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Chester French

Chester French – Jacques Jams, Vol. 1 Endurance (2009)

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Remember Chester French’s ‘Jacques Jams, Vol. 1 Endurance Mixtape with Clinton Sparks from 2009, well I came across the tape again and decided to fix the whole thing, meaning, Ive managed to separate the whole mixtape from songs to skits, check it out below.

Chester French – Jacques Jams, Vol. 1 Endurance (2009)
01 – Chester French – Chapter 1 – Starting A Band (Intro).mp3
02 – Chester French – Two Mans feat. Solange.mp3
03 – Chester French – Sick Party (Skit).mp3
04 – Chester French – No Parents Allowed feat. Noreaga & Kardinal Offishall.mp3
05 – Chester French – Get Up Max (Skit).mp3
06 – Chester French – Out At The Compound.mp3
07 – Chester French – Chapter 2 – Trying To Be Cool (Cassie aka Chloe Jones) (Skit).mp3
08 – Chester French – The Jimmy Choo’s.mp3
09 – Chester French – Corny Shit With Pusha T. (Skit).mp3
10 – Pusha T. – Campus Kingpin (Chester French).mp3
11 – Pusha T. – Take This Shit (Skit).mp3
12 – Chester French – I’m So Tall feat. Bun B., Talib Kweli & Mickey Factz.mp3
13 – Chester French – Chapter 3 – Realizing Being A Nerd Is Cool (Skit).mp3
14 – Chester French – Nerd Girl feat. Janelle Monáe.mp3
15 – Chester French – Chapter 4 – Arriving In LALA Land (Skit).mp3
16 – Common – What A World feat. Chester French (The Neptunes).mp3
17 – Chester French – She Loves Everybody.mp3
18 – Clinton Sparks & Ben Lyons – Get Familiar (Skit).mp3
19 – Chester French – Ciroc Star feat. Diddy & Jadakiss.mp3
20 – Two Wannabe’s – Mad Rapper (Skit).mp3
21 – Lady Gaga – Love Game (Chester French Remix).mp3
22 – Chester French – Chapter 5 – Becoming A Douche Bag feat. Janelle Monáe (Skit).mp3
23 – Chester French – I’m Sorry feat. Wale.mp3
24 – Chester French – Endurance Lost (Skit).mp3
25 – Chester French – Life In L.A. feat. Pharrell & JD.mp3
26 – Chester French – Chapter 6 – Regaining Your Hard On (Skit).mp3
27 – Chester French – C’mon (On My Own).mp3
28 – Chester French – Chapter 7 – Love The Future (Outro).mp3
Chester French – Jacques Jams, Vol. 1 Endurance (2009).jpg


Pryme Kingz – Interesting Times (Chester French Cover) (2014)

Check out the Cover of the Pryme Kingz covering Chester French’s ‘Interesting Times’, it’s pretty dope, and make sure to check out the links below.


D.A. Wallach – Farm (13′), Working On Solo Album

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It’s confirmed now, D.A. Wallach is behind the Tyler, The Creator music video Glowing, but we already knew that, but what we didn’t know is that D.A. is going solo without Max, that’s according to the BBC Blog, anyways, we can’t wait for his album, Chester French keeps making wonderful music, check out D.A.’s latest tune titled Farm, great tune.

Chester French – Farm (13′)

Oh My Goodness – OMG OMG (Max Drummey Remix) (13′)

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Check out this awesome remix by one half of Chester French, the one and only Max Drummey, pretty dope.

Oh My Goodness – OMG OMG (Max Drummey Remix) (13′)


Chester French – Glowing (Official Video) (Directed By Tyler, The Creator)

Tyler, The Creator continues to flex his directing muscle, we get a brand new video created by the Odd Future frontman for a single titled “Glowing.” While there’s no official word on who the track is actually by, speculations have lead many to believe that it could be the latest single from alternative duo Chester French. The duo which consist of David-Andrew ‘D.A.’ Wallach and Maxwell Drummey have been tied closely to Pharrell, and with Tyler and P’s close relationship, the collaboration would make some sense.

