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May 2009

Pusha T.’s Soundtrack Of Life

When I take a break from the recording studio, I like to ride around Virginia Beach, Va., Bumping (1)”Looking at the Front Door” and (2)”What’s Beef?” Those are two songs that made me the rapper I ­am today. I know we make more lyrically skilled songs, but I respect some pop-rap records. Would you believe that I was totally entertained by the whole MC Hammer era? (3)”U Can’t Touch This“? I thought that was gettin’ busy onstage. [Hammer] even had the gumption to face New York with those pants and that vest with his chest open [laughs]! I know Malice really enjoys rock music. He says he can play The Killers’ Sam’s Town in the shower until the water turns cold. (4)”Uncle Jonny” is his favorite. R&B-wise, Teddy Riley is the coldest. His new-jack-swing cuts make me happy as shit. Guy’s (5)”Groove Me” can get me through anything during the day. It’s nice out today, so we’re about to have a cookout. I’m about to turn on (6)”Jamming” and make some jerk chicken and drink a Red Stripe.

Pusha T.s Playlist

1. Main Source’s jazz-tinged breakup anthem from their classic debut, Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch, 1991).
2. The Notorious B.I.G. kicks serious knowledge about what true trouble is all about (Bad Boy, 1997).
3. MC Hammer introduced the world to parachute pants and unfathomable dance moves (Capitol, 1990).
4. From The Killers’ acclaimed sophomore album, Sam’s Town (Vertigo/Island, 2006).
5. The suits Teddy Riley and company wore for the cover of their debut album, Guy (MCA, 1988),were shinier than anything Puff Daddy and Mase ever donned.
6. One of the epic songs Bob Marley and The Wailers recorded in England after an assassination attempt on Marley, December 3, 1976 (Tuff Gong, 1977).


Chester French Want To Be James Brown, Antenna Summer 09′ Issue

chester-french-antenna-summer-09Chester French have been featured on the Cover of Antenna Summer 09′ Issue and did a  interview with There are a lot of things you can become after graduating Harvard – a doctor, lawyer or entrepreneur – but a rock star? Not likely. But D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey, recent grads who make up the pop duo Chester French, are taking an unconventional route with their Ivy League education. Instead of working a 9-to-5 or continuing their studies, they’re busy promoting their debut CD, “Love The Future,” released last month. “We want to be James Brown, we want to be like Led Zeppelin,” Wallach, the group’s vocalist, said. Wallach and Drummey, both 24, studied African-American studies and social anthropology, respectively, when attending Harvard. Wallach, who’s from Milwaukee and Drummey, of Boston, graduated in 2007 and began their career as full-time musicians soon after. “We were just dudes who hung out in the studio all the time making our records and once we finished what we thought of as the first draft of our album, we started sending it around to a million different people,” Wallach said.

“With great serendipity near the end of our senior year, a number of threads connected and we ended up getting opportunities to work with Kanye (West), Pharrell, Jermaine Dupri (and) Pete Wentz,” he said. Though they were courted by all of those heavyweights, they chose Pharrell’s Star Trak label to release their debut CD. They say Pharrell promised to not hinder their creativity. “People might think he would want to exert a lot artistic control, but what he liked was that we were self-contained, and we were producing and engineering and writing everything ourselves,” Wallach said. Their debut disc is a retro-pop mix with soul and rock influences. “We made it in our dorm basement,” said Drummey, who arranged the CD and plays the guitar. The band hopes to appeal to fans who appreciate all genres of music. “We always looked up to acts like Beck or OutKast, who similarly defy categorization but always have a consistent quality to what they do,” Wallach said.


Clipse ~ Interview

When it comes to rhyming about the glamorous and gritty life of dealers-ternt-rappers, The Clipse are among hip-hop’s elite. Thinking beyond the beats and bars, Malice and Pusha T. realized that they weren’t just the dynamic duo of drug rap, but also fashion trendsetters. Their clothing line, Play Cloths, debuted at MAGIC in 2008 and has been causing chatter amongst fashion fiends ever since. With their third proper album, “Til The Casket Drops,” on the horizon and moments before rocking NYC’s Webster Hall, the Brothers Thornton got with StreetLevel to discuss soaking up game from Pharrell Williams and A Bathing Ape’s Nigo, avoiding the rapper-with-a-clothing-line cliché and what the hell a “Tokyo Buffoon” is.


