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November 2011

T.I. – Here Ye, Hear Ye feat. Sk8brd P (Official Video)

Official Video to T.I.’s new single ‘Here Ye, Hear Ye‘.

Robin Thicke – Love After War (Preview), Performance At The Soultrain Awards

Check out the album snippets of Thicke’s Fifth studio album Love After War which is due December 6, “Cloud 9” sounds freaking awesome and make sure to check out Thicke’s performance at the 2011 Soultrain Awards below, you can preorder the album now on iTunes or Amazon.

Robin Thicke – Love After War (Live At The Soultrain Awards) (2011)

Robin Thicke – Love After War (2011)
01 – An Angel On Each Arm
02 – I’m An Animal
03 – Never Give Up
04 – The New Generation
05 – Love After War
06 – All Tied Up
07 – Pretty Lil’ Heart feat. Lil’ Wayne
08 – Mission
09 – Tears On My Tuxedo
10 – Boring
11 – Lovely Lady
12 – Dangerous
13 – Full Time Believer
14 – I Don’t Know How It Feels To Be U
15 – Cloud 9
16 – The Lil’ Things
17 – What Would I Be
18 – Stupid Things
19 – Compass Or Map
20 – We A Family


Lupe Fiasco – Super Cold feat. Ab Liva, Gilbere Forte & Asaad (Raak Remix)

Raak remixed on of the highlights from Lupe Fiasco’s Friend Of The People mixtape “Super Cold” and added some hard and hungry Philly spitters Ab Liva, Gilbere Forte and Asaad to the mix.

Lupe Fiasco – Super Cold feat. Ab Liva, Gilbere Forte & Asaad (Raak Remix)


Odd Future’s Syd The Kyd & Matt Martians Talk The Neptunes, Mentions Indirectly TheNeptunes.Org Forum

From Left: Frank Ocean, Matt Martians, Syd, Mike G, Left Brain, Hodgy Beats & Tyler, The Creator

By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd. Odd Future, hip-hop troublemakers and stars of our December issue, are expanding their musical nebula into realms far beyond foul-mouthed tantrums and nostalgic R&B smoothies. Enter the Internet, the crew’s new kaleidoscopic pop outfit consisting of Matt Martians (of beatmakers Jet Age Of Tomorrow) and trusty DJ and engineer Syd The Kyd, two best friends and roommates who just released a hallucinogenic video for first single “Cocaine“. The space-aspiring pair will digitally release their debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, on December 20. For the occasion, SPIN sat with the duo in the basement of the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon, and discussed the Syd’s role as hip-hop’s first out-and-proud superstar and how you’re never too famous to live off Eggo waffles.

When did you start making music?
Matt Martians: Sophomore year of college. I just turned 23 a few weeks ago. I started making music when I was 18. When I grew up, my brother [Mitch Martin] was OutKast’s A&R, so I got all the new different music that nobody else had. College just wasn’t for me… might as well buy some keyboards. That summer I saved up like $2,000 and bought all the equipment I needed. I got a Roland Fantom, Korg M3, ProTools, and a new MacBook… and I didn’t know what I was doing when I got it. So I was working on my old PC and that was slow as dirt. When I first started, I used to think I sucked. Tyler was one of the first people to dig what I did. I remember the first thing he said to me was on my MySpace. He hit me up and he was just like, “Cool.” One thing about Tyler, locally he’s always been kind of famous. Now, he’s nationally famous, but locally he’s always been kind of, “Oh, Tyler’s cool. Oh, Odd Future.” People always loved it. I found him on a Neptunes forum that we both used to visit, so we kind of both had this mutual respect.



