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August 2012

Kid Icarus & Intalek – Synesthesia

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Chad Hugo’s occasional production partner and friend of, Kid Icarus, has released his own album with rapper Intalek. In case you don’t know who Icarus is, here’s a quick rundown – Kid Icarus is a DJ/Producer out of VA (though he is currently residing in LA), Whilst in Virginia he began interning with Teddy Riley which in turn led to Icarus going on to work with The Neptunes and the guys at the Star Trak Camp.

Most recently Kid Icarus was featured in the video for Fam-Lay’s “Beach Cruiser” (Did i mention that he’s Fam-Lay’s official DJ?) and he also produced an upcoming single for Camp-Lo With Chad Hugo, as well as a ton of other projects that you’ll hear about soon. The Synesthesia album features Nickelus F and Fam-Lay, so be sure to check it out.

Intalek & Kid Icarus – Loser feat. Fam-Lay (12′)

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Intalek & Kid Icarus – Synesthesia (2012)

  1. Synesthesia feat. Kid Icarus
  2. Hammertime
  3. House Of Emerald feat. B. Jarod
  4. Skyline (The Great Escape)
  5. Typical Love Song
  6. Anthem feat. Kid Icarus
  7. Destiny
  8. Cold World feat. Jesse Taylor
  9. Psycho feat. Nickelus F
  10. Blue Canvas
  11. Loser feat. Fam-Lay
  12. Alright Now feat. Harley Is Majik
  13. YEAAAAAHHH feat. Kid Icarus
  14. Legendary

You can stream and purchase the full album Here.
And you can catch the instrumental version Here.
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* x The Internet (Coming Soon)

A few weeks ago we hooked up with Odd Future members Syd Tha Kid & Matt Martians to talk about their band The Internet.

The guys discussed their current album Purple Naked Ladies, work on the next LP and what life is like being in Odd Future and how they are now creating their own identity away from the group. Syd & Matt also gave some insight into upcoming projects with Kilo Kish, Earl Sweatshirt and rising star Tay Walker.

As you guys know our forum was where Matt met Tyler, The Creator.

Here is a preview of our interview – a message from The Internet to our very own mika

Stay tuned for the full article next week!

*Syd (aka Frisco)


Pharrell At The ‘Apollo In The Hamptons’ Benefit Concert

Ron Perelman & Pharrell
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Have you warmed up to Pharrell‘s honey blonde locks yet? Billionaire Revlon chairman Ron Perelman took a quick peek under the hit maker’s hat over the weekend at the uber-exclusive high priced fundraiser for the Apollo Theater In The Hamptons on Saturday night. All questions concerning if Pharrell’s drapes match his carpet should be forwarded along to rumored wife-to-be Helen Lasichanh.

Helen, Pharrell & Rico Love
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Celebrities, moguls and socialites flocked to Perelman‘s sprawling 57-acre East Hamptons estate, “The Creeks,” for the third annual concert benefiting youth education and mentoring programs. Check out more flicks of Pharrell, who served as creative director for the event after the jump.


Leah LaBelle In The Studio With Pharrell & JD (August 13th)

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Cris Cab’s Nationwide Radio Tour

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Click Here For More Pictures.


Mysonne – G Shit feat. Pusha T. (YC Music)

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New music by Pusha T. with Mysonne produced by YC Music.

Mysonne – G Shit feat. Pusha T. (YC Music) (12′)

Earl Sweatshirt Reveals Second Album Details, Confirms Christian Rich On The Album

Image Hosted by UploadHouse.comBy Matt Putrino. Last night Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter to reveal a lengthy list of producers and features for his upcoming still-untitled sophomore full-length. The lineup of those involved includes some heavy hitters including The Neptunes, Casey Veggies, Christian Rich as well as the OFWKTA staples Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis, and The Internet. He’s still holding out on the album’s title, but he does make a special point to note the content on this one won’t be about rape. Check out the full statement below, and hear his recent collaboration with Flying Lotus.

“You wanna know why im not in europe with the squad? Im finishing this album. Im just trying to make pretty music. Everyone whose favorite song off EARL was epar or whatever might be pretty bummed. Everyone with 666 or KTA or some sort of stupid hashtag like “hey look im crazy” in their bio might be pretty bummed too. I anticipate a loss of fans. I also anticipate gaining some. So. You know. Yeah. I hope i lose you as a fan if you only fuck with me cause i rapped about raping girls when i was 15. I fucking love how it sounds. And uhh. Thats what matters Im gonna go out on a limb and say that you can hear the progression.

Christian Rich // The Neptunes // Tyler, The Creator // randomblackdude // Domo Genesis // Vince Staples // Tyler, The Creator // BBNG // Pharrell Williams // Thundercat // Ommas Keith // Frank Ocean // And Earl Sweatshirt. Thats the list of folks who did work on _____. Oh and samiyam and alchemist!!!!! Oh yeah and casey veggies!! And matt and syd. What if i got kidnapped and murdered by crazy nicaraguan killers before anyone could hear it. I’d be bummed. What if tom cruise killed me for being extra’d out. Its funny cause alchemist is also better at rapping than everyone. Its actually fucked up. Uzowuru just stopped me from dropping the album title.”


StereoTypes – Word On The Street (Part 2) (Update)

Music, culture, class, religion, race… nothing is off the table in the second half of our season finale. Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed and supported the show.

Posted: August 5th
StereoTypes – Word On The Street (Part 1)

Music, culture, class, religion, race… nothing is off the table in our two-part season finale of StereoTypes.


Apparatjik – Square Peg In A Round Hole (Retail) (2012)

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Here are the final versions of the Apparatjik x The Neptunes Collaboration. Pharrell goes by the name Auto Goon on this album. The supergroup collective known as Apparatjik constists of members Guy Berryman (Coldplay), Jonas Bjerre (MEW), Magne Furuholmen (A-Ha), and Martin Terefe for their new album ‘Square Peg In A Round Hole.’ Apparatjik works in cells around the world as an open platform for collaborations,” bassist Berryman tells Spinner.

“After working with Pharrell in Miami, Martin came home with a demo of a fantastic song titled ‘Do It Myself,’ which they had written together,” Berryman continues. “We just said, ‘Hey, let’s just add some bits and use this as an Apparatjik song!’ I love the fact that a musical collective can be this unpredictable.”Square Peg In A Round Hole.’ Is now on iTunes available , check out the tunes below.


Apparatjik – Timepolice feat. Auto Goon (aka Pharrell)

Apparatjik – Do It Myself feat. Auto Goon (aka Pharrell)

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