Making Of Ciroc Star With Chester French & Clinton Sparks

Download The Mixtape Here !

NERD On 106 & Park

T-Mobile Party With DJ Chad



Pharrell – Can I Have It Like That feat. Gwen Stefani (Chad’s Baltimore Mix) (06′) (MP3)

Pharrell ~ Interview

Busta: “Pharrell’s New album Is Incredible, Un F—in’ Believeable!

pharrellUPDATE: May 16th
Zoom (2010) (Universal Pictures, Imagine Entertainment)
Director – Preston Whitmore
Producer – Brian Grazer
Score & Composer – Pharrell Williams
Writer – Preston Whitmore

I was thinking about this today and I think now there won’t be a Pharrell solo album, well not this time thought , i think Busta Rhymes heard the Score for the upcoming Zoom movie since Busta said: “a movie is coming with the album, with some big f—in’ super-producer in Hollywood. They heard the album and they couldn’t believe it so they wanted to write a script for a movie that goes with the entire album. And the movie is gonna be based on the topics that he talks about in his songs“, so yeah i think there won’t be a new solo album, it’s the Zoom Score. Zoom is based on his own life growing up in West VA where he attended high school and met Chad Hugo…which led to the creation of The Neptunes. Pharrell will compose the score and soundtrack. “Zoom” is the story of a troubled West Virginia youth who attends a music academy and finds his voice and a place in the world.

May 15th
Check out this “Back On My B.S” Review by Busta Rhymes himself where he explained how they created The Neptunes track “Kill Them” and check out what else Busta said…
“This is one o’ the two tracks that were originally done when I was signed to Aftermath – the other was Don’t Believe ‘Em. The rest of the album was re-done when I did the deal with Sylvia. The beat here was inspired by Shame On A Nigga, from ODB. The guest on it is a lady called Tosh, a Jamaican Mariah Carey-type singer, but I wanted her to give me that raw Jamaican patois on this record, and cos of my Jamaican descent I did the same thing. And everybody take notice: Pharrell’s new album is incredible. He played it to me in the studio and that shit made me cry, just like with Midnight Marauders when I first heard it. This isn’t Rebel Child Soldier [Pharrell's rumoured supergroup with Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco], this is Pharrell by his self! Yo, the shit that he does on this album, he has never given it to anyone, ever. And it’s no cameos on it! He has no-one with him on his album at all – it’s just him by his self. This shit is the most incredible fuckin’ album I’ve heard since Midnight Marauders. In f—in’ tears, cryin’ hysterically in the studio! Un f—in’ believeable! And the entire album is about the suffering in the urban community. But this album is so crazy, that right now I think a movie is coming with the album, with some big f—in’ super-producer in Hollywood. They heard the album and they couldn’t believe it so they wanted to write a script for a movie that goes with the entire album. And the movie is gonna be based on the topics that he talks about in his songs. The movie provided the script. Yo, this shit is so f—ing crazy! So crazy!”
It looks like Pharrell is planing a In My Mind Part 2, or is it Clones II: Empire Strickes Back ?XXLMag”, we’ll see!


TheNeptunes.Org x Natasha Ramos Interview

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We managed to get Natasha Ramos aka Tasha for a Interview, Thanks to Goober, where she speaks about her new album, how she signed to Star Trak, her Kanye West collaboration on The Neptunes produced track “Screwed”, being a former member Star Trak’s Girl Group and much more. So let’s get it started. “It’s been a while since anybody heard and seen anything from me, but I’m Back Bitches!, Right now, I’m Tasha Ramos, you can call me Natasha Ramos. Over the past few months I have been working on new music and some of you may know that I got a song on the Fast & Furious Soundtrack “La Isla Bonita” a Madonna’s Remake which I’m very proud of”.

