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August 2009

Nicki Minaj – I Gets Crazy feat. Teyana Taylor & Lil’ Wayne (Remix)

Nicki Minaj is a American rapper grewing up in Southside Jamaica and Queens, New York was discovered on MySpace by Dirty Money CEO Fendi who signed her to his Dirty Money label. A pretty dope tune, check it out.

Nicki Minaj – I Gets Crazy feat. Teyana Taylor & Lil’ Wayne (Remix)

The Neptunes Are Working With Birdman

and Jay Sean hit the club in the music video for ‘Written On Her‘, a new single from Birdman‘s upcoming release ‘Always Strapped‘. A music video in support of Birdman’s single “Written On Her” has just made its way out for public viewing pleasure. It captures Birdman and Cash Money‘s artist Jay Sean, who lends his vocal to the song, hitting a club. While Birdman invites several girls to join him on his table, Sean sets his eyes only on a woman. “Written On Her” has been confirmed as one of the new materials in Birdman’s upcoming fourth studio album “Always Strapped” which is yet to have any release date.

Beside collaborating with Jay Sean, Birdman is also expected to team up with Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Pharrell Williams, Akon and DJ Khaled in this effort. Birdman does not only have a solo album under his belt but also have a collaborative record with fellow rapper Rick Ross called “The H” in the works. Greater than that, he along with T-Pain and Ross are featured in Glasses Malone’s single “Sun Come Up“.


Birdman – Allways Strapped (2009)
- Champion Pharrell & Mack Maine

Nelly – Let It Go (Lil’ Mama) feat. Pharrell (Video)

It’s Finally out after a  year of delay,its pretty  nice. Check it out, thanks  to Skateboard.

Cam’Ron Snubs Clipse Once, But Not Twice

After previously giving the Clipse the cold shoulder, Cam’Ron has finally come around. The Virginia duo originally reached out to the Dipset rapper about appearing on the remix to their debut hit “Grindin’,” but he turned them down. “We wanted Cam on the ‘Grindin’ (Remix)’ back in the day and he was like, ‘Get outta here with that,’” Malice reveals to But the tables have turned. Seven years after releasing their first album, the Clipse was finally able to convince Cam to drop a verse. “I think what’s dope about it is we’re coming out of a hiatus, same with Cam’Ron. To come back into the arena and do so together, I think it’s pretty much a big deal.” Their collaboration, “Back By Popular Demand,” will be featured on the Clipse’s third album Till The Casket Drops, due October 20. “It’s really crazy. It’s insane. I think everybody got off on that track.” While Cam’Ron may have been a chase, it didn’t take much persuasion to get Pharrell to come through. “Pharrell did his thing. I gotta admit,” adds Malice. “As always, The Neptunes were in the studio and they were just showing off this time. A few things were a tug of war, but when they came with it, they just came with it every time.”


Chester French ~ Interview

Dr. Dre Plans New ‘Digital Music Ecosystem’

, Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre pose with headphones from “Beats By Dr. Dre” made by Monster Cable. A new alliance between hip-hop impresario Dr. Dre, Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine, and computer maker Hewlett-Packard aims to save digital music. No, this is not an attempt to fix the record industry’s business woes. The goal is to lift the sound quality of the too-often tinny tunes squeaking out of our ear buds, and it’s an ambitious plan nonetheless. HP will release premium-priced laptops, headsets, and software featuring the “Beats By Dr. Dre” brand sometime this fall, music industry sources with knowledge of the offering told CNET News. In an interview last week, Iovine declined to discuss HP or any other company that may be involved. He confirmed, however, that he and Dr. Dre are part of a plan to reconstruct the entire “digital music ecosystem” from the sound file to the computer and culminating with high-end headsets.

The gear produced by Dr. Dre and Iovine doesn’t appear to come from some vanity project by would-be celebrity entrepreneurs. Dr. Dre and Iovine enlisted such artists as Pharrell,, and Gwen Stefani for coming up with the right sound and design of the Beats By Dr. Dre headphones, built by Monster Cable. Together they produced the “Tour” in-ear headphones that were rolled out last January and have since received critical success. “Monster Cable’s headphone collaboration with Dr. Dre, the Beats, surprised us with their musical prowess back in August,” wrote Slashgear last December. “While celebrity endorsements tend toward the cheesy, and Monster’s products toward the over-priced, we weren’t expecting much; in actual fact, they proved impressively capable.”


Michael Jackson – The Remix Suite (2009)

Who would’ve thought that The Neptunes gonna use a young  Michael Jackson tune to remix it, it’s Pharrell’s Mum Favourite MJ Tune and it’s pretty much a dopeass remix off MJ‘s The Remix Suite, check it out. R.I.P. Michael.

Michael Jackson – Never Can Say Goodbye (Neptunes Remix)

Update: August 12th
Universal Motown Records
has enlisted the hottest producers in the game to pay homage to Michael Jackson by remixing their favorite tracks from The Jackson 5’s timeless catalog of gems and jams. Akon, Swizz Beatz, Q-Tip, Ryan Leslie, and Rodney Jerkins are just a few of the superstar producers who are featured on „Michael Jackson – The Remix Suite“. Boasting more than 20 innovative renditions of popular hits such as “ABC” and “Dancing Machine,” along with obscure classics like “Maria” and “Skywriter,” Michael Jackson – The Remix Suite will be released in five digital bundles of five songs. The first bundle—featuring Polow Da Don, The Neptunes, Dallas Austin, Salaam Remi, and Stargate—will be available for digital purchase on August 25, followed by a new bundle every two weeks leading up to the physical release of the entire collection on October 27. “It’s no secret that Michael Jackson’s phenomenal talent inspired countless entertainers,” says Universal Motown President Sylvia Rhone, who spearheaded the making of Michael Jackson – The Remix Suite.

