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OTHERtone Episode 53 With The Neptunes, Scott Vener, Pusha T & Timbaland

Photos by R. Ostermaier. OTHERtone came to Virginia Beach with a panel featuring The Neptunes, Teddy Riley, Timbaland, and Pusha T. Pharrell Williams talked about the importance of bringing the Something In The Water Festival to Virginia Beach. “Black students did not come here to cause trouble, and we still want the HBCUs to come here. It’s not just music, it’s business, the community, the religious leaders, and it’s an inspiration. Music is the thread that connects it all. How long does a horse looks at itself in the water and sees itself and sees its strengths? This is VA and it’s time. The world is gonna see VA for the first time.”

Teddy Riley was an inspiration for Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo who both attended Princess Anne High School just a few blocks away from Teddy Riley’s recording studio. Pharrell says, “Teddy Riley was the guy that brought Micheal Jackson to Virginia. The biggest change in the industry is independence. Today any person can go online and express themselves. I enjoy the independence of putting stuff online and it goes to the masses.”  said Pharrell. “I knew The Neptunes were so far ahead of their time it’s like they were on Mars. You have a sound, you have to name it. After you create a sound give it a name so you can have a genre to self. If you don’t look like your music, it won’t connect.” says Teddy Riley.

When each of the artists was asked by Scott Vener, about new Virginia-based artists that impress them, Timbaland adds “Young Crazy has some good music out there”. Timbaland also added that when it comes to visual art in music, he doesn’t see the design, he only sees colors. Michael Chad and Pretty Boy are VA-based artists that Teddy Riley likes. Chad Hugo replied he wasn’t certain, and instead asked the crowd directly if there was anyone present worth listening to — allowing the crowd to shoot their shot and audition in front of the panel.

The experience became an incredibly engaging moment for attendees who had the opportunity to sing and rap in front of these incredibly successful musical tastemakers. One audience member had a demo reel of her work as a producer on a USB and offered it up for a listen and Timbaland took the USB and placed it in his pocket. Teddy Riley says, “Pharrell is the new chapter” when it comes to the evolution of how the music industry is changing. That certainly rings true to what Pharrell has done with SITW. Independent artists don’t have to travel to New York or Los Angeles to “make it big”, instead they can be inspired by the stories shared by these local powerhouses to make it on their own right in their backyard.




OTHERtone Update The Neptunes & Timbaland

Timbaland With The Neptunes & Jon Platt


OTHERtone Episode 23 With Pharrell Williams, Scott Vener & Little Big Town (2016)

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Little Big Town have been on OTHERtone’s Episode 23 with Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener where they talked about Music, The Neptunes and many more, check it out now on Beats 1 Radio.

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OTHERtone Episode 22 With Pharrell Williams, Scott Vener & The Lonely Island (2016)

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In this weeks episode Pharrell and Scott Vener have The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer) as their guests talking about Andy Samberg’s upcoming movie POPSTAR: Never Stop Never Stopping and many more topics, check out some of the clips below and listen HERE.

Well done, @thelonelyisland 👏🏾👏🏾 Don’t miss #OTHERtone tone tone tone today 12pm PT on #Beats1⚡️

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#OTHERtone E21 With Pharrell Williams, Scott Vener & Michael B. Jordan (2016)

13150810 1700108356874777 1175440312 nOn this weeks episode on #OTHERtone, Pharrell & Scott sat down with actor Michael B. Jordan to talk about his career, on his role in Black Panther and more, check it out now on iTunes.

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Mixtapes vs poems: @michaelbjordan @Pharrell & @brokemogul discuss on #OTHERtone today at 12pm #Beats1

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OTHERtone Episode 20 With Pharrell Williams, Scott Vener & Flying Lotus (2016)

13117828 352512221539537 952517611 nPharrell and Scott Vener sat down with LA producer Flying Lotus to talk about the State of Hip Hop, Aphex Twin and more, check it out now on Beats 1 Radio.

@pharrell and @brokemogul with @flyinglotus live now on #OTHERtone. #beats1

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OTHERtone Episode 20 With Pharrell Williams & Scott Vener (Prince Special Show) (2016)

In the latest OTHERtone episode, Pharrell and Scott Vener pay homage to Prince dedicating a One Hour Mix to the legend who just passed away, check it out below.

OTHERtone Episode 18 With The Neptunes, Scott Vener, Justin Timberlake & Tyler, The Creator (Update) (2016)

The Neptunes Tyler The Creator Scott Vener
Here is another video of OTHERtone’s episode with The Neptunes, Justin Timberlake and Tyler, The Creator

Posted April 5th.
“MY NAME IS GALAXY GEAR AND I NEED ASSISTANCE”. This was the most epic episode ever. Galaxy Gear aka Chad Hugo sat down with Pharrell, Scott Vener, Tyler, The Creator and Justin Timberlake to talk about how they created ‘Justified14 years ago, the production history of Classics Neptunes tracks, and naturally the impact and legacy of A Tribe Called Quest’s own Phife Dawg who recently passed from complications with diabetes.

