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December 2009

BBC Ice Cream Season 10 Spring/Summer Look Book

BBC Ice Cream Season 10 SpringSummer Look Book
Season 10 Spring/Summer Look Book is online now.

Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming (The Neptunes)

Lupe Fiasco
Just for the record, DID NOT leak Lupe Fiasco’s ‘I’m Beaming’, it has been leaked by but I ain’t sayin I wasn’t about to do a topic off ‘I’m Beaming’, ofcourse I was about to till I saw that Lupe got all angry about the leak which wasn’t supposed to leak right now, cuz his album is due early 2010, anyways just making sure y’all should know that cuz some blogs are sayin we leaked it. HELLS NARGH we haven’t, we haven’t even had a topic about it. By the way Lupe, that tune is fucking Flawless.

Here is the original article when leaked it, y’all wonder why do I still have the article copy pasted? Well like I said before, I planned to do a topic about the tune and I was about to use as the source & preview for the tune. Anyways here is it. “Lupe Fiasco’s mixtape which was scheduled to release on Christmas was pushed back but you already know Santa Kenny had to hold you guys down with a world premiere! Here is a exclusive from Lupe Fiasco titled “I’m Beaming“. This joint is from Lupe’s new album We Are Lasers coming soon.”.


Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beaming

Something Big, Something Small (Update With Video)

Something Big, Something SmallSitting with Pharrell Williams in a recording studio on Biscayne Boulevard proved to be a wonderfully unexpected ride. Instead of playing his latest beats, he was eager to talk art. After all, it is art that brought him to Miami during Art Basel Miami 2009. Inspired by military tanks, Williams created an impressive collection of chairs for Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, which invited the 35-year-old polyhyphenate to bring his ideas to life. Williams has also created Artst Guild and Gallery, a Web platform that democratizes art and invites young minds to create, upload and share work.

Simply put, it’s a place for creative individuals to gather online with no agenda other than meeting. For our “Something Big Something Smallvideo series, Williams exposed something dear (and small) to him: his SpongeBob SquarePants socks. Few know that he’s been wearing them for two years and has ordered over four dozen pairs by now. “I just like being a kid,” he said with a grin. “I enjoy it, I don’t want to grow up.” Click Here to check the Interview.


Charlie Wilson – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now feat. Pharrell & Nelly (08′)

Pharrell Williams, Nelly, Charlie Wilson & Snoop Dogg
This is actually a Snoop Dogg tune featuring Pharrell, Charlie Wilson & Nelly from 2008’s Ego Trippin’ which didn’t make the final cut. I managed to remove the DJ off the tune, but since we don’t hear Snoop Dogg on the DJ Version which just leaked, I decided not to tag Snoop Dogg on it.

Charlie Wilson – Feet Don’t Fail Me Now feat. Pharrell & Nelly (08′)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Y’all


What is your Neptunes favorite song?

If you had to choose one Neptunes song, what would you choose?

The Neptunes

JoJo Confirms The Neptunes On Her New Album, Working With Chester French & Kenna

JoJo x Rap-Up TV 1

Where has R&B singer JoJo been? Rap-Up TV sat down with the “Leave (Get Out)” hitmaker in Los Angeles for an exclusive interview. JoJo, who just turned 19 this weekend, updated us on her whereabouts, parting ways with her former label, her back-up plan, and current musical inspirations. The singer, who most recently collaborated with Timbaland on Shock Value II, moves past the label drama and looks toward the future. Now signed to Blackground/Interscope Records, the 19-year-old Bostonian is gearing up for the release of her third album in 2010 and already has Timbaland and Pharrell in her corner. Plus, she clues us in on the project’s direction, her plans for the leaked records, and her mixtape with Clinton Sparks and Chester French. “I wanted to do something that people would be like, ‘Wow, this girl has come a long way and she’s really taking the reins,’” she tells Rap-Up TV of her new music. “I wanted people to get a sense of who I am.”

JoJo x Rap-Up TV 2


Pac Div Previews One Of The Neptunes’ Tracks

Here’s a preview of one of their Neptunes collabo performed at their X-Mas party. Thanks to nerd0016.

The Neptunes Named Producers Of The Decade

The Neptunes
Update: December 22nd

Here’s a nice article about The Neptunes being Producers Of Decate. Billboard, the holy grail of increasingly unwieldy music rankings and charts, recently unveiled its list of the top producers of the decade. Unsurprisingly, the top spot went to The Neptunes. The duo, featuring tinny-piped crooner Pharrell Williams and partner Chad Hugo, were seemingly ever-present throughout the 2000s. The Neptunes came at a crucial time in the development of hip-hop. Sampling had been mostly played out and many people were ready for a more original, electro-based sound.

The group’s unique mixture of chunky, almost jazz-like keyboard chords, flat stuttering drums and funk rhythms reminiscent of legends like Prince quickly came to dominate the charts. Starting out in the late 90s with Noreaga, the duo rose to prominence producing blockbuster hits for Jay-Z (‘Give it to Me’), Ol Dirty Bastard (‘Got Your Money’) and Nelly (‘Hot In Herre’). This expanded into even poppier work with stars such as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. The group made some suave innovations in Top 40 pop themes while retaining a signature and infectious sound throughout the decade. By the mid-aughts rumors swirled that the group was charging upwards of $2 million for a beat.

While debunked by other producers, it just goes to show how huge The Neptunes became. Ultimately, the group’s more innovative and experimental work came on its own records as N.E.R.D. and through its storied relationship with the Clipse. The Neptunes produced the entirety of the first two Clipse records, logging an impressively big single with ‘Grindin‘ in 2002. Many of the ideas in these experiments would be translated into huge hits with more famous artists such as Snoop Dogg.


Update: December 17th
The Neptunes
land the Hot 100 Producers Of Decate honour and Pharrell Williams as Hot 100 Songwriters on #2 while Timbaland lands on top of Hot 100 Songwriters thanks to the 63 chart hits he wrote or co-wrote and #2 on Hot 100 Producers Of Decate. Congrats to The Theneptunes \\//.

Decade End Producers


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