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August 2009

Wale & The Neptunes In The Studio (Twitter)

„Just left the studio with Pharrell…clipse tracks made my day good convo wit P.“ Thanks To Skateboard.


Pharrell & The Brooklyn Machine Works

Highly respected in the world of skateboarding and BMX, Brooklyn Machine Works brings forth their expertise in bike-making with a fusion of skate meets BMX alongside long-time skateboarding brand Element. Collaborating further on this upcoming joint venture, both entities landed in Los Angeles for an exclusive session, showcasing a collection which boasts both a bike and apparel lineup. Marking this special occasion we caught up with Element’s Johnny Schillereff alongside Brooklyn Machine Works founder Joe Avedisian and famed musician/designer/co-owner Pharrell Williams for further insight into the project.

Kelis – Milkshake (Jyzm Fernandez Electro Minimal Remix)

I don’t usually post random remixes, but this Milkshake remix here is just awesome, check it out.
Kelis – Milkshake (Jyzm Fernandez Electro Minimal Remix)

Clipse Reveal Details On Album & Book

After dropping two critically acclaimed album, The Clipse are prepping the release of their latest offering Till The Casket Drops. This album will take a more positive turn than their last, according to the duo who recently spoke with about the new album and a new book penned by group member Malice. “We make our albums off of moods,” Pusha T said. “I would have to say that this album is more of a care-free, up-tempo album paced album more reminiscent of Lord Willin’ than Hell Hath No Fury. That was sort of dark, a bit more angrier. We feel a little bit better on this one.” DJ Khalil, The Neptunes, Cam’Ron and Keri Hilson are said to be featured on the album as musical guests or producers. One person who did not put his work in for this album was Rick Rubin. Though he was rumored to be a part of the creation of the CD, it appears that he didn’t come through for the duo but made up for it with “gems.”

“He lied to us! Rick Rubin lied to us,” Malice joked before Pusha explained. “Nah, Rick Rubin didn’t produce nothing. We went up to Malibu, busted up with him. He gave us a lot of insight on the album. He actually gave us some gems, man. We actually came back and sort of revamped a few things and made the album a little better due to that talk.”Fans can also expect a book from Malice, which he says will be somewhat like his blog entries on “I also got a book coming out called Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked,” Malice noted. “It’s along the same line as the blogs. All the blogs are true stories. The book is insane. I get chills when I read it, myself. It’s not your rapper story. It’s not even from rags to riches. It’s just real life and we’ve had a very interesting life.”


Robin Thicke To Feature On R. Kelly’s New Album

„I just read on Twitter that the song “Pregnant” is going to be on R. Kelly’s next album and its supposedly a collaboration between R. Kelly, Robin Thicke, Tyrese, The Dream and Maxwell.“ Thanks To Newbie.

Pac Div To Work With The Neptunes

Update: August 12th

“Pac Div x Neptunes Tomorrow in Miami.”

Update: July 21st
Rap goup „Pac Div“ „Pacific Division“ which consists of Michael “Mibbs” Stevenson (24), Gabe “Like” Stevenson (26) and Bryan “BeYoung” Young (24) will work with The Neptunes alongside with DJ Khalil for their upcoming debut album (untitled yet) „Universal Motown“ which is due this year.

„Complex: So who else is working with you guys for the debut album Grown Kids Syndrome?
Like: We got Pharrell coming up. We’re going to spend a week with him in Miami. Hopefully, we knock out some records. We got some good concepts with them.“
Thanks To Pusha1234.


Download Their Free Mixtape Here.

Clipse – I’m Good feat. Pharrell (Official Music Video)

It’s Confirmed, New NERD Album „Early 2010“

According to the Forum member Big Nick who was at the NERD Concert at San Francisco’s Warfield, Pharrell said that they are in the studio working on NERD’s new album which is due Early 2010. “When Pharrell was introducing Soldier he mentioned that they are in the studio, they have several songs done, but only play Soldier because they want the rest of the album to be a total suprise, and he said they album would be out early 2010“ Thanks To Big Nick.