An Hour Long Interview With Malice & Power 92.1

Recently, Malice sat down with Sean Anthony on Power 92.1 to discuss his book “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked”. In a 50 minute interview, Malice breaks down the entire book, key points and discuss the upcoming audio book. Here is what Sean Anthony had to say after the interview: “Throughout my radio career, I have interviewed the rap duo ‘The Clipse’ on countless occassions since they first stepped on the scene. From the moment I found out that Malice took a brief pause in his music career to release his book, “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked” I knew that we could have a candid discussion about spirituality, family, the industry and so much more.

After reading his book, I am convienced that “Wretched….” gives the reader a profound perspective on another side of hip-hop that rarely gets noticed. To say the least, it is profound, witty and a well-written piece of work. To purchase “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked”. If you’re a fan of Malice and ‘The Clipse’ music, whether you have read his book or not, you are in for a treat. This one-hour interview will leave you inspired and touched. Enjoy! – S.A.


Pharrell Williams x Article

8 Reasons Why We Adore Pharrell Williams By
The Life of the Party: If you’ve never been to a live N*E*R*D show – you’re cheating yourself. I’ve been to four to date, and I can certainly attest to the fact that Pharrell knows how to put on a show! The energy is always through the roof, and you can tell that he gives it his all. You literally feel like you’re at the best house party of the summer (aside from the mosh pit, which usually wouldn’t go over so well with neighbors). From being a full-time rockstar performing at shows to kick flip’n on his skateboard, Pharrell just seems like a lot of fun!



Hip Hop Dan Changes DJ Name To Daniel Biltmore Thanks To Chad Hugo (Update)

Make sure to check out Daniel Biltmore’s new facebook page and he was kindly enough to mention us on his site, thanks again Daniel, we appreciate it very much!

Updated: November 22nd
Missile Command member Hip Hop Dan decided to change his DJ nick to Daniel Biltmore because “the name “Hip Hop Dan” has become a bit of a head scratcher for promoters and booking agents. I feel as though by branding myself with a specific genre, it’s become a hindrance in my efforts to ascend the ranks of the DJ world. “Hip-Hop Dan? Does he just play hip-hop? Then why is that his name?” — I’ve encountered this exchange far too often.” said Dan, he continued with “This will probably elicit a few chuckles from my readers, but about a year ago Chad, my partner in Missile Command, started calling me “Daniel Biltmore” as an inside joke.

I thought it was a little silly at first — but after revisiting, I have to admit it has a pretty nice ring to it. And to be honest, what DJ names aren’t silly? So there ya go. My nom de guerre is now “Daniel Biltmore”. In the coming days/weeks/months/I will be changing my web site, twitter handle, business cards, etc. to all match up with the new name change. It may prove to be a bit more difficult than I am anticipating, but hopefully this (seemingly) small change will be a hugely positive one going forward.”


Alyssa Bernal’s Youtube Account Banned, Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd Cover)

Alyssa Bernal had her Youtube account banned for NO reason, lets help her get it back, just sign on this petition here!


Fatherhood Turned Robin Thicke Into ‘A Real Man’

By Chris Rogers. Robin Thicke says fatherhood has changed him for the better. Singer Robin Thicke and his wife, actress Paula Patton have been enjoying their baby boy Julian Fuego. And at the American Music Awards, Thicke said that fatherhood has changed him tremendously. “I thought I was a man before I had a baby, but now I finally realize that I have become a real man because it takes a lot of compassion and patience to be a good husband and father.” Robin’s new album, “Love After War,” due out Dec. 6, is inspired by Julian. “It’s about the inner demons that we all fight, and my lady and I just had a baby and we have a one and a half year old child now,” he explained.

“One you see what a woman goes through having a baby, you know what real compassion, understanding, patience is all about, so that’s absolutely what the album is about.” So what is Robin’s favorite part of fatherhood? “The best thing about being a dad is that somebody loves you unconditionally, which my mom never did, I am just kidding — no, the time I spend with my child is the greatest time of every day and it’s never enough.” And don’t plan on seeing any siblings for Julian. “I think that anybody who has two babies — God bless you — it’s not something we are planning on doing,” Thicke shared.


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