How Did You Get Started?
When I was 17, my mom told me about this talent show where I went to the audition. At that time Destiny’s Child broke up and they were looking for a 3rd member, so they have chosen me. We did 10 songs, ans we were really close to finish the album, but my manager & I had differences. It didn’t worked out, I was not ready yet. I left the group and I came back home. It was so stressful, that I wanted to give up, but then what actually made me not give up was, I had a dream about Aaliyah after she past away, I was at the grocery store and was looking at magazines with pictures of her and the pictures became live and she started talking to me. When I woke up, I said I can’t just give up like that, I was inspired by that dream. I’ve been singing before I could even speak, and I always wanted to be a Perfomer/Singer. My first performance was when I was Six year old in front of an audience, after that I was just looking for different Talent Shows. I sang the National Athem in High School.

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Working With The Neptunes & Star Trak Girl Group
A High School friend, “Brandon” came to me one day and told me about this guy called Reggie who knows the producer “Troy Oliver” who already worked for Jennifer Lopez, Ginuwine and many more, and I got to meet Troy who introduced me to L.A. Reid where I sang “Yesterday By Shanice” for him. He was blown away after the performance. So I ended up signing with Arista/Chocolate Factory and started working on my album with The Neptunes. We did a couple of tracks such as Midnight Hour and Invisible. We we were so close to finish the album but then Arista canceled the project. After that, Pharrell had the Idea to make a Star Trak Girl Group with three Spanish Girls, so Vanessa Marquez, me and Tffany Villarealjoined the group but it didn’t worked out at the end and we all went separate ways and I signed to Star Trak then.

Who Recorded The “Midnight Hour” Video?
It was Kenny Ortiz, he was my A&R at that time.

Why Do You Look Bored In The Video?
People on Youtube just make me laugh, they just speak and they just dont know. The reason that I looked so leanbacked and chilled was because I just came back from L.A. from a Darkchild Session that lasted 4-5 days and flew straight from L.A. to Virginia. I was exited working with Pharrell but at the same time supertired. So I was absolutelly not bored, there was no way I could have been bored in the presents of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.

Who Made The “Midnight Hour” Beat?
The Neptunes made the beat, Pharrell wrote it 6 years ago.

What About Natasha – So Sick feat. Clipse?
That’s not by me, I did not record that song. That’s Natasha from Jive Records, I’m Natasha from Star Trak Records. It did cause some cofusion because that record features the Clipse, you would think that’s kind of a give, to work with the Clipse who are on the same label but it really wasn’t.

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How Is Star Trak Treating You?
I got a very close contact with the record label and it’s not just a label with me, it’s a familly, so if I have to call somebody up and say “hey this is going on am I right” It’s Star Trak.

What Do You Feel About The Current State Of The Industry?
The music is not what it used to be, people who feel and love music would agree with me. A lot of labels are looking for things that don’t really matter, not everybody can be Beyonce, dances and sings and backflips all at the same time, my speciality is singing, with the vocals and the pen. That shouldn’t be something that people are gonna be like “She doesn’t dance like Ciara so I don’t know if she’s gonna be big”. It’s all about what you’re hearing what you feel.

Who Are You Inspired By?
Musically I’m inspired by anybody who’s inspired by their own music, anybody who’s inspired by what they do. I’m inspired by them, because anybody who’s really passion about what they do can hear it feel it, I can’t really point by who am I inspired by, I’m just inspired by great music wether it’s just one song of an artist that Is awesome or the whole album.

What Kind Of Music Are You Listening To?
I listen to every genre of music, if it’s good music, I like it.

How Did “La Isla Bonita” Come About?
Star Trak’s A&R Jay Jackson actually contacted me and said that they have this record for me to do. I came to New York and I didn’t even know the song back then, all I knew was that it’s for a Soundtrack. It’s producer by J. Drew Sheard II. ” Kierra “Kiki” Sheard’s brother” one of my favourite gospel singers.

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Any Secret Projects?
It wouldn’t be a secret project if if I told you, right ?. So it’s gonna have to stay a secrect!

Pontential First Single?
I can’t really say what single I should pick. If they can make a whole album a single that would be a deal.

