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March 2009

The Saturdays Want A Neptunes Collabo

The Saturdays have revealed that they “desperately” want to collaborate with Pharrell Williams. The girlband admitted that they are hopeful the NERD singer will work with them when they travel to the US later in the year. “We hope to finish our second album over there and Pharrell is the only person we desperately want to work with,” Vanessa White told the Daily Star. “His production is insane and would help us in America.” The group added that they hope their success in Britain will help them break the American market. “America is somewhere we’re definitely aiming at. Our songs have already been played on shows like Ugly Betty and Perez Hilton is a big fan and always bigging us up,” Rochelle Wiseman said. “We’ve already had such good feedback. No-one has put us down.” The Saturdays kick off their first headlining tour in Oxford on June 5.


Pharrell Gets Angry

I think we all seen this video yet where Pharrell curses in front of fans , well i woulda do the same thing though, he just wanted everyone to be save. Check out this letter of a fan who was at the cocert that night.

I am an Emory Student and I was present at the NERD concert where Pharrell spazzed out. In his defense he had all the right to spaz out! He ordered barricades to be moved so the audience can get closer to the stage. Right as the barricades were being moved the crowd stormed towards the stage putting everyone as risk of being injured. Pharrell simply wanted to give the people removing the barricades a chance to remove them safely. The students in the crowd did not listen to Pharrell’s orders of stepping back and giving the faculty a chance to remove the barricades. He pleaded with the students several times before spazzing out on them. He later apologized to the students for his language and gave an amazing show. I have been at Emory for 4 years and this by far has been the best concert. There was a lot of energy, crowd surfing, and an overall great performance by NERD!!!!! Imad A.


Fam-Lay & Pharrell’s Shark City Clique

If y’all wondering  why Fam-Lay goes by the name Shark City Clique (Fast & Furious OST), well thats Fam-Lay & Pharrell’s Group. „I got a project called SCC coming out called Shark City Clique , me and Pharrell putting it together, something unique so ya’ll stay tuned for it“


Jadakiss’ The Last Kiss Review, 2 Neptunes Tracks

Reported live from the house Russell and Rick built:
Jadakiss’ The Last Kiss Review
1. “Pain & Torture”
When it comes to producers, Buckwild’s a name you can trust. And on this booming track, Jada talks greasier than a can of WD-40.

2. “Can’t Stop Me” Featuring Ayannna Irish
Not even the Ashford and Simpson-penned sample (Ross!) could get this track high enough on the charts.

3. “Who’s Real” Featuring Swizz Beatz and OJ Da Juiceman
Putting Jada and OJ on the same track is like mixing vodka and milk. Yuck.

4. “Grind Hard” Featuring Mary J Blige
It’s a 914 thing. The track has an electro bounce to it and meshes well with Mary’s vocals.

5. “Something Else” Featuring Young Jeezy
Dark and moody guitar strings back Jason and Jay. But honestly, it’s better suited for the Snowman with lines like: “See these blood diamonds, my chain African.” Yep, ignorance is bliss and I’m cheesing from ear to ear.

6. “One More Step” Featuring Styles P
Off the first listen, it’s not as good as their previous back-n-forths.

7. “Stress Ya” Featuring Pharrell (Neptunes)
Average at best. Skateboard P croons on the chorus and at the 2:48 mark, blings the track with the Neptune sound.

8. “What If” Featuring Nas
Jada and Nas question the game of life, with lines like “What if Jordan went to Portland” and “What if a brick was a misdemeanor.” Dope record, even if 50 already beat them to the punch.

9. “Things I Been Through”
Here is a true gem. With a Luther Vandross sample on the hook, Jada gets introspective. When addressing his deal with Roc-A-Fella, he says “I’m just another employee that’s on line.” Job security is a muthafucka these days.

10. “I Tried” Featuring Avery Storm
Heavy cymbals + drum machine + Avery Storm= Filler Fail

11. “Rockin’ With The Best” Featuring Pharrell
This is another cut that caught my ear. Expect to hear this on a radio station near you.

12. “Smoking Gun” Featuring Jazmine Sullivan
A conceptual record featuring the window breaker on the hook. At the end each verse, Jada references using a burner to get his point across.

13. “Cartel Gathering” Featuring Ghostface Killah & Raekwon
Can’t trust those pesky tagged internet leaks. Pretty Tone spits his game, on the version I heard.

14. “Come & Get Me” Featuring S.I. & Sheek
Jada, Sheek and newcomer S.I. go in on this sinister cut. S.I. sings “…You can get a fresh buck 50/ We got guns, money, liquor, drugs/ Right here ’til they come get me .”

15. “By My Side” Featuring Ne-Yo
This track is still wavy.

16. “Letter To B.I.G.” Featuring Faith Evans
After Jada’s kite, the whole game ran to the mailbox.