The track’s vocals do sound a lot like D.A.’s but we’ll wait for an official announcement before we run with it, but you know where our vote is. The music video tells the story of two people who meet as children, fall in love and grow old together. “The artist didn’t want to be in the video and wanted to remain anonymous so the music spoke for itself. It wasn’t in a weird cliche marketing way but in a real way that felt refreshing. The standard rollout of new artists in the machine sense seems so hollow at this point.” Make sure to get it on iTunes.


Chester French – Drop (Official Video)

Here is the Official Video of Chester French’s new single ‘Drop’, directed and Starring by Niko Da Ikon, from Chester French’s second studio album MUSIC 4 TNGRS, make sure to cop it on iTunes, thanks to YoungRamirez.


Chester French x Interview

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Chester French is an American indie pop band consisting of lead vocalist and songwriter David-Andrew ‘D.A.’ Wallach and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Maxwell Drummey. They met as college students at Harvard University, naming their band after sculptor Daniel Chester French. They’ve already worked with a handful of talented artists such as Diddy, Pharrell, and Janelle Monae to name a few, as well as caught the eye of such icons as Kanye West and Jermaine Dupri. Most importantly, Rolling Stone Magazine listed Chester French as one of their “Artists To Watch,” so that is what we are doing!

How long has Chester French been around?
Max: Almost 9 years. No lies.

How long have you guys known each other, and how did you meet to form the band Chester French?
Max: We met as freshmen in college.

What is your favorite/least favorite part about tour life?
Max: I like playing concerts and seeing different places. I don’t like being dirty.
D.A.: It’s a very weird lifestyle that is sort of addictive. It’s fun to always be moving, to feel like there’s always a next step in life. But yes, I was always dirty and sick.

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What is your favorite Los Angeles venue to play?
Max: The El Rey is pretty cool to me. It feels like a big rectangle.
D.A.: Agreed!



D.A. Wallach Wearing Chester French’s Varsity Jacket

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“Max and I made the jackets to accompany Music 4 TNGRS, our recently released album, and the design is inspired by artist Jonathan Zawada’s beautiful album cover. Our friends at Karmaloop helped us bring this to life, and I really hope you’ll pick up one for yourself. The jacket is suuuuuper soft, made of an almost fleece-like thick cotton, and it is something that I will definitely be wearing during cold evening in L.A.

Not only will the jacket have you looking extra BOSS, but each purchase is a very meaningful vote of support for Chester French, which we’ve always treated like a family. That spirit gave us the confidence to release this record independently with Karmaloop Music, and we have been touched by all of your incredible responses. So…go get the jacket and/or the new album at . We personally review every order that comes in, and look forward to sending out some fly jackets!”



Chester French x Planetill.Com Interview

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2 Dope (White) Boys, By Odeisel.

Chester French started as a four man band on the meeeaaan streets of Harvard. After getting much love playing gigs, the two main producers, Maxwell and A.D. decided that producing within the confines of instrumentality was cramping their style and limiting what they could do musically. Since then they reduced the crew to two, were courted by Kanye and signed by Pharrell. Planet Ill spoke to the guys on the verge of their latest release Music 4 Tngrs. Good guys with an understanding of music. We really enjoyed the convo.

Planet Ill: Chester French, that name is familiar. That guy used to make statues, no?
Max: Yeah we took our names [from him] we thought it was a bust of Daniel Chester French but it had actually been sculpted by him. We just took the name because we thought it was cool.

Planet Ill: Eastern Philosopher Phife Dawg said he’d never let a statue tell him how nice he was. How do you feel about people having opinions about your music?
D.A.: People have opinions about everything, you know? I think it’s cool that anyone would care to have an opinion about our music. That’s an honor in the first place if someone if going to bother to like or dislike something, given the vastness of our catalog of music and other things out there to have opinions about.

Planet Ill: You guys started out in 2003, that’s almost 10 years. You’ve had only one album but you’ve had an inordinate amount of attention beginning with the Pharrell signing. Are you still on Startrak?
Max: We’re not still on Startrak but we had actually, before that even happened we had been making music for about four years. And we put out a little EP that we made which was the first thing we produced as a band. We’ve since then first put out the album you mentioned and also a mixtape that we did with Clinton Sparks. This will really be the fourth body of music we’ve released since we’ve started.



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