“But his music also inspired many of today’s finest producers. That’s why we thought it would be exciting to invite them to put their own unique spin on his work. From Michael’s amazing vocals to the great melodies, grooves, and arrangements―the material they had to work with is so incredibly rich. It’s inspiration feeding inspiration and the results are fantastic.” Michael Jackson – The Remix Suite is as diverse in sound as its dazzling array of notable producers, which includes Tricky Stewart, DJ Cassidy, Steve Aoki, Frankie Knuckles, and Benny Blanco, among many others. “We jumped at the opportunity to be involved with this project because Michael is a legend who influenced our entire career and redefined the world of music,” says Pharrell Williams from The Neptunes, whose seductive and synthy reworking of “Never Can Say Goodbye” is anchored by an irresistibly heavy bass line. Michael Jackson – The Remix Suite is not a somber tribute to an iconic legend gone too soon. It is a fun, fresh, and funky testament to the infinite mass appeal of the early works of Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 that will inspire, uplift, and electrify listeners for generations to come.

Michael Jackson – The Remix Suite (Bundle 1) (2009)
01 – Dancing Machine (Polow Tha Don Remix)
02 – I Wanna Be Where You Are (Dallas Austin Remix)
03 – Never Can Say Goodbye (Neptunes Remix)
04 – ABC (Salaam Remi Remix)
05 – Skywriter (Stargate Remix)


Kenna Doing Art Back On Land 2 Air Chronicles (Twitter)

„Got art back on the Land 2 Air Chronicles and doin final notes on production“


Around The Earbridge Starring Pharrell Williams

Originally seen at Hong Kong’s Ooi Botos Gallery in Hong Kong as part of Yi Zhou’s My Heart Laid Bare”, Around The Earbridge is a film which features Pharrell Williams. With the support of music composer Ennio Morricone and costume design by Rick Owens and Billionaire Boys Club, the film features a silent tribute to Vincent Van Gogh who famously had his ear sliced off. “Around The Earbridge” will showcase as part of a public design program in Baku, Azerbaijin until 2013 with other art forms including Cai Guo-Qiang and Jean Nouvel presenting work.




Wale & The Neptunes In The Studio (Twitter)

„Just left the studio with Pharrell…clipse tracks made my day good convo wit P.“ Thanks To Skateboard.


Pharrell & The Brooklyn Machine Works

Highly respected in the world of skateboarding and BMX, Brooklyn Machine Works brings forth their expertise in bike-making with a fusion of skate meets BMX alongside long-time skateboarding brand Element. Collaborating further on this upcoming joint venture, both entities landed in Los Angeles for an exclusive session, showcasing a collection which boasts both a bike and apparel lineup. Marking this special occasion we caught up with Element’s Johnny Schillereff alongside Brooklyn Machine Works founder Joe Avedisian and famed musician/designer/co-owner Pharrell Williams for further insight into the project.

Kelis – Milkshake (Jyzm Fernandez Electro Minimal Remix)

I don’t usually post random remixes, but this Milkshake remix here is just awesome, check it out.
Kelis – Milkshake (Jyzm Fernandez Electro Minimal Remix)

Clipse Reveal Details On Album & Book

After dropping two critically acclaimed album, The Clipse are prepping the release of their latest offering Till The Casket Drops. This album will take a more positive turn than their last, according to the duo who recently spoke with about the new album and a new book penned by group member Malice. “We make our albums off of moods,” Pusha T said. “I would have to say that this album is more of a care-free, up-tempo album paced album more reminiscent of Lord Willin’ than Hell Hath No Fury. That was sort of dark, a bit more angrier. We feel a little bit better on this one.” DJ Khalil, The Neptunes, Cam’Ron and Keri Hilson are said to be featured on the album as musical guests or producers. One person who did not put his work in for this album was Rick Rubin. Though he was rumored to be a part of the creation of the CD, it appears that he didn’t come through for the duo but made up for it with “gems.”

“He lied to us! Rick Rubin lied to us,” Malice joked before Pusha explained. “Nah, Rick Rubin didn’t produce nothing. We went up to Malibu, busted up with him. He gave us a lot of insight on the album. He actually gave us some gems, man. We actually came back and sort of revamped a few things and made the album a little better due to that talk.”Fans can also expect a book from Malice, which he says will be somewhat like his blog entries on “I also got a book coming out called Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked,” Malice noted. “It’s along the same line as the blogs. All the blogs are true stories. The book is insane. I get chills when I read it, myself. It’s not your rapper story. It’s not even from rags to riches. It’s just real life and we’ve had a very interesting life.”


Robin Thicke To Feature On R. Kelly’s New Album

„I just read on Twitter that the song “Pregnant” is going to be on R. Kelly’s next album and its supposedly a collaboration between R. Kelly, Robin Thicke, Tyrese, The Dream and Maxwell.“ Thanks To Newbie.

Pac Div To Work With The Neptunes

Update: August 12th

“Pac Div x Neptunes Tomorrow in Miami.”

Update: July 21st
Rap goup „Pac Div“ „Pacific Division“ which consists of Michael “Mibbs” Stevenson (24), Gabe “Like” Stevenson (26) and Bryan “BeYoung” Young (24) will work with The Neptunes alongside with DJ Khalil for their upcoming debut album (untitled yet) „Universal Motown“ which is due this year.

„Complex: So who else is working with you guys for the debut album Grown Kids Syndrome?
Like: We got Pharrell coming up. We’re going to spend a week with him in Miami. Hopefully, we knock out some records. We got some good concepts with them.“
Thanks To Pusha1234.


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