N¤E¤R¤D – 4th Studio Album (2010)
Producers & Guests: Timbaland, Santigold, Lil’ Wayne…
Confirmed Tracks:
– Soldier feat. Santigold & Lil’ Wayne

New Neptunes Releases ‘August’

Queen Latifah – Persona (August 25th)

01 – The Light
02 – Fast Car
03 – My Couch feat. Dre (Cool & Dre)
04 – Hard To Love Ya feat. Busta Rhymes, Shawn Stockman & Dre (Cool & Dre)
05 – Runnin’
06 – Take Me Away (With You)” feat. Marsha Ambrosius
07 – Cue The Rain
08 – Long Ass Week
09 – People feat. Mary J. Blige & Jadakiss
10  -The World
11 – Spotlight
12 – If You Want To feat. Pharrell (Neptunes)
13 – Over The Mountain (Bonus)
14 – Champion (Bonus)
15 – Fair Weather Friend (Bonus)

LeToya Luckett – Lady Love (2009) (August 25th)
01 – Lady Love
02 – She Ain’t Got… (Cory Bold)
03 – Not Anymore
04 – Lazy
05 – Good To Me
06 – Over
07 – Regret feat. Ludacris
08 – I Need A U
09 – Take Away Love feat. Estelle
10 – After Party
11 – Drained
12 – Tears
13 – Matter
14 – Love Rollercoaster feat. Mims
15 – Don’t Need You
16 – Swagger feat. Bun B, Killa Kyleon & Slim Thug (Bonus)

No Neptunes On New Blueprint 3?

Apparently The Neptunes’ „Brooklyn Girl“ didnt make the final cut to Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Unofficial Tracklist that is all over the net. Although the Cover has been confirmed as Real by

Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3 (2009) (September 11th)
01 – What We Talking About (Kanye West)
02 – D.O.A. (No I.D.)
03 – Weigh Me Down feat. Kid Cudi (Kanye West)
04 – Unforgiven (Kanye West & MGMT)
05 – Run This Town feat. Rihanna & Kanye West (Kanye West)
06 – Empire State Of Mind feat. Nas (Kanye West & No I.D.)
07 – When It Comes To This (Timbaland)
08 – Always feat. Drake (Kanye West)
09 – Scenes From The Past (Kanye West & No I.D.)
10 – Everyday A Star Is Born feat. Mr. Hudson (Kanye West)
11 – Already Home (Kanye West)
12 – Forever Young feat. Mr. Hudson (Kanye West)
13 – Thank You (No I.D.)
14 – Sound Of The 70’s (Kanye West) (Bonus)
15 – We Made History (Kanye West) (Bonus)

Jay-Z – The Blueprint 3 (Studio Session) (2009)
– Brooklyn Girl feat. Pharrell


Clipse: „No More Jivin’“

Jive Records
is named so for a reason to most artists that have left the label: shuckin’ and jivin’, for the lack of a better term. Upon the label switches of Big Boi and the Clipse questions have been raised about Jive‘s ability to deal with their artists fairly. The duo (or at least one of them) spoke to about their own issues with the Britain-founded label, now owned by Sony, the parent of Columbia, their new label. “If you’re trying to survive, you got to keep moving. We’ve always been ourselves, and have done what the label doesn’t do…You can’t just expect them to do everything, and some labels aren’t as passionate about the work that you do…You know the emotion you have behind it…We definitely don’t cry over it, we keep it moving…Just like with Jive, when we saw how all that was going down, we made a whole big movie about it…

The fans were in on it, and they saw how we were being treated, and they felt disrespected…All these labels are under a few different umbrellas, and those two labels happened to be under the same umbrella. At the end of the day, all the checks are going into one spot…So that wasn’t really a big deal…We don’t really worry about the label stuff anymore.” We can’t blame labels for everything: if the album sucks, it sucks. But executives have a tendency to pick the less talented artists over the ones who have honed their skills. Asher Roth and Wale are but a few exceptions to this rule. But I don’t blame labels, rather than the general, ever-changing musical landscape. The new Clipse album, Til The Casket Drops, will be a /Re-Up Gang/Columbia release in October.


NERD In San Francisco’s Warfield

When rock, funk and hip hop combine to bellow out soothing rhythmic sounds you get NERD And we’re not talking about the candy or Steve Erkle. But we are referring to the musical trio of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley. The brains behind the beats of NERD are back together and touring again, with a stop in San Francisco night at the Warfield, after a three year hiatus. NERD is known for its exploration of sounds from different musical genres but the boys rarely sample previous work. Instead they pride themselves on coming up with original beats and lyrics that can be reproduced live on stage. “(Live instruments are) a necessity for us,” Williams told MTV.

“Because we want to give people a show, not just us up there standing with microphones.” Hugo said, “The band are amazing musicians and just to see the sound coming out of those instruments, in real time, is an amazing experience.” NERD also makes sure that fans are treated to high energy shows. “(Our shows are) like taking (a) Redbull shot to your ass,” Williams said. Don’t worry though. The shot actually is lot less painful than it sounds. Plus Williams was speaking metaphorical anyway. No one will be going anywhere near your backside with anything sharp unless you throw yourself into a mosh pit and then you are on your own.


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