The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

OTHERtone Episode 15 With Pharrell Williams, Scott Vener & Chance The Rapper (2016)

m LRSlb0Oh This Sunday’s Beats 1 OTHERtone Radio Show, Chance The Rapper talks fatherhood and his 4-month-old daughter and expressed the impact that being a father has had on his work in the studio. “You can love somebody through anything when they’re your child and now that I understand that it makes me work better with people, it makes me more understanding of how much dedication and love I can put into each line. There’s no throwaway lines,” Chance said to Williams.

y2p S36 DWilliams is also a father to a 7-year-old son with wife, Helen Lasichanh, and he answered Chance’s statement with, “I’m gonna tell you, that is the best song that you will ever co-write in your life. When you think the melody can’t get any better, and you think the lyrical content can’t get any deeper and any sicker, the bars can’t be crazier, it happens all the time.”

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The OTHERtone host further said, “God’s the board and she’s writing the lyrics. And she just rewrites over and over as she gets older, it’s one of the most amazing things ever. Hows that feeling.” To Williams‘ question, Chance expressed how amazing it is to watch his young daughter grow according to Billboard. In other Chance news, the rapper teamed up with Warmest Winter at the end of December in order to raise money that would produce coats for Chicago’s homeless, where the rapper was raised and got his start in the music industry.

Warmest Winter hires the homeless to work making coats for themselves and their fellow vagrants, and as stated on the site, “Our studies show that for each 1,000 coats that are distributed, we can save 14 lives.” Donating on the site also gives the user the opportunity to win tickets to a Chicago Bulls or White Sox game, and if you donate $100, you will be entered in a contest to win two tickets to a 2016 Chance show. Check out the show on iTunes.

OTHERtone Episode 15
01 – Eryn Allen Kane – Bass Song
02 – Bump J – Hey Joe (Mystro)
03 – Sly Polaroid – Mother’s Son
04 – Bump J – Goon Squad Anthem feat. Sly Polaroid
05 – Kanye West – Good Morning
06 – Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel – This Can’t Be Life
07 – Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know My Name
08 – Scarface – In Cold Blood
09 – Kanye West – Two Words feat. Mos Def, Freeway & The Harlem Boys
10 – Jay-Z – Lucifer
11 – Scarface – Guess Who’s Back
12 – Jay-Z – Takeover
13 – Kanye West – Homecoming feat. Chris Martin
14 – Kanye West & Pusha T. – Runaway feat. Pusha T.
15 – Kanye West – Jesus Walks
16 – Kanye West – Heartless
17 – Kanye West – Flashing Lights feat. Dwele
18 – The Game – Wouldn’t Get Far
19 – Kanye West – Stronger
20 – Kanye West – Touch The Sky feat. Lupe Fiasco
21 – Chance The Rapper – Somewhere In Paradise feat. Jeremih
22 – Mick Jenkins – P’s & Q’s
23 – TheBoyIllinois – Sell Again
24 – Chief Keef – Superheroes feat. A$AP Rocky
25 – R. Kelly – R&B Thug
26 – R. Kelly – Ingition (Remix)
27 – R. Kelly – I’m A Flirt feat. T.I. & T-Pain (Remix)
28 – R. Kelly – Half On A Baby
29 – R. Kelly – Feelin’ On Yo Booty
30 – CocoRosie – Smokey Taboo
31 – Anna Wise – Precious Possession


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