The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Usher – Twisted feat. Pharrell

Here is one of the two Neptunes tracksTwisted’ featuring Pharrell of Usher’s seventh studio album titled ‘Looking 4 Myself‘. Usher previewed a snippet of the tune on MTV yesterday in the video above dancing to the tune, I personally thing that is freaking monsta right there, with that old-school spare drum beat and and that little sample with ‘play it back’ and those lyrics, ‘Twist It To The Left, Twist It To the Right Twist It Like U Love It, Twist It All Night’ genius… Usher told MTV NewsSway Calloway the song is a “nostalgic record” that reflects the album’s ambitious aim to represent the variety of musical experiences that have impacted the R&B superstar.

” ‘Twisted’ is more of a nostalgic record, so when you think about the classic R&B record, we managed a way to modernize it, even though that’s very relevant,” the singer said. “You hear records like Cee Lo, you hear Bruno Mars and also Andre 3000, and that sound is very relevant in this time. So this was kind of our way to tie it all together and give you something different that you probably wouldn’t normally get from me.” Can’t wait to hear the full version, in the meantime, I’ve managed to edit the little snippet from the video to a 3 minute tune for the iPod, check it out below. Looking 4 Myself is due June 12th. Thanks to EclecticE.


UsherLooking For Myself (June 12th)

  • Twisted feat. Pharrell
  • Hot Thing feat. Pharrell

Usher – Twisted feat. Pharrell (12’)

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