazine and he performed one of the illest debut performance of all time on Jimmy Fallon. Last night, an every Neptunes Fan’s Dream came true, Tyler was in the studio with his heroes, The Neptunes and Kenna working on some Muzika. Here is how the Studio Session looked like and what they talked about written by Tyler himself and don’t forget to check out the videos below. Congratulations Tyler, we are very proud of you and wish you more Studio Sessions with The Neptunes & Co. and all the luck, SWAG!

“yeah, and chad. i asked him a bunch of shit, im trying to get the sooner or later instrumentak and the cassie hide track. i might even get to hear some In Search Of Sessions!!! ( i played chad locked away and he was like WTF? that was suppse to be on insearchof.)” “right now as i type im in the studio with P and Chad. this shit is fucking crazy. we’re making a beat. o my fucking atheist god. my fucking Hero, the nigga that shaped my life ( no homo) is a Fan of me, like, is a legit fan.”

“fuck. shit is fucking crazy. so much has happnd in the past couple days. i talked to pharrell for like an hour. knowing that my hero is a fucking fan is fucking crazy! i asked him a couple questions that fans would ask. like about that Cassie track HIDE….that shit is not coming out, from what he told me. and Really Raw is an old as beat ( prolly why is so swagged out). so yeah, thanks for the support”

“so, im at diddys house today, and you know, i ask him about the neptune tracks that didnt make the fucking Press Play or LTTP shit. this nigga played me like 8 fucking beats. and got damn, were they fucking tight. its was some that sounded like hell hath no fury type shit, and then some shit that sound like young girl/the beat goes on then some shit that sound like the Yummy type shit the beats were realllllllly goood. i asked him if they would see the light of day, he said ” yeah, one day”

Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats – Sandwitches (Live On Jimmy Fallon)

Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers

Tyler, The Creator – French

Tyler, The Creator – Seven



  1. I know who could be next, and should be, Dom P
    domponline dot com

  2. So bummed that Cassie Hide will not be released. :( :( :(

    Also though I don’t understand Tyler and Odd Future I am proud of him of his accomplishments. I hope he stays focused and achieves longevity.

  3. Great article Mika! Star Trak forum has bread a ton of great talent. Lab Ox (G Unit, RocNation). Chase N Cash. James produced for Mac Miller and he’s one of the XXL Freshmen 10 this year. Blair Taylor got signed to Atlantic. RAWSMOOVBANGAS prod. “trickin” by Mullage.. tons of stuff.

  4. I gotta get on that list soon

  5. This is a great article it only inspires to want to be on the list even more. Listen to my band T.I.M.E. here:

  6. Preezy, I would really love to see you next to blow up man.. all the luck ! Al Sween where u at man !? U gotta come back some times on IRC we’re back again lol and how could i forget James :x . Dom P is definetely dope ! Yo Volume that ‘ Jimmy Rockafella Melvin ‘ tune is freakin good! Keep up the good work !

  7. I’m glad to see dude living out his dreams, much props to Oddfuture, keep doing ya thing and fuck everyone who was against ya, Ya made it.
    Mika tell me “How Does It Feel” to see a huge success rate come out the forum?

  8. Next is prolly Nana Rouges

  9. ok ok lol

  10. you guys should look out for “YATI” new Artist coming out of Los Angeles, CA…

  11. Nice article Mika. Don’t forget about shomipowa AKA Illusive Media.

  12. Any dudes that survived the star trak forum and found success got thick skin. That forum chewed up and spit out lots of kids back in the day.

  13. I didnt forget shomi, welcome to the site orangecrush, you should register on the forum

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