What Can We Exept From The Album?
It’s just realness, real music. Stuff that is musical, good melodies and just great tracks and awesome lyrics and real topic that people go through, I’m all for music that can make you dance, but at the same time I’m all for music that can make you think and cry and feel and be that’s what I want and that’s what you’ll get.

Are There Any Other Contributors On The Album?
The album is not completely done yet, so obviously The Neptunes, Troy Oliver, Hit-Boy, Ryan Lesle maybe again etc.

Any Collaborations?
So far I have one song with Kanye West called “Screwed’ produced by The Neptunes. His verse is so stupid.


Pharrell To Collaborate With Takashi Murakami

Artist Takashi Murakami and music impresario Pharrell Williams have both collaborated with Louis Vuitton, and now the two men, both represented by Paris art dealer Emmanuel Perrotin, are collaborating on artworks with a dash of bling. Word has it Williams is having his cult jeweler, Jacob & Co., pave everyday objects in precious stones, which will then be incorporated into sculptures by Murakami. The works are to be unveiled at the Art Basel fair next month.


Malice Video Blog 3

Chester French ~ CNN.Com Interview


Chester French, Max Drummey, left, and D.A. Wallach are earning buzz as a band to watch. Go to the duo’s Web site and you can scoop up an entirely free “athletic-themed” album. The idea is that you’ll be so impressed by the free stuff, you’ll feel inspired to buy the band’s official debut album, “Love The Future” (Star Trak/Interscope), which came out last month. “We’re doing something that’s never been done by a band before,” says lead singer D.A. Wallach. “It’s great because when you put out free music, people can spread it around as much as they want. And right now as we’re just trying to expose ourselves to more people. Every new supporter helps.” The band has even come up with a fancy name for its fans: “VIP Concierge Service.” So who are these two clever, skinny dudes who jokingly claim to “put in a lot of burn at the gym”? Wallach and Max Drummey met at Harvard, but found music to be more interesting than their studies.

Fortunately for them, sought-after producer Pharrell Williams liked what he heard and signed the group to his label. So far things seems to be working out for Chester French (named for sculptor Daniel Chester French, though the group is sick of explaining). They won a place on Rolling Stone’s “Artists to Watch” list in 2008. HBO’s “Entourage” showed some love for their catchy single “She Loves Everybody.” “Right now we’re on the first tour bus we’ve ever had,” says Wallach. “We were driving around in a van for the past year and a half and it’s a real luxury now to be able to sleep while we’re driving.” The band spoke to CNN about the challenges of navigating a rapidly changing industry, getting punched by a pretty girl in a music video and why the Beach Boys have nothing on them.


Pharrell Says The Neptunes Are Plotting Rap Comeback

Pharrell hinted at turning his attention back towards The Neptunes, renewing his focus on hip-hop production, last night (May 12) while backstage at BET’s 106 and Park. “We got a lot of new treats,” Pharrell told, with Shay and Chad Hugo nodding in agreement. “I know I’ve been out doing the rock n’ roll thing, but know that the empire strikes back.” First up will be Clipse’s third studio album, ‘Til The Casket Drops, which Pharrell admits to providing a “sizeable amount” of the beats, including the collabo with a certain Harlem rapper. “The feature with Cam’Ron is pretty serious,” said Shay, breaking his silence, with Pharrell concurring, “Cam blacks on that.” However, the Virginia super producer was decidedly against a hip-hop direction for a next NERD album. “If you were to ever go on the road with us, and see 80,000 people jumping at festivals, you’d know that there’s room for a hip-hop element — but those kids wanna jump,” said Pharrell. “And we’re absolutely hooked on it.” “It’s got more steroids in it,” he said of the trio’s more rock-oriented sound, adding, “but hip-hop is definitely one of the shots.”


Clipse Interview With Mikey Fresh

They talk about the Cam’Ron collaboration “Popeye“.

NERD Nominated For Best Group At BET Awards

has been at 106 & Park to attend the BET Awards nomination show.

Best Group:The Roots
GS Boyz
Three 6 Mafia

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