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It started with Chad plugging his Galaxy Gear layering an Intro while the guys talked about some funny News Bloopers 1, 2 & 3. Tyler is the spokesperson for us Neptunes Fans and last week Tyler was kindy enough to ask us on the forum what questions we would like to hear on the show and the only reason he’s on the show besides being where he is in life, he’s asking all the questions Neptunes Fans have all wanted to ask, and he asked particulary about their favourite tracks on Justified and in which Pharrell started singing the lyrics to ‘Nothin Else’.

The NEptunes, Tyler, The Creator, Justin Timberl
Pharrell also revealed what has happened to the other Justin Timberlake x Neptunes collaborations that didn’t make the final cut like ‘Second Chance’ and ‘What’s A Guy Gotta Do’(See Below) that has been created while they were working on the NSYNC record ‘Girlfriend’. JT said that ‘Second Chance’ didn’t make the final cut because it didn’t fit the concept of the album.

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Pharrell talked later on about ‘Frontin’ where he revealed that it was made specifically for Prince but he declined the tune. Pharrell joked that the verses on the track track were only like 2 chords and the bridge was like 16 chords in itself and he basically admitted that Chad added all of the instrumentation outside of drums and some basslines, notably the entire bridge of ‘Frontin‘.

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Justin also talked about the moment he knew that stepping away from ’NSync was the right move. “The funny thing is like, literally the first day of recording, I remember walking in and we were like, ‘What are we gonna do?’” Timberlake said. He then mimicked Chad, playing a riff on the guitar of ‘Like I Love You“And I was like, just that whole rhythm]… I was like, ‘This just sounds like nothing I’ve heard!’ It reminds me of the feeling I get from certain things that I love. That moment was so much of a confirmation for me.” Since striking out on his own, the musician has won numerous Grammy awards, four Emmys and much more.

Pharrell said that he “accidentally” got into making hooks, songs like “Shake Ya Ass” were to be rough ideas, and they actually wanted The Temptations on that hook and that Pharrell only did drums and basslines while learning other instruments later on. In between these knowledge darts is a perfect mix of Neptunes hits and deep cuts by Scott Vener aka Broke Mogul below, straight nostalgia. Tyler somehow revealed at the end that there is a big project coming up, nonetheless, which is probably Pharrell’s third studio album, nonetheless it’s great to hear that JT and The Neptunes are back in the studio, Don’t miss this episode on iTunes now and check out the Tracklist of the Episode below.

Scott Vener’s Neptunes Mix (2016)

OTHERtone Episode 18 With The Neptunes, Scott Vener, Justin Timberlake & Tyler, The Creator (2016)
01 – ID – ID
02 – PM Dawn – I’d Die Without You
03 – Big Pun – Beware
04 – Spark Master Tape – Tenkkeys
05 – Fat Joe – This Shit Is Real
06 – Snoop Dogg – Beautiful
07 – Justin Timberlake – rock your body
08 – Pharre Williams – Frontin’
09 – Usher – U Don’t Have To Call
10 – Justin Timberlake – Señorita
11 – Mystikal – Shake Ya Ass
12 – P. Diddy – Diddy
13 – Noreaga – Superthug (What What)
14 – N*E*R*D – Rockstar (Poser)
15 – Jadakiss – Knock Yourself Out
16 – Clipse – Hot Damn
17 – Slim Thug – I Ain’t Heard Of That
18 – Clipse – Mr. Me Too
19 – Jay-Z- Excuse Me Miss
20 – LL Cool J – Luv U Better
21 – Noreaga – Nothin’
22 – Mystikal – Danger (Been So Long)
23 – Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You
24 – Justin Timberlake – Last Night
25 – Justin Timberlake – Take It From Here
26 – Miguel – Waves (Tame Impala Remix)
27 – Fascinator – Time To Go
28 – N*E*R*D – Victory
29 – N*E*R*D – Bobby James
30 – Jay-Z – Allure
31 – Clipse – Mr. Me Too
32 – Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It’s Hot
33 – Birdman – What Happened To That Boy
34 – Mystikal – Bouncin’ Back (Bouncin’ Me Against The Wall) feat. Pharrell
35 – Clipse – Grindin’ (Selector Remix)
36 – Ludacris – Southern Hospitality
37 – Snoop Dogg – It Blows My Mind
38 – Jay-Z – I Just Wanna Love U
39 – A Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rhime
40 – A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce again
41 – A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God
42 – A Tribe Called Quest – Award Tour
43 – Kamaiyah – For My Dawg
44 – Kamaiyah – Mo Money Mo Problems
45 – Chase & Status – NRG

OTHERtone Episode 19 With Pharrell Williams & Scott Vener (Earth Day Coachella Mix Show) (2016)

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Make sure to check out the latest #OTHERtone episode on Beats 1 with a Earth Day Coachella Mix Show.

OTHERtone Episode 18 With The Neptunes, Scott Vener, Justin Timberlake & Tyler, The Creator Today (April 3rd) (2016)

The NEptunes, Tyler, The Creator, Justin Timberl

The Neptunes, Tyler, The Creator, Scott Vener &Make sure to tune in to OTHERtone this Sunday on Beats 1 radio with Episode 18 which probably has to be the best one yet with Chad Hugo, Justin Timberlake and Tyler, The Creator.

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