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March 2010

Bobby Valentino – Rocking With The Best feat. Pharrell (09′)

Bobby Valentino
Here is Bobby Valentino’s Version (His Version actually) of Jadakiss’ Rocking With The Best, Produced by The Neptunes from Bobby’s ‘The Rebirth (Studio Session)’ (2009).

Bobby Valentino – Rocking With The Best feat. Pharrell (09′) Says ‘House Shoes’ Is Produced By The Neptunes

Snoop Dogg – House Shoes

2 months ago, you could’ve checked Wikipedia out for the ‘More Malice’ tracklist and you coulda see The Neptunes on the ‘House Shoes’ tune credited, but I was sure that The Neptunes don’t have a tune on Snoop’s ‘More Malice’ album because I’ve never red or heard something about another Neptunes Track besides Special feat. Brandy to be featured on Snoop’s album, anyways after the album leaked I was pretty sure now that It ain’t a Neptunes Production, but still after that,  people kept talking how dope that ‘Neptunes Track’ ‘House Shoes’ is which isn’t produced by The Neptunes. I received this morning an Email from with a ‘More Malice’ review and this is what it said:

“Adding Bun B to the “G-Mix” of “Pronto” gives the Soulja Boy collaboration some proper muscle, and as far as the new cuts, the off-kilter “House Shoes” satisfies with its Neptunes production, while the Kid Cudi collaboration “That Tree” is cosmic enough to make the Silver Surfer’s playlist.” Laughing my fucking ass off.. even says it’s a Neptunes production but when you click on the credits, you’ll get this names here “Composed By C. Broadus/C. Gholson”. Someone should cop that shyt and check out the booklet asap, oh and yeah I still think its not produced by The Neptunes, Snoop is even mentioning The Runners at Mark 01:47 (Check Video), check it out.


Uffie – ADD SUV feat. Pharrell (Live) (Better Quality)

Here is a better version of Uffie’s ‘ADD SUV’ feat. Pharrell from mark 06:20.

Uffie At Cinespace In Hollywood (March 16th)

Updated: March 20th
Florida native and hot chick UFFIE (aka Anna-Catherine Hartley) debuts her brand new collaboration with Pharrell called “ADD SUV” from her anticipated debut album “Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans” (soon to be released on Ed Banger Records). Fans have literally been waiting for years… go grab back that kiddie porn swagger that Ke$ha copped baby! She performed the song, “ADD SUV,” on Thursday, and like much of Uffie’s spry dance cuts, it revealed an artist who’s willing to poke as much fun at herself as she is at the boys who chase her. Though she repeatedly noted it was “weird” to play in the daytime, Uffie was all smiles at SXSW, and her songs popped with effervescent, club-ready backdrops. Her first performance since the birth of her daughter… she rapped a medley of original tracks with a brand new DJ and fellas that tune is Not produced by The Neptunes, Pharrell is only featured on the tune, thanks to Krystee.

Uffie – ADD SUV feat. Pharrell (Live At SXSW)

Uffie - Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans (2010)
Uffie – Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans (2010) (Spring)
01 – Pop The Glock
02 – Art Of Uff
03 – AD SUV feat. Pharrell
04 – Give It Away
05 – MC’s Can Kiss
06 – Difficult
07 – First Love
08 – Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans
09 – Our Song
10 – Neuneu
11 – Brand New Car
12 – Hong Kong Gardens
13 – Ricky


Robin Thicke’s ‘It’s In The Mornin” (Behind The Scenes)

Robin Thicke - It's In The Mornin'
Robin Thicke
and Manuela Arbeláez was on the set as an exhausted Robin Thicke, who flew in from touring with Alicia Keys the night before, settled in at a sprawling Malibu beachfront property, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, to shoot the Gil Green-directed video for It’s In The Mornin’,” the second U.S. single from his Sex Therapy album. Not even chilly weather could cool off Colombian hottie Manuela Arbeláez of “The Price Is Right” fame, who played Thicke’s leading lady. The on-screen couple sexed up the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, but the lovemaking ceased as soon as the cameras were off.

Robin Thicke - It's In The Mornin' 2
His real life partner, pregnant actress Paula Patton, was not far from her husband’s side. Snoop Dogg, who is featured on the Teddy Riley production, rolled to the set later in the evening to film his scenes in his own custom Cadillac, dubbed the Snoop DeVille, with Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain riding shotgun. For the final setup, the dapperly-dressed collaborators met up in front of a green screen while the waves crashed in the background.


Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beamin feat. Jay-Z & Pharrell (Austin! White Remix) (Blend)

Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beaming feat. Jay-Z
Here is a nice blend of Jay Z’s I Know and Lupe’s I’m Beamin’, mixed together.

Lupe Fiasco – I’m Beamin feat. Jay-Z & Pharrell (Austin! White Remix) (10′)


New Alyssa Bernal Covers

Here are some new Alyssa Covers, this time around from Justin Nozuka & Amos Lee, check it out.

Alyssa Bernal – After Tonight (Justin Nozuka Cover)

Alyssa Bernal – Sweet Pea (Amos Lee Cover)

Remember Kin’s (aka Kin4Life) Goodfoot ?

Remember that Neptunes tune Kin – Goodfoot feat. Pharrell from back in 2007, we asked ourselfes (I Did) who the heck Kin are, well all we knew was that, they’re 2 chicks rapping but I couldn’t find any further information about that duo, well that’s because they’re not called Kin. Their actual name is Kin4Life, an Hip Hop duo with a growing fan base and popularity, IQ and Nor. The two black and lesbian performers formed their group more than 12 years ago and have had to overcome many challenges as they built their empire. Early in their career, they both set out to remain true to themselves and who they are, unafraid to publicly embrace their race and sexuality. Refusing to change their appearance, swagger or identity, they passed up the opportunity to sign with a major record label.

As disappointing as this missed opportunity was, they brushed their shoulders off and masterminded their independent label, Noriq Records, and self-promoted their music. Their effort is slowly paying off. Kin4life has more than 11,500 fans internationally. They have appeared in popular magazines Curve and Out. They have been interviewed by, collaborated with recording artist Pharrell, and appeared in PBS’ “In the Life” and the documentary “Black Womyn Conversations.” Their video for “Make Up Girl” was named best video of the year by in 2008 and made Logo’s Click List top 10 videos. This duo’s music is meaningful, realistic and sounds great. Their CD is a must buy. It is available on iTunes and


Kin4Life – Goodfoot feat. Pharrell (07′)

N.E.R.D. Still Working (March 20th)

N.E.R.D. is still working on the album according to their twitter. “In the studio everyday. New N*E*R*D album is on the way soon!!!”


Updated: February 20th
N.E.R.D. In The Studio 2

Updated: February 20th
Still Working On New Album.
NERD In Studio 2010 7th Feb

N.E.R.D. – Instant Gratification (2010)
Producers & Guests: Timbaland, Santigold, Lil’ Wayne, Ben & Ted…
Confirmed Tracks:
– Soldier feat. Santigold & Lil’ Wayne
– Show Me Some Love
– Radio

Teyana Taylor Rejects Dorion

I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet. Teyana Taylor (I don’t know what she does for a living) rejects reality TV personality Dorion’s kiss at a recent Clippers NBA game. Everyone knows Teyana is a lesbun and Dorion is How U Doin, so her rejection of Dorion — and him trying to kiss her anyway is hilarious and cute!


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