17. “Something Else (Remix)” Featuring Young Jeezy, Snyp Life, Bully, AP, Boo Rossini & Blood Raw
Too many niggas. *presses button pointing to the right*

18. “Death Wish” Featuring Lil Wayne
Jada comes through, but Wayne’s Marvin the Martian flow is less than desired.
Thanks To LeonM


Jadakiss – The Last Kiss (2009)
01 – Pain & Torture
02 – Can’t Stop Me feat. Ayannna Irish
03 – Who’s Real feat. Swizz Beatz & OJ Da Juiceman
04 – Grind Hard feat. Mary J. Blige
05 – Something Else feat. Young Jeezy
06 – One More Step feat. Styles P.
07 – Stress Ya feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
08 – What If feat. Nas
09 – Things I Been Through
10 – I Tried feat. Avery Storm
11 – Rockin’ With The Best feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
12 – Smoking Gun” feat. Jazmine Sullivan
13 – Cartel Gathering feat. Ghostface Killah & Raekwon
14 – Come & Get Me feat. S.I. & Sheek
15 – By My Side feat. Ne-Yo
16 – Letter To B.I.G. feat. Faith Evans
17 – Something Else feat. Young Jeezy, Snyp Life, Bully, AP (Remix)
18 – Death Wish feat. Lil’ Wayne

NERD – Soldier feat. Santigold & Lil’ Wayne (Live At Jimmy Fallon)

Download The MP3 Here !

NERD ~ Article

Rain has officially plagued every concert this year, perhaps a sign that SPC needs to start sending the event schedule to Mother Nature ahead of time. Yesterday’s nasty weather made students a little nervous about the fate of the Spring Band Party featuring energetic trio NERD Luckily, the clouds closed up just in time for the most interactive, entertaining performance of the year. NERD, composed of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shae Haley, have become known for creating a genre of their own — a mix of digital sounds and funk rock. The group upheld its reputation with its energetic, non-stop performance. Students were anxious as the show began later than promised, but it only succeeded in building up the anticipation as the crowd finally exploded when NERD took the stage. After less than a minute, Pharrell called everything to a halt, teasing the audience, explaining, “Hold on a second. I’m in Atlanta right now. Let’s get it right.”

Encouraging students to get completely into it, the group managed to take the concert to an outrageously rowdy level never seen before on Emory’s campus. The crowd was eager to follow Pharrell’s set of rules including, “If someone is crowd surfing, you will hold them up.” NERD exploded with energy as they prodded the crowd to reach a level of hype satisfactory to them. Finally, a couple songs in, the entire audience let loose as girls in the audience were hoisted up to crowd surf. It was an on-stage party as the group raged with funky songs like “BrainNERD momentarily paused, insisting everyone stand completely still then jump all together “as high as you can.” Songs from its newest album, Seeing Sounds, prevailed in the show, giving the audience a taste of its most recent creations. In an online interview, Pharrell explained the title of the album: “We just wanted people to see the music the same way we did.” Living up to this goal, the group was animated and full of life on the McDonough stage.


NERD Spring Break 2009 Performances

Spaz“, „Soldier feat. Santigold“ & „Everyone Nose“.
NERD – Soldier feat. Santigold (Live In Panama City, Florida) (Spring Break) (MP3)

Clipse Upcoming Shows



April 19th – Indio, California – Cochella Music Festival – 12:00PM


May 6th – Connecticut – Wesleyan University Middletown – 12:00PM

Santigold Recorded More Than „Soldier“ With NERD/The Neptunes

The rapper/singer/songwriter now known as Santigold isn’t letting a little ol’ “o” get in her way. Despite being forced to change her moniker, Santigold has been busy in the studio, making guest appearances on new albums from the Beastie Boys and David Byrne while recently recording new tracks with Pharrell, according to Billboard’s sources.  She’s also getting ready for a spring headlining tour, her first with a full band. In February, she announced the change of her longtime nom de plume from Santogold with an ambiguous announcement: “Change the graffiti on the bathroom wall, get your tattoo fixed, get your t-shirt airbrushed and change the name on your year end list… She’s not telling you why, that’s just how it is. No unpronounceable symbol, no numbers where they shouldn’t be, no random capitalization, just plain ass Santigold so remember that.”

Unacknowledged in the statement was the pending lawsuit from a certain Santo Gold, a jeweller, part-time film director and 1980s infomercial staple. The Baltimore-based Santo Gold recently announced plans for his own record, entitled “I Am The Real Santo Gold.” No matter, the newly dubbed Santigold is busier than ever.  She recently played a free gig at the US Open Snowboarding Championships in Vermont and helped kick off Jimmy Fallon’s new gig on “Late Night.” For the spring tour, she’s bringing Downtown Records label mate Amanda Blank and Trouble Andrew, who can be heard on the Santigold track “I’m A Lady,” as openers. Santigold will appear at the Sasquatch Festival in Washington, the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee and the Roots Picnic in Philadelphia.


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